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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 892: Death was certain

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Chapter 892: Death was certain

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The old turtle brought the baby ancestral dragon and swaggered in, staring at Ye Sheng.

“Kid, how did you get in? The passageway between the seventh world and the outside world is closed.”The old turtle took a puff of his cigar and asked.

Ye Sheng said, “The passageway in the universe graveyard can be entered.”

The old turtle slapped his forehead and said in surprise, “I forgot about this place. Back then, it was dug out by someone, so I didn’t go and block it.”

Ye Sheng thought to himself, ‘it’s a good thing you didn’t block it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to enter now.’.

“I haven’t seen you for a period of time. Brat, you have quite a lot of treasures on you.”The old turtle’s eyes shone with a strange light.

“What do you want to Do?”Ye Sheng asked warily.

“Nothing much. I just want to see what the universe’s most powerful magic tool, the immortal vanquishing sword array, looks like.”The old turtle clicked his tongue.

“In this era, the most inconceivable thing is the four immortal slaying swords. This sword array is truly the work of the Immortal King and his disciple. What a pity, he chose you to be his successor.”The old turtle sighed.

“What, am I Bad?”Ye Sheng said indignantly.

“You should know better. Do you need me to tell you if you can afford the immortal slaying sword array now?”The old turtle asked.

Ye Sheng was speechless. He could not afford it.

“Give me some time. I can definitely do it,”ye Sheng said through gritted teeth. This old turtle’s mouth was still as cheap as ever. It made people want to tear its mouth apart.

“Chu Xiangyu, what do you think of giving me his celestial eradication sword array?”The old turtle suddenly asked.

Chu xiangyu said indifferently, “Nothing much.”

The old turtle stomped his feet. “We agreed before that I would take Ye Sheng’s place to do that thing. Do you think he can take on such a big responsibility like this?”

Chu xiangyu said, “I’ve already thought of a way.”

“What Way?”The old turtle asked curiously.

“The ten heroes of the Dao College!”Chu Xiangyu said a name.

The old turtle frowned. He thought carefully and said, “Will the DAO College agree?”

“Do you think everyone is as Petty as you?”Chu Xiangyu mocked.

“Bullsh*t!”The old turtle jumped up in anger.

Ye Sheng was confused. He hurriedly asked, “What are you guys talking about?”

Why did he not understand?

What ten heroes of the Dao College?

Would the DAO College agree?

What was going on?

The old turtle glanced at ye sheng and said, “Take the immortal slaying sword formation. I hope you can unleash its power. I’ll be leaving first.”

Ye Sheng really wanted to stop him and ask him about it, but the old turtle was very fast. He went straight to the bridge of Heaven to help the old Titan suppress the Great Heavenly Venerate of the primal chaos tribe.


The old turtle was very powerful. He stepped onto the bridge of heaven and slapped down with his palm. The Great Heavenly Venerate of the primal chaos tribe staggered and the origin source in his body trembled as he glared at the old turtle.

“It’s You, you bastard! You’re still alive! You’re courting death!”The Grand Heavenly venerate roared angrily as he recognized the old turtle.

“You’re too noisy. I just don’t like your chaotic clan’s character of making a fuss. Now That You’ve come here, aren’t you courting death?”The old turtle walked slowly as he smoked his cigar and puffed out smoke rings.

“You Old Bastard, where are my chaotic clan’s Heaven Stele?”The great heavenly venerate of the chaotic clan glared at the old turtle,

back then, when the martial ancestor entered the ancestral land of the chaotic clan, he went on a killing spree and stole the Heaven Stele.

The old turtle also went with him. He stole two heaven steles, threw one to Ye Sheng, and took one with him.

Now, the chaotic clan came to ask for the Heaven Stele.

“Oh, the Heaven Stele. I broke it. It’s gone.”The old turtle shook his head.

“You’re courting death. I’ll send the army to destroy the seventh world.”The Great Heavenly Venerate roared and contacted the primal chaos.

“Primogenitor’s divine fist.”The old Titan didn’t want to force him. Since he had made his move, he was going to beat him to death.

Ten Thousand Essences gathered under the fist and exploded with a huge light. As they surged, they flew and danced. They accompanied the old Titan’s body and ruthlessly suppressed him.

The old turtle did not stay idle either. His body was like lightning as he charged forward. Then, he stomped his foot fiercely.

“Get Down for me.”The old turtle snorted coldly.

When the old Titan and the old turtle joined hands, the great heavenly venerate of the primal chaos tribe staggered and fell. He crashed into the bridge of heaven and was torn into pieces. It was a terrible sight.

Fortunately, he did not die so easily. He slowly gathered and became a new him.

However, the old Titan and the old turtle were already waiting for him. Their fists and feet pressed down on him again.

All the techniques in the world returned to their original forms and turned into simple moves.

The Great Heavenly Venerate of the primal chaos tribe was at a disadvantage in a one-on-two fight. His body split open again and again, and he could not escape.

Ye Sheng was relieved when he saw this scene. This crisis had been temporarily resolved.

He looked at Chu Xiangyu and asked, “What did you mean just now?”

Beauty Zhou and ye Yun ‘er looked at him together. They leaned against each other and watched silently.

“Didn’t you want to fulfill your promise?”Chu Xiangyu asked Ye Sheng.

“Yes, I did make a promise, but the current me is too weak,”ye Sheng said helplessly.

“Go to the DAO College. You’ll get a chance if you go to the DAO College,”Chu Xiangyu said.

Ye Sheng said in surprise, “I just came from the DAO College.”

“This matter was just confirmed. No one expected the great heavenly venerate of the chaos race to come so quickly, so they couldn’t wait,”Chu Xiangyu said.

Ye sheng nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go to the Dao College.”

“Ye Sheng,”Chu Xiangyu suddenly called out to Ye Sheng.

He wanted to say something but stopped.

Ye Sheng smiled. “What do you want to say? Is it very dangerous?”

“Death is certain,”Chu Xiangyu said after a moment of silence.

Ye Sheng fell silent. He looked at Beauty Zhou and ye Yun ‘er.

Beauty Zhou’s eyes immediately turned red, but there were no tears. She only looked at Ye Sheng with a trembling body.

Ye Yun ‘er wanted to say something and ask her father not to agree, but Beauty Zhou covered her mouth.

Worry, Fear, panic, these beauty Zhou’s emotions surged up at this moment, but she knew that her husband loved her mother and daughter the most. To be able to make ye Sheng agree to something, it must be something of great importance. She was very reluctant to part with Ye Sheng, but she still did not want to stop ye Sheng.

“Death is certain,”Ye Sheng muttered, and his mood suddenly became very heavy.

He was only over two hundred years old.

But Ye Sheng still agreed. “I already guessed it when I took over the celestial eradication sword array. What are you afraid of?”

Chu Xiangyu remained silent.

Ye Sheng smiled and left Stone City with Beauty Zhou and ye Yun ‘er.

“The old turtle wanted to save you just now. Hand over the celestial eradication sword array and it will complete this dangerous task on your behalf, leaving you in the seventh realm,”Chu Xiangyu said just as Ye Sheng was about to walk out.

Ye Sheng stopped in his tracks, then waved his hand and said, “I understand, but you still understand me. If I was afraid of death, I wouldn’t have agreed.”

Under the dusk, Ye Sheng left with his wife and daughter.

Stone city was closed, and Chu Xiangyu fell into silence.

The old turtle wanted to save Ye Sheng and ask Ye Sheng to hand over the celestial eradication sword array, but Chu Xiangyu stopped him.

He felt guilty in his heart. If Ye Sheng died, he would bear the responsibility.

That was why Chu Xiangyu said those words in the end.

But Ye Sheng had forgiven Chu Xiangyu, or perhaps he did not intend to hand over the celestial eradication sword array in the first place.

If he had promised something, then he would complete it himself. What kind of ability was it to let others complete it for him?

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