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«The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1618: Tian Ya’s Rage II

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Chapter 1618: Tian Ya’s Rage II

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“Yes, Maiden Lianyi.”

Liu Yi’s face darkened. ‘Maiden Lianyi is considered as a goddess in General Manor, perfect and flawless. How could one treat her like this?’

“Liu Yi!” Qi Fang’s voice was cold. “I command you to stay away from her!”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I, Liu Yi, will only obey General’s orders. Now that General and Master Lianqing are not here, I will only obey Maiden Lianyi’s orders.”

In the meantime, Feng Ruqing was already impatient. “It seems like it is not over yet. One has left, and here comes another one.”

Nan Xian touched her head and spoke gently, “If you’re tired, go sit aside and rest. I can settle these people.”


She was indeed a little tired. She had not even had a good rest today because of this dinner.

Ah Hua quickly pushed a chair in front of Feng Ruqing.

Feng Ruqing brushed her sleeves and took her seat. She supported her head with her hand, smiling at Liu Yi and the others.

The man’s face was cold, his eyes indifferent as he caressed his long sleeves.

A powerful momentum instantly grew, permeating the entire banquet hall, causing Liu Yi’s face to change dramatically.

King Warrior!

‘He is a King Warrior!’

The air was somewhat frozen, and Liu Yi even felt slightly difficult to breathe.

“Liu Yi…” Feng Lianyi took a deep breath. “Do you still remember the talisman that General gave you back then?”

Liu Yi was a little surprised, and he slowly closed his eyes…

Back then, he and Master Lianqing had followed General deep into a mausoleum and picked up this talisman with a soul hidden inside.

That soul was so powerful that even General was no match for him. Therefore, General promised that soul to find a suitable dead body for him to possess.

General, who was still a man of his word but found the job too troublesome, had passed the talisman to Liu Yi.

But General had promised… To find a dead body, not a living person!

What shocked Liu Yi was how Feng Lianyi knew about this.

“Maiden Lianyi, I can’t…”

‘I can’t do this. General won’t allow it!’

“Liu Yi!” Feng Lianyi was anxious. “These are our enemies, not innocent people. There’s nothing wrong with you doing this. Besides, haven’t you always liked me? How can you talk about it if you won’t even do it for me?”

Liu Yi opened his eyes, and he seemed to be struggling.

General had promised to find a dead body, but these people in front of him were all living people!


‘What’s the difference between these people and the four enemy armies out there? They have indiscriminately barged into General Manor and attacked such a gentle and kind girl, Lian Yi!’

If he was strong enough… Then, these people would already be dead.

He only had to turn them into corpses and leave the rest to the soul to settle.

Even if General knew, he would not blame him. After all, he had to protect Maiden Lianyi.


Without waiting for Liu Yi to make a move, Nan Xian had already done so.

A powerful storm surged out around his body, sweeping away all those people of General Manor who were close by, making them fall hard to the ground, spitting blood.

As soon as Liu Yi fell to the ground, another sword light rushed toward him and pierced his heart.

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