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«The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1786: The Old Master is Dying IX

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Chapter 1786: The Old Master is Dying IX

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The white phoenix’s caw echoed in the sky.

Nan Fang gritted his teeth and once again tried to control the white phoenix’s mind using his spiritual energy.

The power rampaged through the white phoenix’s mind, causing it some pain. It clutched its head tightly, blood flowing out of its ears as it stared at Nan Fang with eyes filled with murderous intent.

“It’s useless! All methods are useless to me. I’ve said that I would protect Suyi, and I will never betray her in this life!”

Suyi had suffered too much. How could it hurt her again…

Blood flowed from the white phoenix’s nostrils and eyes, and it looked so miserable.

“Stop it!” An angry shout came from inside the courtyard.

Nan Fang turned and saw Suyi carrying the old master on her back and walking out.

Her pace was quite fast, and each step was like a heavy sound that struck the white phoenix’s heart hard.

“Suyi, take him away. Go!” the white phoenix’s voice was hoarse and trembling.

Suyi continued walking out of the courtyard, staring at Nan Fang calmly.

“Nan Fang…”

She looked so calm as if she had nothing to fear…

“God is watching you. Have you ever thought about what will come to you later when you do all these bad things?”

Nan Fang laughed coldly. “What? I’m just taming the beast. I did not hurt this phoenix because I know it’s yours. But your phoenix has blocked our way. So we have to teach it a lesson.”

Suyi clenched her fists tightly. She took a deep breath and forced herself to continue to stay calm.

“Let us go.”

Now was not the time to take revenge as the old master was dying. They could only return after the old master recovered.

“You can go, but you must put my father down.” Nan Fang flung his long sleeves and blocked Suyi’s way. “The old master is dying. Suyi, as his daughter, can you at least let him die in peace?”

Wei Rong looked at Suyi before turning to Nan Fang.

“Can’t you see what’s on her mind right now? She thinks that as long as the old master is in her hands, she can use him to threaten you to give her the Nan family. The greatest tragedy in Old Master Nan’s life is to have such a selfish daughter!”

Suyi clenched her fists tightly. She could feel the old master’s breathing getting weaker…

“Let us go! I’ll only say this one last time!”

Suyi raised her face and looked at Nan Fang calmly.

Nan Fang said coldly, “Put my father down, and you can leave anytime.”

Suyi’s face darkened as if keeping calm had taken all her strength.

“Suyi…” The white phoenix coughed a mouthful of blood. “Take the old master out of this place. I can hold them off.”

‘Just like earlier…’

Suyi turned to look at the weakening white phoenix. “We will leave together. Father is important to me, and so are you. I won’t leave you behind.”

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