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«The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron (Web Novel) - Chapter 947: Evil Ghost Grass’s Juice

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Chapter 947: Evil Ghost Grass’s Juice

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Several rifts suddenly appeared in the sky. Sword light filled the whole sky, and covered everything in a hundred-mile-radius around Su Yu. All myriad objects in the light’s way would be cut apart, and all the clouds were extinguished and turned into mist. Even the air itself was damaged, and several pitch-black spatial rifts appeared. The sword energy’s power reached the pinnacle, and it was capable of exterminating everything.

Even Deputy Region Master Xiao and Jinmu were engulfed by the sword light, and they both felt like they were in a vortex formed by sword energy. It seemed as though it had the power to tear them to shreds. Deputy Region Master Xiao narrowed his eyes. “What a brilliant sword spirit! It must have already reached the second layer of the Sword Dao Traceless Sword Heart Realm. She’s so young, yet she has such a profound sword spirit. It’s really extraordinary. She’s quite similar to Jian Wusheng.” His gaze was filled with killing intent. The Red Blood Palace’s outer sanctum really had too many talented youths. The sword energy engulfing them could penetrate everything, and Deputy Region Master Xiao didn’t dare to be careless. He condensed an armor with his Vital Energy, and protected his body with it.

Jinmu, he furrowed his brows, and found himself forced to stop weaving hand signs. A green light surged from his body, and an overflowing life force emanated from him. When the sword light reached them, more than half of Deputy Region Master Xiao’s Vital Energy Armor was torn apart, and the sword energy only needed to proceed forward just a few more inches to reach his bones.

The gentle green light on Jinmu’s body fluctuated, and he managed to deflect back the powerful sword energy.

Su Yu managed to take back control of his body as Jinmu was forced to stop controlling him. The Milky Way Star Sand appeared in his right arm, and he stuck it against his belly. In only two or three seconds, it managed to absorb all of the jade-like spiritual liquid in his body.

Jinmu was just about to continue weaving hand signs when he came to a stop. He looked at Su Yu in surprise, his gaze flickering. It seemed like he was quite astounded.

As a matter of fact, it was difficult for any poisonous substance to harm Su Yu’s body. It was only because he had been careless and hadn’t used the Milky Way Star Sand straight away that he had ended up controlled by it.

After Su Yu had freed himself, he immediately activated the Five Pulses Dominant Wave, and a multi-colored membrane covered his body, blocking the sword light which attacked him. However, it only managed to block it for a moment before it was penetrated by the sword energy. Su Yu was still able to take advantage of the weakening of the sword energy to retreat. He shouted loudly. “Won’t you stop yet? I was being controlled by people.”

Su Yu looked at Jinmu and Deputy Region Master Xiao out of the corner of his eye. When his gaze fell on Jinmu, he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. Su Yu had already felt that this person was quite strange because when he looked at him with his Soul Eyes, he didn’t see a true body, just an empty void. This person was still proficient in a strange control technique. If Bing Wuxin hadn’t intervened by accident, and so implicated this guy, Su Yu would have been in trouble. A wisp of killing intent flickered in Su Yu’s eyes.

Even though Bing Wuxin was angry with Su Yu, she couldn’t overlook Deputy Region Master Xiao and Jinmu. “Didn’t you already leave? What are you doing here? Why are you being so sneaky?” Bing Wuxin spoke aggressively, while looking at them coldly.

Bing Wuxin slightly believed Su Yu, and managed to calm down. Su Yu had really seemed quite odd before he had molested her, and as she thought about how he had run here, it seemed likely that his body was being controlled by someone who had brought him here. As she thought about this, Bing Wuxin glared at Su Yu ferociously. A numb feeling was still transmitting from her chest, and her face was also still flushed. She still resented him!

As matters had already reached such a juncture, Deputy Region Master Xiao no longer tried to conceal anything. He sneered coldly, and said, “It’s nothing. We just want to have a chat with Master Su. So, Miss Bing, you can go back.”

“Humph! How daring!” Bing Wuxin realized she was correct, and her eyes shone with an ice-cold glint. She directed her previous anger to them. “You take defeat with bad grace, and want to kill him? What if I don’t want to leave?”

Jinmu crossed his arms before his chest, and coldly said, “Why are you wasting your breath with her? We will just have to leave them both here. You take care of Bing Wuxin, while I deal with that lad.”

Deputy Region Master Xiao nodded. “Fine, I will test this lassie’s skill and power.” He turned into a sharp arrow, which shot toward Bing Wuxin.

“It’s good that you come at me by yourself!” Bing Wuxin was so infuriated that she laughed, and she waved her sword. “Traceless Heart Sword!”

Since Deputy Region Master Xiao could become one of the Heavenly Knife Region ‘s ten deputy masters, he was anything but average. He clasped his thumb and middle finger together, and a ripple emanated from them. It seemed similar to a sword light. “Primordial Return Sword Ripple!”


When the two sword energies collided in the air, they both extinguished each other.

Su Yu, who was observing their fight, looked at Jinmu, tapped the air with the tip of his foot, and flew farther away.

Jinmu looked at Bing Wuxin, and said, “I will leave her to you.” He stared at Su Yu, and chased after him quickly.

Su Yu had drawn away Jinmu so that Bing Wuxin wouldn’t end up suffering a joint attack from them. It also allowed him to evade some people’s gazes, so that he could freely use all his techniques.

They both flew to a deeper region of the Fairy Confining Forest. Su Yu started gradually lowering his speed, before he stopped atop a lush region of the forest. He turned around, and looked coldly at Jinmu who was closing in on him.

Jinmu was floating among the clouds, while staring at Su Yu. He raised his brows, and said, “You are waiting for me?” It was obvious that Su Yu wasn’t planning on escaping, and was waiting for him here. Jinmu couldn’t help but survey the surroundings warily. He found this all quite suspicious!

“I really want to know what you are.” Su Yu looked at Jinmu, and said, “You seem like a Wood Clan’s member, yet you don’t have a soul, and you seem like a puppet, only many times more intelligent.”

Jinmu’s pupils contracted as if his secret had just been discovered. He spoke in a deep voice. “What else do you know?”

“I will have to question you about the rest,” Su Yu said.

Jinmu’s expression became gloomy. “I really made the right decision when I decided to kill you. It’s only when you’re dead that I will be able to put my mind at rest.” Regardless of whether it was the fact that Su Yu had achieved resonance with essence wood’s inherited bloodline, or had seen through his body’s secret, he had enough reasons to kill Su Yu.

“You will need enough skill and power to achieve it.” Su Yu squinted his eyes.

“My skill isn’t limited to just mere expertise in the Wood Clan’s language,” Jinmu said mockingly. He started weaving hand signs with both hands.


All of a sudden, two powerful branches stretched out of the giant tree beneath Su Yu, and they intertwined around his feet. The branches were similar to the Desolate Evil Jungle’s branches. However, Su Yu was obviously standing on an ordinary tree, which didn’t possess any spiritual wisdom. So, how could it become a high-grade Evil Tree?

When he observed it carefully, Su Yu discovered that the branches didn’t belong to the tree, and they just passed through it, and penetrated this tree truck which was in their way. It seemed like those branches came from the depths of the ground. In fact, they were actually Jinmu’s two legs.

A green liquid was dripping from Jinmu’s feet, and each drop would quickly grow into a long root in the ground. The roots were all extremely firm, and after they intertwined around Su Yu’s feet, he found himself incapable of breaking free from them even though he possessed physical power rivaling a Divine Master.

“Humph! Humph! Don’t waste your energy. Those are all formed by my clan’s Evil Ghost Grass’s juice, and are firmer than high-grade spiritual artifacts,” Jinmu said coldly, while he strode forward with his eyes filled with raging killing intent. “Regardless of how you managed to achieve a resonance with my clan’s inherited memory, or how you managed to see the truth of my body, everything will come to an end now.”


Jinmu raised his hand, and it started to become longer and narrower. It turned into an extremely sharp thorn. He thrust it toward Su Yu’s chest, planning to kill him with a single attack.

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