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«The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1879: Why Should I Tell You?

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Chapter 1879: Why Should I Tell You?

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The person who asked the question was a reporter from White Light Media who was sitting behind Zhao Fangyu.

Ding Junqi’s hand slid down from the table and landed on Xin Ya’s wrist to support her.

Xin Ya looked up to see the side of Ding Junqi’s face with gratitude.

“This movie is not a male lead-themed movie. When the movie is released next year, why don’t we watch it at the cinema once and for all? This script is the most shocking script that I’ve seen since I started acting. At the same time, this script is closely related to my life and my past.” Ding Junqi leaned against the back of the chair with some sense of lazy casualness. This suited his character profile.

The reporters asked a few more questions, but Gu Juexi was already starting to get impatient. These questions were so meaningless that he did not want to answer them, so he waved at PA Wen, signaling him to end the interview.

PA Wen, “…”

The press conference just started!

His President was indeed a willful one.

“I’m sorry, everyone.” Before his president lost his temper, PA Wen took the initiative to go on stage. “Our Mr. Gu still has some work to do. We’ll leave this place to Mr. Nalan and Mr. Ding temporarily.”

As PA Wen spoke, Gu Juexi stood up.

“Mr. Gu.”

The moment Gu Juexi turned around, Ding Jiaqi suddenly stood up. The nametag that indicated she was from the Ding family was still stuck to her chest.

Gu Juexi turned around.

Ye Yuwei tugged at Mo Fei, who was playing with her phone, to check things out.

She knew that there was more to this woman than meets the eye.

Mo Fei raised her head and looked over. Ding Jiaqi was currently looking at Gu Juexi cautiously.

“May I ask why Mr. Gu invited our Ding Enterprise? After all, our Ding Enterprise doesn’t seem to have the right to come here?” Ding Jiaqi asked.

Gu Juexi looked her up and down. “Why should I tell you?”

Everyone lapsed into silence the moment Gu Juexi opened his mouth.

Ding Jiaqi’s face turned pale. She probably did not expect Gu Juexi to reply like this.

However, Ding Jiaqi had not gotten the answer she wanted.

Zhao Fangyu stood up and grabbed Ding Jiaqi’s wrist. “Mr. Gu, I’m sorry. Jiaqi doesn’t know the rules.”

“If you don’t know the rules, then don’t come out and make a fool of yourself,” Gu Juexi said as he strode out of the room.

Ding Jiaqi’s eyes were burning red, but Zhao Fangyu pulled her down. “What are you doing?” Zhao Fangyu growled.

Ding Jiaqi pursed her lips slightly. “I just want to know. What kind of relationship does Mo Fei have with the Gu family?” Ding Jiaqi’s voice was not loud, so Zhao Fangyu could only hear her.

“What happens after you find out?” Zhao Fangyu frowned.

“If Gu Juexi is on good terms with Mo Fei, then we can wait for…” Ding Jiaqi suddenly shut her mouth and pursed her lips. “Anyway, you won’t understand. That’s the reason why my dad asked me to come. ”

Gu Juexi returned backstage and snatched Ye Yuwei away as he walked past the two women. “Have you seen enough?”

Mo Fei was rubbing her chin thoughtfully as she looked at the woman whose face was still pale. How dare she questioned Gu Juexi here? This woman must be missing some cogs up there.

“Mr. Gu, can’t you be gentler towards the fairer sex?” Ye Yuwei felt that Mr. Gu’s words were extremely harsh.

Gu Juexi peered at Ye Yuwei. His words were interrupted and clogged up by Ye Yuwei the moment he opened his mouth. “Alright, alright, it’s better if you don’t speak.”

Gu Juexi snorted and turned to leave.

Mo Fei placed a hand on Ye Yuwei’s shoulder. “So, what does this woman want?”

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