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«The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1826: I Just Hate Her

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Chapter 1826: I Just Hate Her

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So eager.

Qian Yikun pinned Mo Fei forcefully down on the back seat of the car. His lips did not leave hers, but when he slid down her body with his lips, Mo Fei held his face.

Qian Yikun seemed to have realized something as he collapsed on Mo Fei’s body instantly. His heavy breathing persisted for a long time.

Their heartbeats intertwined in the small space of the car. Qian Yikun steadied his breathing and pulled his legs back into the car before closing the door.

Mo Fei sent a kick to his chest. “She’s still watching, okay?”

Qian Yikun grabbed her ankle and exerted a burst of strength. Mo Fei giggled. She went along the direction of his pull and straddled her legs over his thighs.

“Is it ‘Happy New Year’ now?” Qian Yikun said as he placed one hand on the back of her waist and the other on her lower abdomen, massaging her gently.

When it came to Mo Fei’s period, Qian Yikun remembered it more than she did herself.

Therefore, when Mo Fei put her arms around his neck to return to the car, he noticed Ding Jiaqi standing at the door from the corner of his eye.

“I just hate her. Last time, I got into a fight because she stole the wedding dress that I had my eyes on.”

More importantly, Qian Yikun even scolded her for that.

Although Mo Fei only managed to find her family because of that, she still hated this woman called Ding Jiaqi.

Thinking about how Mo Fei went to look for a wedding gown for a wedding with him and nearly got her choice of gown snatched away, Qian Yikun that there was all the more reason that Ding Jiaqi was unforgivable.

Yep, it did not seem like he went overboard just now.

“Besides,” Mo Fei said as she held Qian Yikun’s face with both hands. “You’re someone who I’ve signed and put a stamp of approval on. Who does she think she is? What right does she have to fight with me?”

Hmm, it felt quite good to be sworn as someone’s property.

Even though she seemed to be swearing again.

Qian Yikun’s warm hand moved away from her lower abdomen. Then, he held her hand and carefully rubbed it.

“Did they bully you?” Qian Yikun asked with a frown as he recalled the situation when he first entered the house.

They could not bully her. After all, that old woman did not have the capability to do so.

“I don’t understand. Why is Ding Haonan so nice to them?” Mo Fei told Qian Yikun everything Ding Junhui told her.

In the past, Qian Yikun would not interact with the Ding family in the business world. After all, the Ding family was not on the same level as the Gu family and the Qian family. They were in a business circle where they would only play with those within their business circles.

Hence, when Qian Yikun heard Mo Fei’s words, even he, an outsider, felt that this old lady was abnormally infuriating.

Mo Fei gritted her teeth in the dark. “I think Ding Haonan deserves it too.”

Although he was her father, she was not as familiar with those people as Qian Yikun was to her.

In this world, the person she was most familiar with was Qian Yikun.

“Your father must have his reasons. After all, he’s her son.” Qian Yikun could only comfort her.

“Say, is there something wrong with that old thing? They’re both her sons, so why is she treating them so differently?” Mo Fei was still hugging Qian Yikun’s neck. Her big eyes rolled in her sockets. “Could it be that my dad isn’t her son?”

Qian Yikun, “…”

“Please keep going on your path as a killer, alright? Stop following in Yuwei’s footsteps and reading those stupid novels.”

Mo Fei snorted. At the mention of Ye Yuwei, she suddenly thought of something. “Qian Yikun, did you really have a crush on Ye Yuwei?”

Qian Yikun did not reply immediately after Mo Fei asked him.

Mo Fei’s expression changed immediately and she wanted to get up from Qian Yikun’s body.

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