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«The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1358 - Aren’t You Going To Go Through Terms With Me?

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Chapter 1358 - Aren’t You Going To Go Through Terms With Me?

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“That’s right. Look at Zhou Yu, it’s easy to get famous.”

“But do they really have something going on?”

“Just joking. Who knows?”

They had a schedule to follow when filming in the outlands. If not, every extra day of lodging would be an extra cost.

Lin Che was resting in her room after a busy day of filming. She wanted to relax after putting down her water.

Just then, her doorbell rang.

“Who is it?”

Lin Che called out.

No sounds from outside were heard. Just stillness.

Lin Che walked over to open the door.

Then, she saw Gu Jingze standing at the door.

She was stunned, thinking that it was not even night yet and there could be people walking around. She quickly pulled Gu Jingze in and closed the door with a bang.

She said, “You you, why did you come over at this time?”

He responded, “Why?”

“There are people everywhere. If they see you…”

“I’ll say that I came to accept the pre-contract terms.”


Did a president need to accept terms?

She said, “You…”

“Come on, producer. Terms.” As Gu Jingze spoke, he had already taken off his coat.

Inside, a T-shirt was stuck onto his chest. It made one’s blood rush.

“You… You’re…”

“Not discussing terms?” He laughed and took off another piece of clothing…

Lin Che swallowed her saliva.

If she did not discuss terms with this excellent specimen now, then when?

On the other side.

“We have pictures. This Zhou Yu did not come out after entering Lin Che’s room.” Someone from Glorious Star contacted Liang Shan.

“Is that so? Are there pictures?”

“This, we only have pictures of him entering. There’s no way for us to take pictures inside.”

“How are people going to believe if there’s no concrete proof? People could say they were discussing the script.”

“Then… what should we do?”

“Continue monitoring.” Liang Shan demanded. She thought to herself, It looks like Lin Che was definitely with their newcomer. There’s something going on and they’ve gone into the same room.

But could Lin Che’s child be of the newcomer’s?

She must have a powerful backer backing her.

Liang Shan mumbled, “This Lin Che really knows how to enjoy life. On one hand, she gives a rich man a child and on the other, she goes after small-time actors with money.”

Who knows what her rich backer would do when he finds out that she has a lover?

In any case, Liang Shan was looking forward to such a day.

Over that side, filming started early in the morning.

Lin Che had kicked Gu Jingze out earlier on.

Her whole body ached and she had to be careful not to have any marks.

Gu Jingze kissed her sweetly before leaving. It left her extremely satisfied.

If she could always be with him when filming, then, whatever hardships would not be hardships anymore.

She also treasured the opportunities she got to spend time with him.

After some time of filming, Gu Jingze was finally able to speak some lines.

Although still babbling, it should be fine with some dubbing.

For him, lots of effort and preparation had been put in.

Lin Che did not need to coax the director. The director knew that every footage looked splendid with Gu Jingze standing there. Even if he was just in the background, it gave color to the entire scene, making it no longer dull.

Such a pity that he could not act. If not, with his caliber and just a little bit of acting skills, he would definitely be very popular.

So the director thought that putting him in the background was not too bad.

Also, when everyone looked at Zhou Yu, they also felt that he was really different from everyone else.

Even if he was just sitting there doing nothing, people found it alluring for some reason.

Moreover, he exuded suaveness from every angle. Perfection.

“Such a pity, he is already Lin Che’s.” Someone said sourly.

“Lin Che’s what?”

“He’s Lin Che’s right now. Didn’t you see? They walk so closely. I think he might be Lin Che’s toyboy.”

“Are you for real?”

“Oh, just kidding. But, the two of them are really close. Those who don’t know may think they’re an item.”

“Even if they were together, it doesn’t matter. Lin Che has to find a big shot to marry. All these female stars these days also find some old rich man to marry. Don’t tell me she’s just going to get married to a newcomer?”

“Why? If they were really an item, you’d also want to have a fight with Lin Che?”

“I didn’t say such a thing.”

She said that but did not think the same.

The one who spoke was one who had some say in the team. She played a character on the opposing side. Her name was Xiao Qiangwei. She was originally a third-rate star. So many years and other than the two years she was paid attention to, she was not as popular in others.

But she was still considered a small-time celebrity.

Xiao Qiangwei looked at Zhou Yu and liked him a lot. Of course, her liking him was not that kind of hoping to be with him. She had been married for quite some years but no longer had a close relationship with her husband. Her husband was a small-time businessman and she pretended not to know about his numerous affairs. She looked for other men and knew her husband would understand and he did not care about her. They each had their own fun but would attend events as a married couple.

Thus, she just wanted to have a taste of this newcomer.

She knocked on his door on the first night but nobody responded.

That was strange, she thought. Was nobody in?

She had asked the front desk and it seemed that he did not leave the hotel.

Then, she thought of…

Could he be at Lin Che’s?

The look in her eyes changed. She thought, Ha, these people are pretty good with their guesses.

Xiao Qiangwei went over early in the morning the next day.

This time, he was around.

Gu Jingze opened the door to see an unfamiliar woman with wavy hair and in a sexy nightdress holding some fruits in her hands.

“Hey, I’ve brought you some fruits. I’ve seen you working so hard. Keep it up during filming tomorrow.”

Gu Jingze frowned. “Who are you?”

Xiao Qiangwei was stunned as her face turned sour.

Even though she did not have a big name for herself but since she was in the same team, he should know who she was.

Though not super famous, she still had some passersby who recognized her on the streets. Sometimes, she would get some exposure on the news too.

Now he was actually asking who she was.

Was he doing it on purpose?

She stiffened and said, “Oh, you’re new and probably not too familiar with the industry. I’m Xiao Qiangwei.”

Gu Jingze naturally had no clue who she was and nodded lightly. He said, “I don’t eat fruits. Thank you.”


Was this a rejection?

Seeing him going to close the door, Xiao Qiangwei used her body to block the doorway.

“Hey, you’re with Lin Che.”

He stopped upon hearing Lin Che’s name.

“What about it?”

“You and Lin Che. We all know.” She smiled.

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