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«The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1357 - The Most Special Guy In The Drama Team

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Chapter 1357 - The Most Special Guy In The Drama Team

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“It’s… Gu Jingyu…”

“Go on, shout. Shout until everyone comes to see.” Gu Jingyu said sinisterly to her ears.

In a state of panic, Su Wan covered her mouth.

She almost forgot that this was a public place while she got bullied by him.

Lowering her voice, all her curses were under bated breath. Soon, with that oppressed voice, Gu Jingyu found it hard to restrain himself.

The weak sounds lingered in this small space.


Some movements were heard outside.

“What’s going on? The door is stuck.”

This voice sounded familiar.

Wang Fangfang!

Su Wan recognized it immediately and her heart jumped to her throat.

She turned her head back and looked at Gu Jingyu with pleading eyes.

Undeniably, this look was too lethal and Gu Jingyu could not help but feel his heart soften.

However, he was halfway through and to take it back now…

It was torturous.

Gu Jingyu cursed silently. The person outside must be someone from the TV drama this time. No matter who it was, this person was as good as dead. She would be immediately chased out of this drama team.

To think she chose this moment to intrude on.

He was deeply frustrated but did not lessen his grip on Su Wan.

Su Wan was really frightened, especially when she heard the voice from outside. He was still continuing.

“Quick take a look. Is this restroom out of order? Why won’t it open?”

“I don’t know. I’ll get the caretaker here to take a look.”

“Hurry up then. The caretaker should have the keys to open the door.”

Su Wan got nervous.

“Gu Jingyu, let me go. Quickly…”

“Okay… Give me a moment.” Gu Jingyu did not let go but became more aggressive.

“Ah… Ah…” Su Wan felt as though she was going to be broken by him but she also needed to cover her mouth tightly to prevent herself from making any sounds.

With every move, it seemed as though it knocked into her soul, sending a wave of shock.

This continued for numerous times until finally, he eased back.

However, it was still lingering in her body. He was pressing her shoulders, unwilling to retreat.


Su Wan already felt like she was drained of all her energy. She felt even more tired than when she was with him previously.

Just then, voices were heard outside again.

“Ah…” Su Wan reacted immediately and hurriedly pushed him away.

Gu Jingyu was satisfied and did not say anything. Listening to the voices outside…

Bangs on the door were heard and in a moment, there was the sound of keys.

With a jingle, the door finally opened.

“What in the world.”

“Someone locked it from the inside.”

A few people came in and Wang Fangfang saw Su Wan in there right away.

“Su Wan, what are you doing inside here? Why did you lock the door for nothing?”

Su Wan replied, “I didn’t know it was locked.”

Wang Fangfang cast a suspicious look at her and looked around. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

But that look was definitely of suspicion.

Actually, she had seen Su Wan leaving and had followed. Now, she was in the restroom with the door locked from the inside…

There was more reason to doubt.

However, nothing was discovered. Wang Fangfang could only look at her and say in a cynical tone, “Oh, for those who don’t know you better, they’d think you were in here doing something shameful.”

Su Wan did not say anything although she felt a lump in her throat. But as an actress, she showed no expression on her face and proceeded to walk out.

Wang Fangfang had no choice but to give up. She found a cubicle and walked in.

Yet nobody noticed that in another cubicle, the door was tightly locked.

A while later.

Wang Fangfang left the restroom and went outside.

Once out, Gu Jingyu walked past indifferently.

Wow, Gu Jingyu up close.

She hurried, intending to catch up but had a suspicion the next moment. Seeing Gu Jingyu’s expression, it did seem different from usual.

Previously, she always felt that he was deep in thoughts. Now, it was a face of satisfaction.

And what a coincidence that he was also at this side. How strange, how strange…

Su Wan returned and felt like she did not want to continue acting in this TV drama any longer.

What was Gu Jingyu thinking? Why did he have to treat her this way?

She did not know and did not dare think about it.

And on the other side.

After finishing filming some scenes in the shed, Lin Che’s TV drama had to transfer to the outlands to continue filming.

The production team had already prepared for the transfer and the staff arrived one after another.

At the outlands, they all stayed at the same hotel.

Lin Che had booked separate rooms for herself and Gu Jingze.

After all, it was better to avoid arousing suspicion in the production team. If not, there would be all kinds of tales.

Gu Jingze was quite cooperative. He had taken the same flight as Lin Che and had put down taking his own private jet temporarily.

Lin Che followed obediently and pushed his luggage. “This flight was a little uncomfortable eh? Even though that seat was in the first class, it still can’t be as comfortable as the one in your plane right?”

Gu Jingze looked at her coldly, “No issue, I’ll take it as a life experience.”


Alright, in fact, it was indeed a life experience.

Lin Che said, “I’ve booked a suite for you in the hotel. It’s already not bad, really. Ours are suites. We don’t have that much of a budget if you talk about presidential suites.”

Gu Jingze looked at her and smiled for unknown reasons. His eyes beamed a ray of slyness.

“Doesn’t matter. Whichever you book is fine.”


“Whatever. I may not even stay.”


What did that mean? If he did not stay there, then was he going to stay somewhere else?

“Don’t. Actually, a suite is pretty good and it’s clean. Didn’t you say you wanted to experience life?”

She quickly said when she saw that Gu Jingze had thoughts of not staying.

However, she only saw that Gu Jingze had inched closer to her and whispered, “I’ll stay with you.”


Lin Che froze for a bit before she reacted.

This was what he meant…

A smile came on. Lin Che blushed and said, “No way, others would see.”

“It’s fine. You can tell them that you’re a woman and you have needs.”


Annoying. What and what?

Gu Jingze laughed and walked ahead.

Quite a number of the team had already arrived at the hotel.

Some were already talking about Zhou Yu. A small-time character and yet he has an upscale room, a suite like the male and female leads. What gives?

However, everyone was already quite used to Zhou Yu getting the special treatment in this production team. Just that there would still be some complaints.

“But that Zhou Yu is really good looking. Do you think Lin Che has taken a fancy to him? Heh heh. Even though it’s Lin Che, she’s still a woman. Women like handsome guys and that’s normal.”

Some of the actors had such suspicions.

“I think so too. Lin Che always looks at him in a different way.”

“Then Zhou Yu is really lucky. Whoever is with Lin Che doesn’t need to worry about exposure time.”

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