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«The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1356 - Just Won’t Let You Off

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Chapter 1356 - Just Won’t Let You Off

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Su Wan only thought of escaping.


Everyone said hello to Gu Jingyu.

Though he did not say a word, he was still amicable to the production team and gave a faint smile to everyone. Although distant, everyone was satisfied with that.

Just that, Gu Jingyu had made an entire round.

He did not see that familiar person.

His eyes intensified and he spoke his first sentence. “This is my first time making a cameo. Let’s get together for dinner tonight. My treat.”

“Wow, Gu Jingyu is very generous.”

“Thank you Jingyu, you’re really nice.”

“Okay, so it’s mandatory for everyone to come. Not one less.” Gu Jingyu smiled a little, another agenda in mind.

“Of course, who wouldn’t go for Gu Jingyu’s treat?”

“This is everyone’s honor. We will all be there.”

Who would not go?

Ha, there might be some who would not go.

Jian Yao turned around but could not find Su Wan.

She only saw Su Wan staring into space when he went to the back.

“Su Wan. Gu Jingyu is giving a treat tonight. Quick pack up. You’ve never gone before. Gu Jingyu is here. Didn’t you see the commotion?”

Su Wan turned. “Huh? I… I didn’t notice.”

“That’s a pity. Quick go get changed. We should go.”

“I… I’ll skip. I’ve got things to do at home.” Su Wan avoided eye contact.

“Hey, how can you not go? You have to go. Gu Jingyu has already said not one less. If you’re missing, do you still wish to survive in this industry? Moreover, this is our team’s first get-together. If you don’t go, you’re not being social.”

But Su Wan really did not want to go.

Seeing Su Wan’s reluctant face, Jian Yao shook her head. “Look at you, how are you going to get around here? Didn’t Glorious Star train their artists in this aspect? It’s a must to go, silly.”

She thought that Su Wan simply did not know how to play the game. Others took the initiative to get into Gu Jingyu’s good books and yet she said she was not going.

She was being too naive.

It made one feel that she was being naive with her seemingly not wanting to get into his good books. Thus, Jian Yao quickly educated her.

Su Wan was helpless. “I… I’m only a small timer in Glorious Star.”

“Alright, your Glorious Star is seriously too harsh to their artists. Having groomed so many, none are responsible for being on the scene. Look, it isn’t easy to get into Lin Che’s side here but every understudy that comes in is responsible and can make it onto the scene. If there’s any violation of rules, the person will be kicked out.”

“Yes, but back then, I was happy enough when someone wanted to sign me on. So I just signed.”

“It’s true, we’re only small timers. Sigh, when will we be as popular as Gu Jingyu? By then, we don’t have to be afraid of anything.”

The mention of Gu Jingyu made Su Wan’s heart flutter.

Just then, Jian Yao was already pulling her out.

“Ah, I really…”

“It’s a must to go. Come on.”

The group of them, including the reluctant-looking Su Wan, arrived at the dining location.

The place was great. Gu Jingyu was indeed generous.

When Jian Yao entered, she immediately pulled Su Wan to the front.

She even saw that Wang Fangfang was also there.

Wang Fangfang looked at her with hatred and bit her lips, bearing a grudge.

How could it be? Su Wan actually got the role of Jianyao’s best friend. Though her part was not the most important, the supporting character who always followed the female lead around would always be noticed by people throughout the series.

Such an important role. How did Su Wan get it?

She was mad with jealousy.

Especially now. Because she was playing an important role, she could sit at the front with Jian Yao.

Meanwhile, Wang Fangfang could only sit far, not daring to move up to the front.

Soon, Gu Jingyu arrived.

Gu Jingyu glanced around and quickly, he finally saw Su Wan.

And she was seated at the front.

His eyes became ferocious as though he was a hunter who had spotted his prey.

Cunningly black, without a glimpse of light.

Do you still want to hide? I’ll see how you hide during this entire TV drama.

Su Wan felt the deadly glare upon her and panicked. She was immediately uncomfortable.

Why? Why did he have to look at her like that?

She lowered her head and heard Gu Jingyu say to everyone, “It’s going to be tough on everyone for the days to come. Let’s enjoy today and have more food. Don’t stand on ceremony. All on my account.”

“Thank you, Senior Jingyu.”

“Senior Jingyu, so cool, so cool.”

Everyone jubilated and talked about how lucky they were to have Gu Jingyu as their guest. It was splendid.

Su Wan on the other hand felt like trapped prey. Those eyes of a hunter were fixated on her.

How was she to have any appetite?

Jian Yao was on the other side chatting with others. The talkative her had already known many friends when they arrived. Su Wan, however, did not dare look up with Gu Jingyu being around.

Discreetly, Su Wan made her way out.

Soon, she got to the restroom. While she was still washing her hands, she thought someone had opened the door.

Surprised, she looked up. Upon seeing that familiar silhouette which made her heart skip a beat, she froze and objected from within.

“You. Gu Jingyu, what are you doing? This is the ladies.”

His hand slowly locked the door and he looked aggressively at the woman who had been avoiding him.

“I know.”

“Then why did you still come in?”

“If not? You’ll go to the men’s with me?”

“No!” Su Wan stepped back. “Gu Jinyu, go away. Why do you have to come in?”

“Why do you think?” Gu Jingyu moved closer. Su Wan was frightened out of her wits, especially when she saw his determined look.

“Gu Jingyu. You can’t touch me. You’re being … you’re being…”

“What about me? Aren’t you happy with me being like this?”


In a moment, he easily cornered her to the wall and lowered his head to look at her.


“As long as I’m here, you’ve no room for rejection.”

As he spoke, Gu Jingyu had already lowered his overbearing lips and bit her.

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