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«The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1010: Finally Passed Away

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Chapter 1010: Finally Passed Away

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Su Cen scoffed, “Director, I’ve lived here for decades. Don’t tell me that you don’t recognize me?”

“Ha-… What? Decades? Who are you?”

Su Cen walked down the steps.

A few of them were so afraid of Su Cen that they wanted to step backward.

But they were called back by the village director’s eyes.

Were these old men terrified of Su Cen?

Su Cen asked, “Take a good look. Do you really not recognize me? I have never forgotten you, though. I have never forgotten how you used to take food away from my family, making us nearly starve to death during the winter.” When she smiled, she looked a little ferocious. Although she still looked gorgeous, there was an air of vengefulness.

The village director was used to making a good fortune here. He had relatives in the town and in the city, so in all his years of leadership, he had turned over many plots of land. His own home was built up to six stories high and nobody could stop him.

Su Cen continued, “I also have not forgotten how you made my parents cut grass in early spring. They did not receive a single cent of the money and they labored like this for free. They even had to endure your abuse.”

“I had not forgotten how, when I was still a child, you wanted to force me into marriage. I refused to marry and you pointed your finger at me and insulted me.”

Lin Che listened from the back and felt furious. How could this person be so vicious?

Her mother endured worse than she did in her youth.

Lin Che looked at her mother with an aching heart. She thought that her mother was definitely stronger than she was so that she could remain standing till today.

The village committee members looked at Su Cen, feeling somewhat guilty.

However, the village director did not think that way.

He scoffed at Su Cen, “Who would remember anything about all these boring old gossips? Furthermore, you’re not Su Cen at all. Stop pretending.”

He was already prepared. He took out the household registrar and said, “Take a look. The old lady’s daughter, Su Cen, is long dead. You’re not Su Cen!”

Su Cen stood there as she pursed her lips, staring angrily at this greedy man.

How could such a person exist until now without anyone taking him down?

Lin Che walked down to stand beside Su Cen, “Mom, forget it. It’s no use talking to this kind of person. If he had a conscience, he wouldn’t have been such a pig for so many years.”

“You…” The village director looked at this mother and daughter duo.

He had to admit that their family genes were good. The daughter was also gorgeous and looked so much like her mother back in the day.

Now, she was even a celebrity. She was really successful.

But it was too bad. So what if she was a celebrity? Here, he was the king and he didn’t have to care about anyone.

The village director laughed and looked at Lin Che. “Let me tell you, don’t think that you can get anything you want just because you’re famous. When one is far away from authority, the powers that be will not intervene here. Even if you are a god, you have to bow your head here. Don’t come here and act all arrogant. Otherwise, I won’t treat you with respect, either.”

Lin Che could not believe that a village director had the cheek to say such arrogant words.

Perhaps it was true that when one was far away from authority, the powers that be will not intervene. No wonder there were arrogant people like him.

The village director said, “Don’t come here and be arrogant. If you dare to do anything, I’ll tell the public that you came to the village like a tyrant. You even wanted to upturn the land for profit so that you could build a private mansion and become the boss here. I’ll tarnish your name so badly and I’ll see how you’re going to handle that.”

He knew that public figures feared this kind of gossip the most. Thus, they wouldn’t dare to do anything.

Lin Che looked at this clown and remained silent. Just then, the doctor hurriedly came out.

“Miss Lin, Miss Lin! Bad news. The old lady is not going to make it.”

Lin Che and Su Cen were shocked. They couldn’t be bothered with the village director anymore.

They quickly headed into the room.

The old lady was on the bed, moving ever so slightly.

Lin Che and Su Cen went to the bedside.

Lin Che held Granny’s hand. “Granny…”

Su Cen also called out, “Mom, we’re both back.”

Her hand seemed to move lightly, caressing Lin Che and then Su Cen.

It looked so endearing. It was heartwarming.

Su Cen said plainly, “Mom, I never took care of you my whole life. In my next life… In my next life, I still want to be your daughter.”

Lin Che saw a drop of tear fall from Granny’s haggard face.

However, her lips still curved into a smile.

Lin Che held her hand tighter. “Granny. Granny…”

On the monitor, the heartbeats gradually slowed down and finally became a flat line…

Granny finally completed her long and arduous life journey.

Tears flowed as Lin Che looked at Granny. She caressed her wrinkled face.

The onlookers said that Granny passed away very peacefully. Not a single trace of worry was on her face.

When some people died, they might not even reveal their true selves. However, Granny looked the same until the end. It was clear that she did not suffer.

These were naturally also words to comfort the living, but hearing these did make Lin Che feel a little better.

Gu Jingze helped with the funeral arrangements. As the old lady was a very simple person, there was not much, even though she lived well later on. He chose to have her buried in a cemetery outside the village. Gu Jingze bought a vast plot of land and planted fruit trees. Looking down from the hill, one could see a green wheatfield.

Lin Che kept Su Cen company at home.

When Gu Jingze returned, Lin Che went out. She saw that he looked so busy and humbled. She was very touched.

“Gu Jingze, you’re the Gu family CEO and here you are helping with the funeral…”

Gu Jingze held her hand and said, “Silly, your granny is also my granny.”

“But, it’s different.”

At times like these, some people were just like this. It was easier to tell the difference.

Some sons-in-law would help as if they were their own family. Some would hide and not care at all.

Lin Che never experienced all these, but she had heard plenty from other people.

But Gu Jingze never differentiated circumstances between them. He always said that her matters were his too.

Lin Che said, “There’s probably going to be gossip for the next few days. That evil goon sent people to check on us. How annoying.”

Because she had to deal with the funeral and for Granny to leave peacefully, she did not bother about them.

Gu Jingze said, “Don’t worry. They will only be like that for a few days.”

Lin Che asked, “Tell me, how can a person like that still be the director?”

Gu Jingze replied, “Small places like these have their own little rules.”

“But isn’t this a drawback? Can I report it to the president?”

Gu Jingze raised a brow. “Of course… You can call Mr. President right now.”

“Woah, that would be too petty. Nevermind. Once this is settled, I’ll tell Minmin so that she can have a pillow talk with him.”

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