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Chapter 831: She Tried so Hard, Hard Enough that the Patient Died

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“Despite so, she still chose such a giving career that is both dirty and tiring. Of course, she’s not doing it for the money. She focuses on medicine and that was why she earned international honor.”

She then eyed Qiao Qing and said, “She’s not like some others. Some people want to treat their boyfriend so they bring a man to the hospital and do all sorts of tests without any knowledge. I sure wonder what that guy sees in her. Is it just because he has a young face to look at?”

The woman threw Qiao Qing a dirty look, “Thank god I didn’t let her treat my son! She’s so young yet she chose a poor path. Looks alone cannot keep a man!”

Qi Yusen and Jun Yexuan’s eyes turned cold. Before they could give these people a hard time, the ER door opened.

Without any more time to mock Qiao Qing, the mother and the other doctors all swarmed up.

“Doctor! Doctor! How’s my son?”

The woman was the first to dash up there.

The other doctors also walked up there with high hopes.

Jun Yexuan’s gaze also landed on Xia Houshang. However, the look in his eyes was very different from others.

In front of everyone’s heated gaze, Xia Houshang’s heart tightened.

She took off her mask and inhaled deeply, “I am sorry. I did everything I could.”

The woman’s brain went numb. At once, she thought she hallucinated.

The other doctors were also in shock. They exchanged glances and didn’t know how to react.

After some time, the woman finally absorbed the information and grabbed Xia Houshang’s shoulders.

“What do you mean you did your best?! Where’s my son!? He’s dead?! Answer me?!”

Xia Houshang was being shaken like a tree. In front of this woman’s crazy gaze, her heart felt cold, “You need to calm down.’

“How do I calm down?!” The woman howled, “That’s my son in there! He’s my everything! How can I calm down?! What happened to him?! Did you save him or not?! What do you mean you did your best?!”

Xia Houshang opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say.

The woman pushed her away and rushed into the ER. Before long, her cries could be heard.

“Wenli! Wenli! My son!”


The cry from inside made all the doctors outside feel awkward. They all snuck a few looks at Xia Houshang.

The look on Xia Houshang’s face was uglier than theirs.

Mu Jinghang clicked his tongue, “Who was the one accusing Qiao Qing of not knowing medicine? Xia Houshang did try. She tried so hard, hard enough that the patient died. An internationally recognized doctor? How can that honor be so cheap? All sorts of people can enjoy international honor now?”

“You!” Xia Houshang’s face was now in patches of green and white.

Wang Lixia didn’t feel like that was fair, “Doctors can only do their best to save their patients. It’s not 100% that doctors can cure everyone!”

“If that was possible, then how are there so many illnesses and deaths in this world? Do you really think doctors are omnipotent?”

“Even if Ms. Xia failed, you think the girl standing beside you would succeed?! If we left the patient with her, he likely wouldn’t have survived for as long as he did! What right do you have to denounce Ms. Xia?!”


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