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«The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 861 - What About Being Single As He Said?

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Chapter 861: What About Being Single As He Said?

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Luo Zhan seemed to feel Lu Yihan’s gaze and quickly turned to look at him. Lu Yihan raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at the girl next to Luo Zhan. Luo Zhan gave him a smile and looked quite decent, but he acted like he didn’t know Lu Yihan, quickly turned to look at the girl next to him, took her hand and entered the club together.

Lu Yihan understood that Luo Zhan was playing the fool deliberately, but inexplicably got a little annoyed, reluctantly smiled, and then threw the key to the doorman and turned to walk in. The customer arrived soon, then Lu Yihan had a meal with him before going to the golf course. However, it was unfortunate that when playing golf, Lu Yihan saw Luo Zhan again.

Luo Zhan was standing behind the beautiful woman and hugging her from behind, and his hands were covering hers, but he did not seem to be impatient with anything he had done before. His eyes were gentle and he was patiently teaching her how to play.

It seems that he was very skilled… But, since when did Luo Zhan know how to play golf?

“Lu, Lu?” After the customer shouted a few times, Lu Yihan suddenly regained his composure, smiled and played with the customer again, but he was not as focused as before. He looked at Luo Zhan’s direction from time to time and was absent-minded. About more than half an hour, the customer was away after receiving a phone call.

After Lu Yihan sent the customer away, he was originally prepared to take the car and leave, but when the doorman asked when to pick up the car, he paused and walked in again.

Luo Zhan and that lady were still in the course, and the beauty’s movement seemed to have been much more skilled.

Undoubtedly, Luo Zhan is a good teacher. But when does Luo Zhan know how to play? According to his technique, he is not like a newbie at all.

When Lu Yihan was ready to go to say hello, Luo Zhan suddenly hugged that lady, and they looked ambiguous and very close.

It looks like… they have chemistry. So… What about being single as he said? What about knowing nothing about how to chase a girl as he said? He doesn’t look like a newbie at all!

Lu Yihan suddenly had a feeling of being deceived, inexplicably unhappy, and he got angry at once. After looking at them for a while, Lu Yihan did not go forward, and then turned and walked out of the club house again.


Luo Zhan and Ruo La went to see a love literary film that was selected by Ruo La and was popular these days. But after watching it for a while, he started to feel bored.

Ruo La quickly noticed that Luo Zhan was sleepy, so she gently pushed him, and he immediately awakened. However, it was unexpected for Ruo La that Luo Zhan’s first sentence was, “I want to eat boiled fish with pickled Chinese cabbage today.”

But after speaking it out, he was shocked to see that the atmosphere around the scene was not right.

Ruo La blushed, nodded, and said, “Okay.”

The couple on the big screen of the cinema were crying, and people around were weeping. Ruo La was also moved to tears and looked pitiful. But on the contrary, Luo Zhan suddenly felt unhappy. Inexplicably he was full of shame and anger.

After out of the movie theater, Ruo La took Luo Zhan to walk into the nearby shopping mall and said, “I just checked on the app and found a restaurant that cooks delicious fish just in that mall. Let’s go.”

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