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«The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1734 - The Tiniest

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Chapter 1734: The Tiniest

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“Oh, are there little girls to toy with?”

“No, you cannot toy with little girls.” Li Jianqian poured himself a glass of juice before he refilled Li Jianyue’s glass with some. “Why are you so perverted? You actually told your brother to toy with little girls.”

“I’m not perverted!” Li Jianyue accepted the glass of juice. A look of anxiousness flashed across her chubby little face. “If there are little girls like me to play with you, you definitely will not feel bored since I’m such a cute little princess.”

Li Jianqian shot her a disdainful look. “Little girls like you are too annoying. I don’t want to play with you.”

Li Jianyue became angry. She puffed up her tiny face as she replied, “How could you say such things, Brother? Do you know that it is a great breach of etiquette to speak like that?”

“Do you know what a breach of etiquette means?”

“It means a lack of manners!”

“You’re wrong.” Li Jianyue threw Li Jianyue a look of contempt. “Who taught you that?”

Li Jianyue became indignant. With her hands akimbo on her tiny waist, she said, “Brother, you’re lying. If that is not what it means, then what does it mean?”

“A breach of etiquette means a lack of etiquette. Etiquette is etiquette while manners are manners. Manners are a basic quality and etiquette is based on one’s own cultivation. They are different.”

Li Jianyue couldn’t possibly understand all that. She was like a lost ball in the high weeds when she heard Li Jianqian’s explanation. With her eye widened, she looked at Li Jianqian and asked, “Brother, did Grandpa and Grandma teach you that?”

Li Jianqian nodded his head and said, “Grandma knows many things. She can even dance, play the piano, and sing. Grandpa will teach me archery and horse riding.”

“Wow!” Li Jianyue’s eyes shone brightly. “Brother, you can ride a horse in the Capital?”

“Yup, it was a little pony. Grandpa specially bought it for me. We keep it in the backyard. I often ride the pony in the backyard. Sometimes, the older brother next door comes and plays with me. We do archery and swim together. We will also compete in running, as well as other things.”

Since it was rare for Li Jianqian to speak so much at one go, Li Sicheng also looked over.

The little boy was completely oblivious to the fact that his father was watching him. He continued to share about his life with his sister rather happily. “We don’t just compete over those. We also compete over our academic grades. During exams, if I’m not the top scorer, he’ll be the top scorer. He’s very smart.”

“Wow, Brother, who is this brother you’re talking about? Is he older than you?”

“Yup, he’s two years older than me.”

“Is that brother also in the third grade?”

“Yup.” Li Jianqian nodded his head. He was visibly pleased. “I’m the youngest in my class. Daddy, I think I can even skip a grade the next year.” As he spoke, he had already turned to look at Li Sicheng. “I want to skip a grade.”

“No.” All of Li Jianqian’s hopes were dashed with just one simple word from Li Sicheng.

Feeling a little taken aback and indignant, Li Jianqian asked, “Why?”

“You can learn, but you cannot skip a grade. You’re the youngest in your class, but what about your height?”

“Of course I’m also the tiniest,” Li Jianqian replied self-righteously.

“How well do you get along with your classmates?”

Li Jianqian was at a slight loss for words and. After he thought for a moment, he said, “I get along best with Chu.”

“Why won’t your other classmates play with you?”

“I’m the one who does not want to play with them. They only know how to play and make no effort to improve themselves. Grandpa said that I can only become more outstanding if I hang out with people who are outstanding. I don’t want to be like them.”

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