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«The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1581 - In Prison (2)

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Chapter 1581: In Prison (2)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Lao Zhou’s gaze drifted over. When her eyes landed on Ye Youyou, she seemed to lightly laugh. Just as quickly, her eyes flitted away. She turned toward Wang Zhuang and asked, “Do you have a cigarette?”

Wang Zhuang laughed and waved her hand. Immediately, someone who had been following behind her walked forward. The woman took out a pack of cigarettes and retrieved a cigarette.

Lao Zhou didn’t bother with courtesy. She bent her head down to look. Without any warning, she snatched the whole pack.

The female lackey following Wang Zhuang panicked and automatically looked toward her.

When Wang Zhuang saw her expression, she rudely teased her, saying, “Look at how useless you are. Is Sister Zhou not allowed to take the whole pack of cigarettes?”

The girl lowered her head and replied, “Of course she is.”

Wang Zhuang reached out and patted the girl on her shoulder. She said, “In the future, address her as Sister Zhou. With Sister Zhou protecting you, the world in here will be your oyster.”

Lao Zhou lit a cigarette and burst out in an open-mouthed laugh. Balancing the cigarette between two fingers, she took a long puff and said, “Why are you being so courteous? In the future, just remember to bring me everything that is tasty and fun, and anyone who is f*ckable and easy to bully. I, Lao Zhou, declare you as my sister!”

Wang Zhuang seemed very happy and replied, “But of course! Given our relationship now, there’s no need to stand on ceremony at all! In fact, lately, I discovered a woman that’s really fun and interesting.”

“Really? What’s she like?” Lao Zhou asked.

“She’s a prostitute. She’s been sent here for rehabilitation. Given that huge ass and tits of hers, as well as that small and smooth face, she’s one high-grade chicken!” Wang Zhuang lit a cigarette of her own and smiled lustily. She gestured to one of her lackeys and said, “Bring that chicken over. Let Sister Zhou take a look.”

Lao Zhou’s interest was clearly piqued. Her eyes scanned the crowd.

Such a verbal exchange was enough to make the hairs on anyone’s neck stand up. Lao Zhou and Wang Zhuang were more on the masculine side in terms of looks. Furthermore, both of them were sporting buzz cuts. They were both flat-chested, and their features were ferocious. If not for the fact that they had been locked up in the female prison, it would have been hard to identify them as women altogether out in public.

Many of the inmates were already starting to shrink away out of self-preservation. Ye Youyou turned and walked to a corner.

Very soon, the high-grade chicken that Wang Zhuang had spoken off was brought before them. The demand for her had been sudden. It was clear she was quite frightened.

Upon seeing Wang Zhuang, she had no choice but to force a smile on her face and ask, “Sis… Sister Wang, were you looking for me?”

Ye Youyou gave her a once-over and realized that she did indeed have a very good figure. She was curvaceous in all the right places, and she was tall. Her face looked very elegant, but her features were very generic. From one look, it was obvious that she had gone under the knife. With her forced smile, she didn’t really look that beautiful.

Lao Zhou eyes stopped directly at her big breasts as she said, “Not too bad indeed. Come over and let me touch them.”

That woman wasn’t very willing to, but under Wang Zhuang’s threatening gaze, she had no choice but to steel herself and walk forward.

Lao Zhou hands roamed around invasively. She plunged her hand right into her collar and groped her bust. Upon doing so, her brows shot together in a frown. She pulled her hand back up and threw a tight slap across the woman’s face.

The woman who had been groped was caught off-guard and stumbled back a few steps.

Lao Zhou spat on the floor fiercely and announced, “I’m not here to play with silicon bags!”

The woman held her face. Anger distorted her features. Not daring to say another word, she skulked away to a corner.

“I don’t like such goods at all,” Lao Zhou said. “Has there been any pregnant woman here lately? I’m over 30, but I’ve yet to get my hands on a pregnant woman before.”

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