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«The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1555 - Where The Heart Leads

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Chapter 1555 Where The Heart Leads

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Ye Youyou pursed her lips. This same question had haunted her for many years.

Just what do I owe her? Perhaps a lot.

Ever since she entered the Guan household, Guan Yanhong had taken good care of her and treated her well. She could tell that whenever he treated her well in the past, Guan Queye was, in actual fact, not happy about it, but she always hid her unhappiness behind a laughing façade and pretended everything was fine. Perhaps Ye Youyou had stolen some of her father’s love.

Ever since she had gotten to know Shen Luo’an, he had paid her exceptional attention. Even back then, Ye Youyou had guessed that Guan Queye liked Shen Luo’an. Perhaps she had stolen Shen Luo’an.

In the same vein, Guan Queye had stolen away Ye Youyou’s only family, too. Ever since they joined the Guan family, Ye Tian had thoroughly transformed herself from Ye Youyou’s mother to Guan Queye’s mother.

She had initially harbored some hope toward Ye Tian. After the few slaps and accompanying words, Ye Youyou had totally completely given up on Ye Tian. Perhaps she had never seen her as a daughter to begin with. Perhaps all Ye Tian felt toward her was a sense of possessiveness and control. The moment Ye Youyou had untangled herself from Ye Tian’s control, everything changed.

Ye Youyou was silent for a long time. Li Jinnan began to feel impatient and said, “Please don’t tell me that you don’t know the answer to that either.”

Ye Youyou still remained silent. It was a long while before she finally replied, “Perhaps I may have snatched the person she loved from her. She was in love with Shen Luo’an.”

Very, very much in love.

She was so in love with him that she had been willing to throw herself off a cliff and tell everyone that it had been Ye Youyou who pushed her just to get rid of the competition. She was so in love with him that she was willing to damn herself to perdition by drinking poison and telling everyone else that Ye Youyou was trying to murder her.

Ye Youyou had fallen so squarely into her trap. Even as all the hidden daggers came flying her way, she was powerless to dodge them. In any case, she hadn’t been given the chance to. Even her mother hadn’t given her a chance.

Li Jinnan took a deep breath and replied, “All for that bastard? You women are all crazy!”

“No one ever said otherwise. That’s just the way women are. We can throw all caution to the wind just for the sake of a man.” Ye Youyou bit her lip before continuing. “Back then, just for the sake of being able to marry Shen Luo’an, I was equally crazy.”

Li Jinnan’s face darkened. “Are you still pining for him?”

Ye Youyou shook her head. “Not at all. Ever since we got divorced, I severed all my ties with him.”

“Even now, no one has any idea where he is. He didn’t turn up for the wedding, and no one has seen him. All he did before abandoning his bride was leave a letter in his room. What a catch.” Li Jinnan snorted mockingly. “Couldn’t he have said everything earlier? Why did he have to wait until the last moment? What a flair for drama he has.”

“He really ran away from the wedding?” Ye Youyou looked at Li Jinnan in shock. “Is it possible that he may have gone to look for Shen Manting?”

Ye Youyou was right. Shen Luo’an had indeed gone to look for Shen Manting, but China was a huge country. He had no idea where to begin his search.

According to the location data from Shen Manting’s last text message, she had gone to Suzhou. Suzhou was big, and it wasn’t that easy to find a person there.

It was only when Shen Luo’an stepped out of the airport that he realized how silly he was. Everything around him was foreign. Not a single face looked like Shen Manting’s. He couldn’t even rely on his heart to tell him which direction to head in.

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