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«The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1554 - It’s Time To Repay Everything That You Owe Me

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Chapter 1554 It’s Time To Repay Everything That You Owe Me

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Li Jinnan was taken to the police station so the police officers could question him about Ye Youyou’s daily routine and other important information.

Li Jinnan, on the other hand, refused to say anything other than how kind and what an exemplary citizen Ye Youyou was.

Throughout the course of the questioning, Li Jinnan’s attitude improved dramatically. He was able to converse with the police in a reasonable manner.

In order to establish some beneficial connections, Li Jinnan had name dropped everyone from Li Sicheng and Li Beixing to Li Xun and Li Xiao.

When everyone in the station heard the illustrious family background that Li Jinnan hailed from, their demeanor toward him improved. In fact, their demeanor improved so much that when Li Jinnan requested to see Ye Youyou, they exchanged looks among themselves and quickly ushered him in.

Sitting on the other side of the visiting room, Li Jinnan could tell from a distance when Ye Youyou was brought in. Her hands were cuffed. As she walked, the metal clanged.

Ye Youyou was still dressed in what she had been wearing earlier. It was barely enough to shield her from the cold. All her jewelry had been stripped from her, and her hair was in a mess. Her once elegant makeup had run. She looked forlorn.

At that moment, her eyes were swollen and red. When she saw Li Jinnan, she bit her lip and hurried over.

With her reddened eyes, she looked over at Li Jinnan. The fear and trepidation that she had harbored was suddenly eclipsed by a sense of warmth. Ye Youyou’s insecurities and anxiety lessened in that moment.

Li Jinnan watched Ye Youyou sit. He said, “Tell me everything that happened. Don’t leave even a single detail out.”

Ye Youyou’s eyes were stinging with tears. She looked at Li Jinnan and repeated everything that she had just said to the police.

Li Jinnan’s brows shot together. After a moment’s consideration, he asked, “You’re telling me that she asked you to open the water tumbler, and you did?”

Ye Youyou nodded her head and replied, “At first I didn’t dare do it. I was afraid that she’d set me up, but she cried really pitifully. She spoke of our past and how we weren’t this way back then. She didn’t use to be this way either. She…”

Ye Youyou began to choke with sobs. Her head drooped down as she continued, “I felt a little bad when I saw her cry. Shen Luo’an was a cad, and she was just a woman who was mesmerized by him. At the end of the day, she was really pitiful too. For her to be abandoned by such a man, I really pitied…”

“So, you opened the water tumbler for her?” Li Jinnan took a deep breath and clenched his jaw. He growled in frustration, “How I wish I could look inside your head now and see if it’s filled with water or mush!”

At Li Jinnan’s outburst, Ye Youyou pursed her lips and didn’t say anything further. When she looked up and saw his expression of steel, she quickly lowered her head again and kept silent.

“She tricked you into opening the bottle so that your fingerprints would be left behind, isn’t that right?” he asked.

Ye Youyou still didn’t look up at him. She nodded her head as regret filled her heart and an uneasiness came over her.

“After she drank from the tumbler, what did she say?” he asked.

Ye Youyou raised her head and thought for a moment before replying, “She said that it was time for me to repay everything that I owed her.”

“What do you owe her?” Li Jinnan couldn’t bring himself to understand just what sort of grudge it was that required such an extreme form of revenge.

Furthermore, Guan Queye’s methods did not just harm Ye Youyou alone. She had inflicted irreparable damage to her own body. That had been the case when she tumbled down the cliff, and that was the case now.

Li Jinnan did not, for even one second, believe that an idiot like Ye Youyou would be capable of such an act.

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