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«The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1553 - In A Big Mess

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Chapter 1553 In A Big Mess

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What he said was true. It would have been great if his grandfather were the only one they had to deal with, but they knew the complications went beyond that.

Li Jinnan’s head throbbed even harder. He replied, “Got it. I’m hanging up now.”

After disconnecting the call, Li Jinnan called Su Qianci.

Although she was in the middle of something, when she heard Li Jinnan’s request, she agreed to it without a moment’s hesitation.

Li Jinnan drove back to the hotel where the wedding was supposed to have taken place. The whole venue had been cordoned off, and police officers were walking about. The crowd had yet to disperse.

When they saw Li Jinnan approach, many people began murmuring among themselves and pointing their fingers toward him.

“That’s the murderer’s boyfriend. He’s quite handsome. Why would he fall for such a woman? Even I am better than she!”

“Well, the young are sometimes blind.”

Li Jinnan pretended not to have heard the words of those around him. He walked up to a police officer and asked, “What’s the situation now?”

When the police officer looked up and saw that it was Ye Youyou’s boyfriend, his demeanor turned discourteous. He replied, “The other fingerprints inside apart from the makeup artist’s are Guan Queye’s and Ye Youyou’s.”

“What does that mean?” A sense of premonition came over Li Jinnan.

“In other words, in addition to the makeup artist and Guan Queye, the only other person who moved around the room the was Ye Youyou.” Looking at Li Jinnan’s expression, the police officer felt some pity toward him and took out pictures of the evidence. “This young woman isn’t simple at all. There were very few fingerprints of her around. Even the door didn’t have her fingerprints, but she was still careless and left her fingerprints on the most important piece of evidence.”

With that, the officer looked up and showed him the photograph of the evidence. “There was poison in this bottle, and it was very potent. Half of the liquid inside was ingested before the rest was spilled on the floor. However, the amount Miss Guan Queye had taken was enough to take her life. Although she has been sent to the emergency department, she is currently still not out of the danger zone. You’re Ye Youyou’s boyfriend, aren’t you? I’ll need you to come with me to give a statement.”

Li Jinnan’s expression darkened. He growled, “Bullsh*t! If she really had such an intention, she wouldn’t be able to still be alive! You group of idiots! You’re being played by a woman and you don’t even know it! Have all your brains turned to mush?”

The police officer’s attitude soured when he heard that. He retorted, “I think you’re the one who’s being played by a woman! Miss Ye already has a previous record. Seven years ago, when she had just become of age, she pushed her stepsister down the cliff! Although the Guan family didn’t press charges, it doesn’t erase the fact that she harmed someone! You can’t just ignore the facts because you feel like it!”

Li Jinnan’s fury boiled over when he heard it. He snorted in contempt and replied, “Why won’t you just take a moment to think about it? Why does she not harm anyone else and only go after Guan Queye repeatedly? If she were really such a person, why has she been so well-behaved these few years? No one was harmed by her at all. Yet, the moment Guan Queye returned, she fell victim immediately? Use your brain! Couldn’t it have been Guan Queye who threw herself down the cliff and pushed the blame to Ye Youyou? Couldn’t she have fed herself poison and pretended she was a victim?”

Li Jinnan’s tone was extremely discourteous. The police officer was infuriated as he asked, “Who would be crazy enough to do such a thing?”

Li Jinnan laughed. “Ha, don’t forget, that woman is certified crazy!”

That statement left the police officer speechless. Unable to come up with a rebuttal, he rudely commanded, “Come with me to the police station!”

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