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«Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 875: Plush Toy

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Chapter 875: Plush Toy

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All eyes were on the Asura Battle Team and the Saruman Snake Battle Team, especially within the college. Most colleges in other countries, including Ares College, agreed that only the Imperial Glory Battle Team had the capability to compete with the Asura Battle Team.

The Saruman Snake Battle Team’s team just had to play their own game and the victory laid entirely on God.

However, within the Elite Academy, which understood the whole scenario, everyone knew that the Saruman Snake Battle Team still had the odds of winning the battle.

The Dynasty Battle Team’s opponent would be the Dark Wolves Battle Team, but that was not Lear’s main concern as he had the full information about the team. He only cared about the match between the Saruman Snake Battle Team’s and Asura Battle Team because if he lost, Wang Zheng couldn’t be allowed to win either.

“Any news on the Saruman Snake Battle Team?”

“Same old situation, but they seem confident. Apart from that, Princess Aina met Wang Zheng once, but it looked like she had completely forgotten about Wang Zheng,” said Luo Fei.

“Are you sure she is not acting?”

“Doubt it,” answered Luo Fei.

Lear nodded. After all, he had a different intel system compared to the rest and had heard about the story between Aina and Wang Zheng. Aina’s bravery was indeed admirable back in IG, but she had overestimated her ability in handling the situation, just like how Wang Zheng always did.

“This is actually good, it’s not a bad idea to get Wang Zheng distracted.”

“Boss, regardless, the Asura Battle Team is totally out of the Saruman Snake Battle Team’s team league, we just have to sit still and watch the show,” Luo Fei said.

Lear faintly glanced at Fatty Luo. “Do you really think so?”

“Of course, the team lineup speaks for itself, and with Aina here, Wang Zheng’s mind is half gone.”

Lear quirked a little. “Hopefully. I will need everyone to work harder this weekend.”

“Boss, wise words!”

Luo Fei’s fat face turned dark. The sentence had been his worst fear. Extra training after extra training… This extra training had been getting on his nerves. Him. Extra trainings were nothing but a waste of time, youth, and every d*mn good thing! However, Fatty Luo could only put on his brightest smile when he met Lear’s gaze.

Lear certainly knew what was really in Luo Fei’s mind. “Come on Fatty, no pain no gain!.”

… Luo Fei could only laughed awkwardly. How could he tell Lear all he wanted in life was to be an average Joe.

This was just another weekend for most of the students. But it had been a very intense for all the battling teams, with the exception of everyone from Saruman Snake Battle Team, who were on holiday.

Lear was certainly pleased with the news. To Lear, this was certainly Wang Zheng’s plan to spend more time with Aina. It was understandable that most men could not resist the opportunity, let alone that he also knew how Aina and Wang Zheng were very serious in this relationships.

The actual fact was just that Wang Zheng felt it was useless to burn the midnight oil. He believed that training required a kind of enthusiasm, it should be proactive rather than reactive. It had been important to remain calm before a major match like such. Of course, one’s was welcome to have extra training if it was done voluntarily.

Zhang Shan decided to give himself a break. He wasn’t too sure which part went wrong, but he had been facing rejection from girls in Elite Academy X. There had been plenty of female fans in the team but none of them were interested in being his girlfriend.

Would it be because he was acting too cold?

Or was it that he wasn’t good-looking enough?

He had been known to be humorous, and next in line after Achilles in term of looks. Aside from that, Achilles had Milo! Geez, girls’ taste had been bad nowadays.

He was planning to discuss with Wang Zheng about this issue. However, Wang Zheng was summoned by Skylink right after the weekend training. Zhang Shan knew it must be Lin Huiyin again.

“Jar Jar Mi, any plans tonight? Let’s have drinks?”

“Sorry, the alumni club organized an event for the juniors to clarify their doubts. I will buy you a drink the next time around.” Jar Jar Mi smiled happily. The juniors had always had an inexplicable attraction to the seniors, not to mention Jar Jar Mi had been one of the key men in the Saruman Snake Battle Team

“Vincent, any plans? Let’s go to Roland Garros to have some fun?”

“You go ahead, I need to familiarize myself with a few technical moves. Or would you like to join me instead?” Vincent said.

Zhang Shan quirked, “Hmm, all the best to you bro, I think I need a break.”

Zhang Shan thought that he must be crazy to ask the training fanatic Vincent to hang out.

After asking around, everyone seemed to have their own plans. Zhang Shan wanted to look for Wang Zheng but decided not to. Wang Zheng finally had the opportunity to spend time with the person he liked and Zhang Shan decided to leave him alone.

The only activity to be done alone would probably be shopping. Oh well, it wasn’t a bad idea since he had not bought any gifts for the family since he came to Roland Garros .

Zhang Shan started his shopping spree at the shopping centre. He just aimlessly purchased since it was convenient as the shop could just wrap the presents and deliver it back to Earth.

Through this way, he could put the upcoming fight aside temporarily. The Asura Battle Team… how a minion like him could break through it?

Sweeney actions had been in his mind. This type of high-frequency explosive mech warrior with stealth was simply unbeatable for his Wind God. How could this be solved? No one but himself could solve this but he had no idea how to do it now. He felt that he was going to breakdown if he continued to think about the problem.

Zhang Shan continued his aimless walk along the streets. He enjoyed taking a stroll down the street, looking at the beautiful promoters. It wasn’t really about their looks rather about the costumes, miniskirts, slender legs, high heels…

Don’t misunderstand Zhang Shan as a pervert. He had been a gentleman, he simply wanted to use these beauties to find his inspiration. He believed that beauty was an art and the greatest gift from god to mankind, especially the men.

Among the crowds, a plush square ball was particularly eye-catching. It looked like a scarecrow in a wheat field, with two silly wings. It was engraved with various characters and it felt like a cult propaganda doll.

Zhang Shan was ready to get pass it and continued with his journey for inspiration but was pulled by the square dolls.

“Classmates, would you be interested in science? We are the Bauhinia Science Research Club. We are expanding our member’s number. If you are interested, do you want to try to participate in the activities of our seminar club. There are free drinks too… ” said Plush toy.

Zhang Shan wanted to leave, but heard that it was a girl’s voice, thus a little gentlemanly manner is required.

“Sorry, I am not interested in science.”

However, the plush toy had not let go of Zhang Shan, nor could you blame her. She had been promoting it here for a long time. No one cared about her. When she finally saw a student, she was determined to make a final effort.

“Classmates, interest can be cultivated, and as a new generation of elites, we should have a deeper understanding of the universe, this is…”

Zhang Shan was depressed. He came here to look for inspiration and didn’t want to understand the universe. Zhang Shan was feeling giddy initially and now he felt like blowing his brains out.

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