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«Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 817: Crushed

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Chapter 817: Crushed

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This was Achilles, the Sun God. He had the strength to put a perfect finishing touch to things.

However, Dynasty battle team wasn’t panicking at all despite facing such a situation. Almost instantly, Lear had given his orders.

Subaru’s Mayan’s Mantis had started to sing. This was a civilisation unique to Maya based on their understanding of energy - Death Song Beam!

Achilles felt a chill and clearly felt the seriousness of the problem. At this moment, he could only depend on Lu Bei’s Wind Whisperer to stop the opponent. The truly scary mech wasn’t the Heavenly Crystal King but this Mayan’s Mantis. The Dynasty battle team had never used it in their previous matches. However, those who had participated in the IG would definitely know.

It was just that in terms of time, he had already calculated. It was enough!

The other mecha also responded rapidly and were moving rather quickly. Lear’s Unbounded rushed towards Achilles with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“It’s over,” said Hocatolin faintly.

However, the surrounding people didn’t know who Hocatolin was referring to. Only Hocatolin knew that the Fiery Moon was finished.

Achilles’ expression changed drastically. The Death Song Beam exploded. At the moment that Death Song Beam appeared, all the mecha had deactivated their energy shields. This was the only way to counter this move. Energy shields would only cause more damage to be taken.

Although they didn’t suffer the stacked damage due to energy shields, the mech still received a blow. Once the effects of an ambush were stopped, the lack of individual strength was on display.

The Overlord had rushed to the front of the Heavenly Crystal King but was torn to shreds even before having the time to struck. The reaction of Siscoco was too slow.

As the scout, the damage received by Lu Bei’s mech was slightly greater. However, he managed to breakthrough to the front of the Mayan’s Mantis. He injected his Ability X into his knife but did not manage to connect. Suddenly, his view turned black. The Wind Whisperer had been pierced by an energy beam.

This was the level of strength of the Mayans.

Lie Xin was panicking and feeling a little angry. She had not expected a tactic that they had been plotting for so long was countered in such a way. Luo Fei had already gone beside her.

“Get lost!” With a sudden outburst, The Fire Demon switched on its energy shield. The flames burst out violently. This could even directly kill Luo Fei.

Up till this point, Lie Xin had displayed an extremely strong impact in individual and team battles. It was especially so in the aspect of Ability X where she dominated endlessly.

Luo Fei clearly wasn’t willing to go head-on against Lie Xin. He swung his beam saber while Weakening Ability started pouring out.

However, the fatty immediately felt a chill down his spine. Oh damn, it was useless!

Lie Xin had reached the level of Heart Flame. Fire of the five minor elements, when trained till a certain level, could indeed have the effect of burning through negative energy. It was at least able to achieve self-defence without trouble.

The fatty could see a violent and ruthless strike coming towards him. For Luo Fei, he had no affinity with toughness and fierceness. However with a rotating movement, the mech had avoided him agilely. Lie Xin didn’t have the time to pay attention to this damned fatty. She lunged ahead directly as her target was the Mayan’s battle mech.

However, she had underestimated the fatty’s agility. The Wind Whisperer in the hands of the fatty was just like an agile butterfly. Lie Xin wanted to break through but it was a futile attempt. The fatty was just like a homing bug and harassing her constantly. Lie Xin wanted to fight him head on but the fatty would just open up distance between them. His advantages in techniques and the agility of the mech were clear. This wasn’t an individual battle and the fatty didn’t care about how others would see him at all.

Valuable time was exhausted by the fatty in such a way.

As for the tank Peng Wu, he had rushed towards Milo. Milo launched a barrage of attacks on Peng Wu and Peng Wu could only be in a passive position taking the attacks. However, Peng Wu didn’t care at all. His objective was to completely stall Milo and stop Milo from contributing to the team battle. The judgment was correct. As a tank and yet being able to stall the opponent, his skills could be easily deduced.

The key battle had started between Lear and Achilles. The strength of the two of them should be similar. However, it wasn’t the case now. Lear had been resting and reaping the benefits while Achilles previous magical Scattering Fire previously had took a huge toll on his Ability X. With Achilles’ ability, he would be able to recover if given some time. However Lear seemed to have calculated all this. Just when Achilles was in an awkward position, he had made his move towards Achilles.

Unbounded Sky Chains, without form or substance!

Lear’s Ability X completely engulfed Achilles Moonlit Knight.

Devouring + Bind!

Achilles felt as though he was engulfed by a black hole. Even the light in front of him had almost disappeared. However, this must be an illusion. He gritted his teeth and allowed his mental power to explode. That dull and helpless feeling started to subside. However Lear’s Unbounded was already right in front of him.


Achilles only managed to barely resist 10 over strikes before losing any ability to retaliate.

All everyone could see was that mystical high speed movement of the Unbounded and the all rounded zero blind spot speedy kill.


The energy shield of the Moonlit knight was destroyed. The Unbounded appeared in front of Achilles with its beam saber raised up high.

It’s time to decide things.


The beam saber brought a ray of cold light with it. The head of the Moonlit knight flew up.



The two mecha fell to the ground. It was just that Achilles was already defeated while Lear was holding the beam saber in his hands and looking relaxed.

The battle had ended.

Lie Xin no longer wanted to continue fighting and Luo Fei naturally wouldn’t make his move. She had prepared for it cautiously and thought that she had found the weaknesses of the Dynasty battle team. However, the results showed others that their plan was too vulnerable.

“Achilles made two mistakes. Although he had switched off the energy shield, he had underestimated Mayan’s Mantis attacking time. The second thing was that as the main member, his Ability was completely used on the team strategy. This was equivalent to exposing himself to the vision of the enemies. Even if his strategy was successful, he would definitely be dead. No matter how it turned out, he would still lose.” Hocatolin said. He was explaining it for Lin Huiyin. Only the people of Aslan and Atlanteans would have such deep understanding on the mecha of the Mayans. The other countries would just be watching a show.

Huiyin nodded. It was just that she wasn’t concerned about the competition but about other things. She heard that this Lear was Wang Zheng’s nemesis.

The battle had ended and the audience didn’t pay much attention about it. They only felt that Dynasty battle team was too terrifying. Achilles was also a top notch master. In the end, he was still easily defeated by Lear. The Fiery Moon battle team was rather famous recently but had no solution at all. Lie Xin as the spear of the team was also completely stalled by Luo Fei throughout the match.

The strategy of the Dynasty battle team was accurate and the division of labour clear. Moreover, members at each position could complete their mission well, had great individual abilities, and their coordination was top notch. With two Mayans around, it really made this team impenetrable.

Achilles was truly disappointed. Although the line-up of the Fiery Moon battle team was slightly worse, he had not expected to be defeated in such a landslide.

Moreover, his weakness was capitalised by Lear and he was killed in a wave of attacks. If it was regular 1 vs 1, Achilles might even have some level of advantage. Nonetheless, one couldn’t retort. A failure was a failure. Lear’s strategy and capturing the right moment to strike was extremely accurate. Moreover he was very good in rallying and made the entire process of battle seem so easy and giving off a feeling of being unfathomable.

Among those from Solar System, Achilles’ and Lear’s strength was similar. However in the eyes of the people from Elite Academy, the two of them were not in the same level. Lear had already become one of the most well-known people in Elite Academy.

The battle had ended and Lear was still very courteous. He was smiling and didn’t show any pride and arrogance of a victor. Lie Xin had left directly. She was not interested in acting. This failure made her felt really really bottled up with anger. She needed victory. She needed a great battling experience. She needed to display her full strength to prove that the sacrifice of Lie Guang was worthwhile battle. She desired glory.

Therefore she had put down tangled feelings and formed a battle team with Achilles. She had originally thought that with the two of them together, they would definitely be able to achieve something in a raucous manner. However, this match had completely destroyed her expectations.

She was enraged. Considering that they had employed an unexpected strategy but it was easily resolved by the Dynasty team, she had nothing much to say anymore.

The difference in hard strength couldn’t be made up and Lie Xin felt helpless over it. She had originally thought that this semester would still be focusing on individual battle. However, she had discovered the direction of the school had changed. Just when everyone’s interest was in team battle, it would be pointless for her to go for individual battles. One person would not be enough to go against the trend. However in team battle, she was helpless about it.

In the Elite Academy, battle teams were ruled by various alumni of major federation. It was especially so for those superpowers as they had top notched allocation of personnel. Obviously with Lie Xin’s strength, she could also join those superpowers’ team. However, this was something that her pride wouldn’t allow.

However, with the Fiery Moon’s failure, her target was also destroyed.

Lie Xin’s personality was direct. When she’s unhappy, she’s unhappy. She didn’t care about how others would see her.

Lu Bei and Siscoco weren’t too concerned about a single defeat. To them, it was enough to be in the spotlight and weren’t that ambitious. This was also why Lie Xin was unhappy. Without ambition, what could they achieve? How could they not mind when they had lost?

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