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«Sword God in a World of Magic (Web Novel) - Chapter 838 He's a Warrior?!

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Chapter 838 He's a Warrior?!

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“He’s a warrior?!” one of the Mage Kings shouted in shock.

Right, up to this point, none of them had ever seen Shang fight since the barrier turned cloudy every time.

But Abominations didn’t trigger the barrier, which was why the Mage Kings could see everything that had happened in there.

With their experienced eyes, they could tell that Shang wasn’t using a Spell but a certain Domain-power related to his body.

Additionally, he had swung the sword with insane speeds, and there had been no magical forces at play.

This guy was a warrior!

Wait, he was a warrior?

He was a warrior?!

A warrior had killed that many Mages with fourfold Spirit Senses?!

A fucking warrior cost the Judgment Palace this many lives and money?!

Naturally, over the last 300 years, they had come to know the warriors very well.

The warriors were one of the biggest reasons why the Lightning Manor was putting up such a great fight.

Many resources that Mages needed to reach high levels of Battle-Strength were extremely rare and highly sought after, which meant that a certain number of resources could only produce so many Mages with high levels of Battle-Strength.

Yet, almost all of these resources were not that useful for warriors.

On the flip side, the resources that the warriors needed weren’t that useful for the Mages.

This meant that the Lightning Manor could essentially create twice as many highly talented people.

The average warrior was still a bit weaker than the average Mage, but that difference wasn’t that pronounced anymore.

One could say that out of ten battles, the Mages would win six and the warriors four.

There was still a difference, but it wasn’t as great anymore.

Even more, the Mage Kings had already noticed a couple of warriors with threefold Spirit Senses.

Luckily, these warriors were still rather new, and they were still at the True Path and Impose Stages.

The warriors were becoming a bigger problem by the day.

But now, there was this fucking super warrior with a fivefold Spirit Sense!

This was not a future problem but an immediate problem!

“Is that why everyone lost?!” the Mage King from the Judgment Palace shouted in newfound anger and hatred.

“They all expected that they would fight a Mage, but they were actually fighting a warrior!”

All the Mage Kings knew how significant such an advantage was.

If the combatants had known that Shang was a warrior, they would be very careful to keep their distance from him.

Even more, they wouldn’t ration their Mana since fights with warriors ended very quickly.

Fights between Mages were endurance battles but fights between Mages and warriors were very short but intense battles.

If one of two boxers in a ring decided to take it slow, they might receive a heavy punch to the face at the start of the fight, which could end the entire fight.

Knowing that Shang was a warrior was very important!

The Mage King from the Judgment Palace immediately wanted to send someone in to fight Shang, believing that her Mage would win with this newfound information.

However, the other Mage Kings stopped her.

He still had a fivefold Spirit Sense.

On top of that, they were certain now that Shang was the reason for the existence of all these troublesome warriors.

He was probably the one that came up with these powers, Stages, and Paths.

Someone that could create something completely new while also being so talented to reach a fivefold Spirit Sense was not someone simple.

He was probably a genius on par with the top five Mage Kings.

However, by choosing to become a warrior, he had ruined his future.

Creating a Path up to this point was impressive, but that was nothing compared to what was in front of him.

Creating something like a Warrior King was not something that just one person could do in their lifetime.

Something like that required the accumulation of knowledge and experience across generations of talented individuals.

Also, would the Emperors even permit the existence of a Warrior King?

After the initial shock, the Mage Kings were actually relieved.

They had feared that Shang would become a troublesome Mage King in the future.

But now, they didn’t need to worry about that anymore.

Eventually, Shang would just die.

He would never reach the Mage King Realm, which meant that he would never truly become a danger.

Sure, he might be annoying now, but that was it.

“Wait! I know who that is!” one of the Mage Kings from the Twilight Dusk Family shouted.

The other Mage Kings looked at him.

“The Lightning Manor bought him and all the other warriors about 800 years ago for 13 Grade Eight Mana Crystals!” he said.

This took the other Mage Kings by surprise.

13 Grade Eight Mana Crystals?

They looked at Shang.


For 13 Grade Eight Mana Crystals?

That was a good deal!

This guy was essentially the creator and progenitor of an entirely new Path that was close to rivaling the Mage Path in the first six Realms.

When the Mage King of the Judgment Palace heard about the 13 Grade Eight Mana Crystals, the 30 million dead Archmages and the 275 Grade Eight Mana Crystals they had to pay shot through her mind.

She grew angry yet again, but she didn’t say anything.

In the end, they decided to leave things as they were.

After a bit, Shang realized why the Mage Kings were now so interested in him.

He hadn’t intended to out himself as a warrior, but he also didn’t regret it.

He knew how Mages thought, and he knew that showing that he was a warrior would actually lessen the killing intent aimed at him.

Shang just returned to his training.

More years passed.

Eventually, Shang comprehended something.

And this time, it wasn’t a Concept.

This time, Shang comprehended something completely new!

He finally knew why he had felt like he was about to comprehend something for so long!

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