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«Sword Among Us (Web Novel) - Chapter 1074: Scapegoat

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Chapter 1074: Scapegoat

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“How daring…”

“Did Blood Robes and Barren Murderer come here this to deliberately set up Mu Clan?”

“They only have so few people by their side, and they dare to draw their weapons during Happy’s wedding? They must be crazy!”

“Could it be that this is Dream Clouds’ plan?”

“Does Class One Hall want to destroy Happy’s wedding as revenge because they cannot accept being chased to a bitter place like Western Region?”

Many of the players beneath the stage avoided Class One Hall like they were avoiding the plague. An empty space was instantly isolated around Blood Robes and his group. Everyone shut their mouths, and at the same time, they thought of all sorts of possibilities in their hearts. They also thought about the meaning behind Class One Hall’s actions.

“Class One Hall is over this time. How dare they draw their weapons during Happy’s wedding…”

“Blood Robes actually dared draw his weapon against Happy? He’s dead meat this time!”

“Blood Robes assassinated Happy during his wedding…”

“What happened in front? Why is it suddenly so quiet?”

The wedding site was too big. The people at the back did not know what happened in front. After they asked the people around them, they obtained a piece of news that caused them to be incredibly excited. “Tsk tsk! Blood Robes is seriously fearless. He seems to have brought people in preparation to assassinate Happy.”

“Blood Robes brought people to assassinate Happy? He’s definitely over now!”

After this news was passed to multiple people and was changed multiple times, it soon turned into something like this:

“Class One Hall tried to assassinate Happy, and they have now been killed!”

“Class One Hall and Mu Clan’s relationship is destroyed once more. After the wedding, Mu Clan will definitely march to Western Region and completely destroy Class One Hall!”

“Did you know? Blood Robes and Barren Murderer actually came to Mantuo Villa as per Dream Clouds’ orders, and they’re here for revenge.”

When the news traveled to the outermost layer of the crowd from the white jade platform, it had already mutated into multiple versions.

There were even some people who loved chaos. They even changed the contents of the news into Blood Robes successfully assassinating the bride, and Happy swearing angrily to destroy Class One Hall!

The entire wedding site at Mantuo Villa was in a ruckus.

Many people became agitated, and they trained their gazes at the direction ahead of them.

Naturally, they did not know that at the moment, Blood Robes and Barren Murderer wanted eagerly to personally kill all the stupid members behind them.

They were originally conversing to each other about whether they should change their inventory list. After all, they were only offering some normal demon vessels, martial art manuals, and Illusion Life and Death Pills. Those items absolutely could not match with the value of an ore mine.

If Class One Hall could not even offer those things, it meant that they would completely fall from the ranks of top-class sects, and they would be reduced to normal, first-class sects. This was a humiliation that people as prideful as they were could not accept.

However, they did not expect that the normal members who came with them to this trip would be so stupid and dare to draw their weapons in front of Happy, at a place where Mu Clan hosted.

This action did not only completely destroy Class One Hall’s intention of asking for peace from Mu Clan, it even caused the place to be filled with hostility, and they were all ready to fight against each other.

When they sensed the bone-chilling gazes from the white jade platform and from everywhere around them, Blood Robes and Barren Murderer instantly did not know what sort of words they wanted to use to describe how abrupt this matter had been, and how they should cover it up.

“I knew that you definitely harbored ulterior motives for coming to my wedding uninvited, but I didn’t expect that you would dare draw your weapons in front of me with just this few people…”

“This is a misunderstanding!”

“It’s definitely a misunderstanding!”

“You bastards! You asked you to move!”

Blood Robes and Barren Murderer turned around to violently slap the two people closest to them. Their eyes were bloodshot and filled with anger.

“Boss, didn’t you order us to immediately attack once we see your gesture?”

“That’s right, we heard you sending a private message to us saying that the situation is off, and that’s why we were prepared to escort you and break out.”

The group of Class One Hall members felt incredibly aggrieved. The two people who were slapped had their eyes burn in anger, but they did not know where to vent their rage.

“When did I ever give that order?!” Barren Murderer was so angry that he wanted to faint.

Only Blood Robes noticed vaguely that there was something off about the situation. Even though this group of members were not core members of Class One Hall, and their loyalty to Class One Hall was unquestionable, judging by their expressions, it seemed like they were incredibly puzzled and surprised as well.

‘Private message!’

He was an observant person, and he noticed that the group of members mention a private message in the information they revealed.

But just now, they had been talking to each other all along, and they did not give any orders or instructions…

Could it be that someone used their name to send a message?

How could it be possible?!

Blood Robes’ eyes shone, and when his mind raced to think of a way to solve this predicament, a voice that was cold, awe-inspiring, and enraged spread through the entire area.

“Vice hall masters, today is supposed to be a joyous occasion for me as well as Mu Clan. I do not wish to see any blood here!”

“…Happy, I believe that someone used my name to set up a scheme to frame us.”

Once Blood Robes said those words, even the people around them found this incredibly hilarious. All of them put on derisive and mocking expressions.

This reason was incredibly clumsy.

As expected, Happy did not even bother listening to him.

“Quiet! Today, you made a blunder of my wedding, and I will make sure that I will settle accounts with you sooner or later for what you did, but today, I don’t want to kill anyone! You will either leave by yourself, or I will ask someone to tie you up and throw you into Lake Tai! Choose!”

Once Happy said those words, both people had a thought rise in their heads at the same time.

‘We’re over! It’s all over!’


The Wild Wolves who were hired and hidden in the crowd were also caught off guard by the scene in front of them. Their blue eyes shone in dumbfoundedness.

Based on the progression of the script, they should wait for a period of time after Class One Hall offered their gift before they attacked to throw chaos to the wedding.

They did not expect that not only did Class One Hall not manage to offer up the congratulatory gift, they had even acted beforehand. They alerted Happy, and they were chased out of the wedding site as well as Mantuo Villa.

If Class One Hall left, their job to protect them would automatically fail, and they had no need to continue with it.


When they faced Mu Clan and the elites from the four sects, the two vice hall masters did not even have the chance to speak up and defend themselves. They had to squeeze their way out of a narrow path with their similarly aggrieved and puzzled members.

Blood Robes and Barren Murderer felt so aggrieved that they wanted to die.

“Darn it!

“Just who told you to draw your weapons in front of Happy?!

“The hall master’s plan is completely ruined because of you idiots!”

Barren Murderer scolded them nonstop while they were on their way back.

Only Blood Robes noticed that the group seemed to have been set up, but he found that there was no reason for whoever it was to do it, which was why he had to squash down the raging anger in him while he tried to use a calm voice to ask the group exactly what happened.

“I was talking with Vice Hall Master Barren just now, and I didn’t give you any orders during that time. Think carefully, is his voice different from ours? And what exactly did he tell you?”

“You idiots! You’re all a bunch of fools to be ordered around by a stranger to draw your weapons!

“Why are you still asking them questions?!”

Barren Murderer could no longer suppress the burning rage in his heart. The failure in their mission this time not only caused them to fail in obtaining a chance and some time for Class One Hall to catch a breath, their relationship had turned even more sour than before. Happy now had complete reason to fight against Class One Hall, and the people from Mu Clan might even treat this as Class One Hall rudely provoking and infringing upon them! In fact, the other three great sects might join in to send armed forces over to destroy them.

“Barren Murderer, let’s not talk about this first. We have to figure out just who is causing trouble in the dark,” Blood Robes said resolutely.

Even though he was certain that Mu Clan was the one who longed for Class One Hall’s destruction the most, his instincts told him that Mu Clan should not have chosen to set up Class One Hall on such an important day. It might be someone else who took action, and there was even a possibility that the person came from Wind Assault Tower or Wind and Rain Alliance.

The group of people knew about Class One Hall’s predicament.

At that moment, they, too, knew that their actions just now had pushed into an incredibly dangerous situation, and while they felt wronged, they also felt humiliated and alarmed. They quickly told Blood Robes all about the private message they received.

“I heard the person who sent me the message call out to my nickname, and his voice sounded like yours, vice hall master…”

“That’s right!”

“When I was speaking with Old Lu, that person seemed to know what we were saying, and he even mentioned that Old Lu told him that the situation around him was off.”

“I didn’t say anything about the situation being wrong.” The one called Old Lu in the team quickly defended himself.

“The person who impersonated Vice Hall Master Blood told us not to speak privately, and he even said that the people from Mu Clan were prepared to kill us all during the wedding. He then told us that when the others were offering their gifts, we were to fight with everything we had to make a break.”

“All of us received our orders privately.”

“He told us to be prepared to attack at any moment!”

“When those people looked over, I did hear you shout for us to take action. Then, I drew my sword, I didn’t dare to stop to think…”

The group’s words were about the same.

As he continued listening, Blood Robes was already certain that he was set up by someone! Even Barren Murderer stopped cursing up a storm and stared at the group of people in front of him in disbelief.

In truth, they were not to be blamed.

Sending private and secret messages had always been a rather peculiar form of private messages. It made the speaker’s voice gain a wispy quality, but the speaker did not need to speak face-to-face with the target to have his voice secretly enter the target’s ears. No one could discover who spoke.

But they had not revealed any details to their subordinates, and when they spoke, they did so via private messages, because they were worried that these members would accidentally say something that would anger Mu Clan, subsequently causing them unnecessary trouble.

Clearly, this worry had created a chance for the group hidden in the dark! Besides, that group also seemed to have someone whose voice was similar to Blood Robes.

Those who wanted to scheme against them caught them while they were defenseless, and their hastily set up plan had caused Class One Hall great trouble. Now, they even had to face the danger of Mu Clan marching west.

“Damn it! Just who set us up in the dark?!”

“I don’t know. We set up Chivalry Sect in the beginning, so it might be Wind Void, Lin Xiao, and Red Dust. Wind Assault Tower shares a great grudge with us, and Phantasmal Shadow is not easy to deal with. There’s a high possibility that she wants to use Mu Clan’s strength to kill us as soon as possible. We had quite a lot of forces who infiltrated into their midst and interfered with their operations. Night Rain Follows Wind might seem as if he’s not threatening, but he might also be waiting for a chance. All three parties are suspect.”

“What the heck?! It’s them?!” Barren Murderer suddenly laughed. “If Happy knew that they used Mu Clan to fight against us, would they descend into an internal conflict?”

“Impossible. Even if we managed to deduce who the culprit is, we don’t have proof. Secret private messages are entirely private matters, and we can’t show it through a video recording. Besides, Happy will not believe it either. Even if he does, he will use this chance to completely destroy us. That’s why, no matter what, we’ll definitely end up as scapegoats for today.” When Blood Robes analyzed this, his rather handsome face turned completely pale.

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