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«Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! (Web Novel) - Chapter 924: The Consequences of Holding Someone High Up and Stomping Someone Down Low

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Chapter 924: The Consequences of Holding Someone High Up and Stomping Someone Down Low

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In other words, his meaning was clear.

Old Matriarch Lin was overjoyed. Now that she would not be offending one party for the other, she was of course more than willing to choose Xing Junhuan.

Everyone sighed over the Guo family’s decisiveness. On the surface, they showed warm and passionate smiling faces. They gave flattering words to Xing Junhuan and complimented Lin Wanxin. They were only short of wishing them to have a baby soon.

Old Matriarch Lin listened until she was blushing. This little granddaughter of hers really gave her face!

However, that illegitimate daughter Lin Wanwan couldn’t hide her low and cheap status even if she was on the Lin family tree.

“Wanxin, why are you standing there in a daze? Don’t keep Second Master Xing waiting.”

Old Matriarch Lin pushed Lin Wanxin to Xing Junhuan.

Lin Wanxin looked at Xing Junhuan, who seemed to be agreeing silently, and felt a little uncertain.

Could it be that there was really an unknown relationship between her and Xing Junhuan?

The Xing family had a huge business empire. If she could use that, he was definitely an ace.

Upon thinking about this, she revealed a gentle and bright smile to Xing Junhuan.

“It’s my honor to win the heart of Second Master Xing. I’m very touched by your efforts. Although we don’t know each other well, I’m willing to give us a chance. My answer is… yes.”

She reached out and waited for Xing Junhuan to hand her the roses.

Xing Junhuan didn’t move and just raised his eyebrow slightly. “Have you finished talking?”

Everyone had a puzzled look. Lin Wanxin’s hand stiffened in midair and she seemed especially awkward.

What did he mean?

Xing Junhuan walked around Lin Wanxin and Old Matriarch Lin and came to Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan, who was sipping red wine, only felt a black shadow loom over. She looked up in puzzlement and into a pair of bright eyes.

“Second Master Xing, do you have bad eyesight?” Wasn’t his love target Lin Wanxin? What did he come before her for?

Snap. Xing Junhuan snapped his fingers.

A row of bodyguards who had bodies like iron towers picked up violins and started to play without any expression on their faces.

The brisk and lingering tone filled the entire hall like flowing water.

“…” Everyone was confused.

What was this situation? Could it be that Second Master Xing’s love target was Lin Wanwan?

Old Matriarch Lin’s face kept changing. She looked at Lin Wanxin worriedly. She saw that she was still calm, but her eyes were sullen and cold.

In the quiet hall, only Xing Junhuan’s reciting voice could be heard.

“If you’re a sleeping princess, I’m the prince who’ll save you through the thorns. If you’re a rich young daughter who ran into trouble, I’m the loyal knight. My body is yours, and so is my heart. For your gaze, I’ll cut across mountains and rivers just to ask you to accept my humble yet sincere love.”

“…” Lin Wanwan felt super uncomfortable.

How ridiculous was this? She couldn’t feel touched at all, alright?!

Everyone had strange expressions, and they tried hard to suppress their laughter under the shock.

They didn’t expect the overbearing and powerful Second Master Xing to actually have… such a cute side to him.

This love poem… was amazing.

After a moment of silence, Lin Wanwan coughed twice. “Second Master Xing, I’ll ask you two questions.”


“Are you sure you didn’t recognize the wrong person?”

“Both my eyes are healthy. I’m not short-sighted or long-sighted, and I don’t have astigmatism.”

“Then… do we know each other from before?”

“Yes. However, you might have forgotten.”

Lin Wanwan searched in her head, but there really wasn’t any memory in there about him. However, this wasn’t the time for her to recall the past.

Just when she was prepared to find a tactful excuse to reject him, Xing Junhuan put the roses forward. “It’s not too late to reminisce later. Do accept the flowers first.”

Did accepting the flowers mean that she was accepting his confession?

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