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«Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1158: Did Your Face Hurt?

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Chapter 1158: Did Your Face Hurt?

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The arrow shot the largest Winnie the Pooh bear. It was so forceful that the Winnie the Pooh bear swayed vigorously. The other dolls that came into contact with it swayed as well, and the balloons behind became faintly visible.

Duan Haige had a scornful look that spelled “so it was that.” An Shuyue smiled coldly and said, “Lin Wanwan, don’t pin your hopes on this piece of crap. Aside from his good-looking face, he’s a pauper…”


The second arrow hit the balloon with a crisp sound. Five banknotes fell quietly.

Seeing this situation, the stall owner’s face turned ugly. The smirk on Duan Haige’s and An Shuyue’s faces froze as well.


Another five banknotes fell.

Lu Zhanbei picked up a thousand yuan and returned the arrow to the boss. He walked to Lin Wanwan.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Wanwan smiled sweetly at him. She turned and looked at the two, whose faces had turned bluish-white. “In my opinion, people who like to say crap are crap. Did your face hurt?”

These words angered An Shuyue, who gritted her teeth.

Lin Wanwan paid with the money and continued walking around. An Shuyue and Duan Haige kept following behind the two, obviously not bearing good intentions.

Lin Wanwan bought some vegetables and went to a stall selling meat. An Shuyue stopped as well.

“Give me two pounds of pork belly.”

“Lin Wanwan, you have so little money left. Better save some and not spend too much. Otherwise, you might not be able to afford things later again.”

Lin Wanwan really wanted to pick up the pig head on the chopping board and throw it at her face.

The stall owner was a young girl playing with her mobile. Upon seeing so many cameras, she was a little excited. “Are you here to film a show? This is the first time I’ve seen celebrities in person. What do you want? I’ll sell them to you for free!”

Lin Wanwan repeated her request. The young girl cut two pounds of pork belly neatly and gave them to her.

Lin Wanwan handed over a 50 yuan note. The young girl waved her hands hurriedly.

One insisted on giving, one insisted on rejecting.

An Shuyue, who similarly bought two pounds of pork belly, felt impatient. She was about to leave when the young lady called her, “Hey, you haven’t paid yet.”

“Didn’t you say that it was free just now?”

“I’m a Ball fan. I’ll give it only to Lin Wanwan for free. That excludes you.”

“…” An Shuyue’s face turned red immediately.

As a rich celebrity, of course she wouldn’t be greedy over such small advantages. It was just that when she went out to buy things in the past, the people who recognized her would give them to her for free. In the beginning, she would still insist on paying. Subsequently, she found it troublesome and couldn’t be bothered to be calculative.

It was obvious this slut did it deliberately!

“Here you go. No need to give me back any change!”

An Shuyue threw down a hundred yuan note and walked back to Duan Haige angrily. She initially wanted to seek some comfort from him. However, Duan Haige frowned in disgust.

“An Shuyue, you’re bearing the name of my girlfriend right now. Can you not be so embarrassing?”

An Shuyue was arrogant to begin with. Upon hearing this, she shouted in a fit of anger, “You don’t know how to protect me when I’m being bullied! You’re the embarrassing one!”

The two, who still looked intimate before, started arguing.

Lin Wanwan paid the bill eventually and continued to shop with Lu Zhanbei while carrying a few bags.

Compared to Lin Wanwan, who was looking here and there and finding everything around her to be an eyeopener, Lu Zhanbei seemed to be taking a stroll on the beach. Whether it was his flawless handsome look or his elegant and graceful temperament, he managed to attract everyone’s attention.

In the end, both of them returned with a full load.

When they got into the car, both of them encountered a small issue.

The trunk couldn’t be opened.

How broken was this car…?

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