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«Swallowed Star (Web Novel) - Chapter 1461 - Great Extinction

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Chapter 1461: Great Extinction

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

All the Sector Beasts in the Land of Darkness were shocked and furious. First, that Milky Way Horde Leader had enslaved Morosa. And now, he’d killed Beddy, who had reached level five! Beddy had been a Sector Beast with the most powerful attack technique, “Destruction”! Yet he had been killed. Milky Way Horde Leader was definitely a threat to the entire Sector Beast race!

“We have to kill him.”

“We can’t let him get away.”

“We’re everywhere in the Land of Darkness. How did he get into the hinterland and kill Beddy? Even if he has the guidance of Morosa, he should have gotten lost and been unable to tell where he was upon entering the Land of Darkness.”

“With help from Morosa, it’s possible that he was able to reach the hinterland. All we need to do is kill him. We must surround him in a large group. We need enough Sector Beasts. Otherwise, with the help of Morosa, he can easily get away again. He killed Beddy this time. Next time, it might be Qi Ya and Long Zhuo. He’ll kill us all—from the strongest to the weakest.

“He has to die!”

“We can’t let him get away!”

“He killed Beddy right at where Beddy stood.”

Countless Sector Beasts were transmitting their voices. The minds of Sector Beasts worked just as quickly as those of true gods, so it was easy for them to keep contact with several million voices at the same time.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Ferocious Sector Beasts were yelling and raging, and they all rushed toward the place where Beddy had died, especially the Sector Beasts who were nearby. They rushed there even faster.

“We have to find him so he won’t get away!”

Every Sector Beast understood. Milky Way Horde Leader was already more powerful than all the other Sector Beasts, and without him alive, the ultimate king of the Sector Beasts might not even be born. Besides, Milky Way Horde Leader had the guidance of Morosa, so it would be easy for him to get away… which meant they had to find him as quickly as possible. If they couldn’t find him in time, Milky Way Horde Leader might get away.

That meant they would all converge on Luo Feng, even if they might be killed. When faced with a common threat, the Sector Beasts who had been born for destruction would team up and stand against the enemy.


After the silver-armored Luo Feng killed Beddy, he immediately teleported and changed direction.

“Morosa,” he said, “mark all the Sector Beasts and tell me where they’re going.”

In Luo Feng’s miniature universe, the godly powered avatar was talking to Morosa. Morosa said with excitement, “Yes, Master! Master, you’re so impressive! Beddy was already at level five, yet he was still killed by you. He couldn’t even run away.”

“Mark them now.” The avatar didn’t sound content at all.

This fight was not just about Luo Feng’s destiny; it was related to everything he guarded. For the earthlings and for his family members, Luo Feng would kill all the Sector Beasts, or he would die trying.

“I am trying to sense it.” Morosa sensed it as it was controlling the giant model of the enormous Land of Darkness.

On the model of the floating, giant oval, almost ten million spots of light were scattered throughout the Land of Darkness suddenly started to move all at once. Over one million started to converge on the area where Beddy had died. All one million-plus spots rushed in that direction. He could see that the spots of light were gathering; the density was increasing in that particular area.

The godly powered avatar looked solemn. He understood that each light spot represented a Sector Beast, and those one million-plus spots of light were converging toward the center. A million Sector Beasts were gathering in one place.

“Master, there are around 1.63 million Sector Beasts converging on you, master,” said Morosa. “All these Sector Beasts are at least at pinnacle level two, and after they burn their blood, they’re only slightly weaker than your teacher Primal Chaos City Leader. So many Sector Beasts… Master, you…”

Morosa was indeed concerned. Over one million Sector Beasts was equivalent to over one million true gods! And they weren’t ordinary true gods but true gods who used machine-type valuables at the same level as Blood Orchid Ancestor. If all those Sector Beasts attacked at the same time, even 100 true gods of void space would be annihilated.

“Only this many?” The godly powered avatar frowned.

“Master…?” Morosa was dazed.

Only this many? For over one million Sector Beasts?

“How do we get the other Sector Beasts to also converge?” asked the avatar.

“Master, you killed Beddy without even giving it a chance to run away, which terrifies many of the Sector Beasts,” said Morosa. “That’s why over one million Sector Beasts are gathering there! I’ve never seen them so serious. It would be very difficult to get more Sector Beasts to go there.”

The godly powered avatar nodded.


In the endless Land of Darkness, giant rocks were floating.

“It seems we need to get more Sector Beasts to come here. We need to make them realize that one million Sector Beasts are not enough to fight me! More will gather when they realize that.”

The more Sector Beasts, the better, thought Luo Feng. The more Sector Beasts there are, the more useful the origin will be.

Luo Feng was looking forward to it. The origin was unique.

The godly power contained in machine-type valuables by eternal true gods from the World of Jin dissipated the second it left the world. Apparently, the supreme laws had an influence on everything. However, the origin in Shi Wu Wing was in accord with the standards of the supreme laws, which was why Luo Feng was able to use it.

“Perhaps this origin is the one chance we have against the Sector Beast crisis!” Luo Feng exclaimed.

Without the origin, even he would feel hopeless facing all those ten million Sector Beasts. As for the origin, it was the maximum energies contained in the complete version of “Chaotic Golden Wings” (Shi Wu Wing) that could only be driven by eternal true gods. It was so powerful that even supreme true treasures (true god weapons) would break. Even Luo Feng would be killed by such power if he didn’t hide in Star Tower, not to mention Sector Beasts without any valuables.

“I can only perform the origin once, so I need to gather as many Sector Beasts as possible! It’s better that the Sector Beasts gather here all at once.”

The attacks from supreme beings could extend to 100 million light years. Luo Feng was able to do it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to destroy an entire miniature universe. As for destroying a miniature universe, it was like hitting its origin. The origin of a miniature universe was at the exact center of that universe, and it wasn’t able to move, so the universe would be destroyed if the origin was annihilated.

“Let’s gather the Sector Beasts and make them converge as closely as possible… I’ll then release all the energies in the origin, sweeping across everything and destroying all the Sector Beasts.” Luo Feng considered, then added, “What I need to do now is to get the other eight million Sector Beasts to come here.”


Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

1.6 million Sector Beasts were rushing in the same direction, all teleporting as far as possible. They were getting closer and sensing the ripples nearby. If they could sense ripples in an area, but there wasn’t a Sector Beast there, then it had to be where Milky Way Horde Leader was.


A ferocious Sector Beast stood in space, looking around.

“I’ve already made it to the place where Beddy died, yet Milky Way Horde Leader isn’t here.”

“It’s only been a while,” said another. “Milky Way Horde Leader couldn’t have gone far. He must be around this area. It’s better for us to converge here, but we also need to keep our distance. Each of us can sense and control a particular area so that he won’t be able to escape anywhere.”

Those Sector Beasts were transmitting their voices. They had teamed up to form a fragile alliance. They kept their distance, and each was responsible for one area.

They moved inward, continuously narrowing the circle. The smaller the circle was, the less space there was for Milky Way Horde Leader to run away.

Time flew.

“Where is he?”

“Our circle is already small enough that there isn’t any space to get out. We’ll definitely find that Milky Way Horde Leader in this space.”

All the Sector Beasts were looking for him, yet no matter how they tried, they couldn’t find him anywhere. There was only one possibility!

“We spent too long getting into position. He must’ve gotten away before we could form our circle.”

“This must be the work of Morosa.”

“We can’t let him get away.”

“Even if he escapes the encirclement, he won’t be able to go far. He must still be in the hinterlands of the Land of Darkness.

“We need more of our brethren.”

“Seize him!”

The Sector Beasts kept transmitting their voices to each other, shocking the other Sector Beasts throughout the entire Land of Darkness. Those million-plus Sector Beasts were close to the area where Beddy had died, yet they still weren’t able to trap Milky Way Horde Leader?

Hua Hua Hua!

More and more Sector Beasts began to act, forming a circle that encompassed other areas. Those million-plus Sector Beasts that had already formed a circle started to teleport outward and moved forward, trying to hunt Luo Feng down. There were so many Sector Beasts, and if one of them found Luo Feng, all the others would rush toward him as well.


“Master,” said Morosa, controlling the giant model of the Land of Darkness. “There are around six million Sector Beasts coming at you, including the more than one million Sector Beasts from before. They are coming at you from all different areas, narrowing their encirclement. It’ll be very difficult for you to get out, Master.”

Sector Beasts were able to sense one another, but Morosa was far away, in the miniature universe of Luo Feng, so it couldn’t locate those Sector Beasts accurately enough. It was no longer able to provide Luo Feng with a reliable route to run away.

“I know.” The godly power avatar smiled. “Six million?”

Morosa looked at Luo Feng, confused. The more Sector Beasts there were, the happier its master was?


They couldn’t find me before, so they’re trying to look harder, thought Luo Feng. There are already six million of them, and there are only nine million Sector Beasts in total… Even if those on the periphery are coming, they can’t encircle me very well.

I can’t attract more by hiding. I need to kill them. I need to kill as many of them as possible so they know what a threat I am! I’ll force them all to come here… Those six million Sector Beasts acting now can’t trap me, and those on the periphery will become more anxious.


The rock changed into a silver-armored man with five pairs of gleaming wings wide open.

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