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«Swallowed Star (Web Novel) - Chapter 1460 - Establish a Universe with a Single Thought

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Chapter 1460: Establish a Universe with a Single Thought

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


It was like the destruction of the universe. Endless waves of impact howled, then spread out, sweeping in all directions. A portion of the incomplete whirlpool passageways that collided against the surface of Luo Feng’s Blood Ghost Blade sent him rolling and flying into the distance.


The strong impact upon being hit caused Luo Feng great discomfort. Instantly, he spat out a mouthful of blood. After becoming a true god, Luo Feng’s blood had changed to the normal red color of ordinary blood.

“How mysterious. How very mysterious.”

Luo Feng was not the least bit angry. On the contrary, he was filled with delight. The first round, he had merely observed how Star Tower fought and resisted against Destruction. But this time around, he was wielding Blood Ghost Blade with his own hands and resisting Destruction personally. Now, he had a clearer comprehension of the “origin of destruction.” Naturally, he had gained much more than before.

As for that mouthful of blood he had spat out? Was it a big deal? It was nothing to worry about at all!

As for the consumption of his godly body, given Luo Feng’s massive godly body, it was negligible.


Sector Beast Beddy saw how Luo Feng was able to transform back into a streak of flowing light to charge at it after spitting out a mouthful of blood. It was flabbergasted. “You—you can resist that…?”

It had never occurred to Beddy that Milky Way Horde Leader would actually be able to resist Destruction upfront, without the help of any treasures such as the palace-type treasure, Star Tower.

“Is this your strongest move?” said Luo Feng. “It’s so average!”

Luo Feng tore his way through space. Blood Ghost Blade appeared in his hands once again. A blade ray sliced through space. His blade transformed into a gigantic, luminous winged dragon. The resplendent dragon, illuminated with white light, was gracefully flapping its wings as it directed itself towards Beddy. Then, without hesitation, it swooped toward the Sector Beast.

Sector Beast Beddy dared not forcibly resist. It was aware that this move Luo Feng had made was only one notch less superior than Destruction. If Beddy was hit by Luo Feng’s attack, the amount of power it would lose would almost be the same as what it required to execute Destruction once. Since the exchange of blows had started up until now, it had already executed Destruction twice. Beddy was merely a Sector Beast that had only just crossed over to the fifth stage—meaning to say that it had yet to reach the top level. If it continued executing this move, then at this rate, Luo Feng need not even lift a finger; Beddy would already be devoid of the strength to resist.


Sector Beast Beddy divided its body into 99 avatars, which then fled in all directions.


The dazzling white dragon raised its head and, with a loud roar, was instantly disintegrated into 1,000 streaks of white light. These streaks of light burst out and shot toward the 99 avatars. Then, suddenly, those among the 99 avatars that were bombarded by the streaks of white light were dispersed to nothingness. Eventually, all that was left was the original body of Beddy on the run. Its original body had been hit by three streaks of white light, but Beddy was still on the run, escaping as fast as it could.

“Beddy, I am out now,” said Luo Feng, “yet you reject the chance to do battle?”

Luo Feng’s speed obviously surpassed Beddy’s, as he was rapidly closing up the distance between them.

Beddy did not make a single utterance in reply. All it did was try its best to escape from Luo Feng.

“How about another round? That move of yours—isn’t it meant to be very impressive?”

The closer Luo Feng was, the more he lamented the misfortune. From Morosa, he had learned that the number of ordinary fifth-stage Sector Beasts who were able to execute Destruction was not great to begin with. To execute the move, the amount of power exhausted was too great a toll to pay. Apparently, at the moment, Beddy was no longer willing to execute the move again.

“If only I could observe it a few more times, it would definitely be a great advantage for me,” Luo Feng complained to himself.

He had felt Destruction twice, and it was a shocking advantage he had gained. He felt that so long as he could digest the information a little more, he would be able to create a secret technique at the 12th tier!

It was important to note that every step forward was only going to get tougher… Besides, Luo Feng had set the reins and limited himself to the true god level, so technically, it was even more difficult for him to level up. True god, true god of void space, and eternal true god—how was he going to ascend to the different levels?

Firstly, through normal comprehension. Secondly, by observing the evolution of his own miniature universe!

If the miniature universe of a true god was too small, the level of insight that its evolution entailed would also be lower. Like the birth and destruction of the primal universe, it was so deeply profound that even countless great beings from the ancient civilization were eager to lay their eyes on it. This was the exact reason why Sitting Mountain Guest had wanted Luo Feng to make such a request from the willpower of the primal universe origin!

The miniature universe of a true god was the smallest, whereas the miniature universe of a true god of void space was slightly bigger. The internal evolution of a true god of void space involved a deeper level of insight. The miniature universe of an eternal true god was even more massive, and the internal operation was, thus, even more mystical.

He was constantly increasing! If Luo Feng achieved a breakthrough to become a true god, he believed that the improvement he would make in comprehending his miniature universe would be much faster. But he dared not, at the moment, because he needed to limit himself to the level of a true god!

“Since this is what you are going to do, then you only have yourself to blame,” Luo Feng said, letting out a snort. A wave of godly power came surging out and rapidly. It moved to bind Sector Beast Beddy, which was not too far away.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

His godly power and the power of Sector Beast were consuming each other crazily.

The two heads of Sector Beast Beddy turned to look at Luo Feng. It gave Luo Feng a dead stare, and through gritted teeth, it said, “Milky Way Horde Leader, I will remember this.” Sector Beast Beddy raised its head suddenly to let out a roar of reluctance. “Ah!”

Its roar sounded full of madness and sorrow. Along with the roar, its body was radiating rich, colorful lights. The most important “sector” within its body was burning like crazy. This was a recourse that Sector Beasts were most unwilling to take. For the most powerful of all Sector Beasts to have to make this choice meant that if it ever wanted to climb back up to its rank as number one, the difficulty would increase by tens of thousands of times.

“Not good.”

Luo Feng became aware right away that this Sector Beast, Beddy, wanted to execute Sector Light Passageway!


Behind him, five pairs of resplendent wings were outspread. They were all blazing to the maximum limit as they madly infused godly power into Shi Wu Wings. The fourth pair of wings were activated, and instantly, every secret engraving on this fourth pair of wings lit up dazzlingly. A single thought void space dissipated without further delay, while at the same time, a miniature universe with a diameter of up to 10,000 light years was born out of nowhere!

There was chaotic airflow everywhere. The golden waves that were formed by Pearl of the Golden Ocean made up only a small region of the entire miniature universe. This was the fourth stage of Shi Wu Wings: “establish a universe with a single thought”!

“No!” cried Beddy. The Sector Light Passageway, which was about to complete its formation, was suddenly oppressed by the power of the origin of Luo Feng’s miniature universe. Immediately, it collapsed. This brought a look of terror to Sector Beast Beddy’s face. It was reluctant. It went mad, shouting, “Another time, blaze!”


The colorful light radiated by Sector Beast Beddy was much richer. It had only intended to lower down to the fourth stage, but now, it could not be bothered with anything else. Even if it had to be lowered to the third stage, it would accept its fate. So long as it could escape, nothing else mattered.


Under the pressure exerted by the great origin of the miniature universe, Sector Light Passageway was unable to take form.

“This—this… This…”

Beddy was desperate. It did not have any power left for consumption. This was because, falling from the fifth to the fourth stage, the energy of the sector light produced was most abundant; from the fourth to the third stage, the energy that the sector light produced was much lesser. There was no need to even mention the energy produced for the next transition downward.

It had fallen all the way from the fifth stage to the third stage just like that, and yet was so easily subdued. Such a gap in ability—from resistance to total helplessness… This made it clear to Sector Beast Beddy that even if he were to add more sector light energy, anything he did would be useless.

“How is this possible?” said Sector Beast Beddy. “How can it be that I…? I have already crossed over to the fifth stage…” Beddy found this hard to believe. It looked around at the omnipresent, chaotic airflow, then back at the faraway Luo Feng.

Luo Feng merely smiled. He could execute the move of “establish a universe with a single thought” all thanks to Sector Beast Beddy. Before they had exchanged fire, he had still been a hair’s breadth away from fully comprehending the fourth stage of Shi Wu Wings! That tiny margin that separated him from complete comprehension hindered his success of breaking through. And yet, by witnessing Sector Beast Beddy execute Destruction (which was also the first time Beddy had used it), he had been able to gain an understanding, and thus, he could rapidly overcome that tiny margin of comprehension preventing him from learning how to activate the fourth stage of Shi Wu Wings.

And when Sector Beast Beddy executed Destruction the second time, Luo Feng had been able to comprehend even more. To establish a single thought void space! To establish a universe with a single thought!

Both were methods of controlling time and space. While the control utilized by “single thought void space” was considered limited, that of “establish a universe with a single thought” gave rise to control over a miniature universe. It was so strong that it was terrifying. To be able to establish a universe—how could Sector Light Passageway possibly break free?


“Accept death.”

Star Tower flew out from the middle of Luo Feng’s hand immediately. It hovered suspended in midair, and from its base, endless dark whirlpools were forming to enshroud Sector Beast Beddy in the distance.

Having fallen all the way back to a third-stage Sector Beast, Beddy was simply powerless against the dual controlling powers of Star Tower and Luo Feng’s miniature universe.

“You are so vicious!” said Sector Beast Beddy, bound by the dark whirlpool and compelled to fly toward the black hole at the base of Star Tower. It gave Luo Feng, who stood a distance away, a blank stare as it roared, “Milky Way Horde Leader, you are indeed the greatest obstruction in the way of the entire Sector Beast clan! However… no one has ever succeeded at stopping the rise of us Sector Beasts—no one at all! All who try to stop us will all be destroyed by us!”

Sector Beast Beddy stared daggers at Luo Feng.

“You… and all of your race,” said Beddy. “It’s destiny that all of you will be destroyed! This is your fate, and there is no way you can defy fate. Hahaha…”


Sector Beast Beddy’s entire being exploded in a loud blast. Then, there was nothingness.

Luo Feng watched the entire scene from afar. Beddy had chosen to self-destruct. There was simply nothing he could do.

Back when Morosa had attempted to self-destruct, he had only been at the level of a second-stage pinnacle Sector Beast. Luo Feng had been able to rely on the suppression power of Star Tower, the power of the origin of his miniature universe, and the power of single thought void space. Superimposing these three layers, he had been able to keep Morosa under suppression so that it was unable to self-destruct. But even if Beddy had been downgraded, it would still have been at the third-stage pinnacle level, while he only had the power of the origin of his miniature universe, which he could use as suppression!

The ability to establish a universe with a single thought—when compared to ordinary true gods’ miniature universes—was undoubtedly much more powerful, but it was still a far cry from Luo Feng’s formidable and powerful miniature universe.


Beddy was annihilated!

Right before Beddy was annihilated, it would, unquestionably, transmit any information it desired to the other Sector Beasts to know (excluding Morosa) right away. That way, they could detect the news without delay.


The Sector Beasts’ nest fell into total darkness. Nearly ten million Sector Beasts were scattered all over. On normal days, these beasts would be fighting one another in life-and-death battles just for the chance to emerge as the final king of the pack. They were natural-born destroyers! Noble as they were, they had never looked up to any of the other races in Universe Ocean. In their eyes, even those in their breeding period, the various other races of Universe Ocean were merely food.

“I am Beddy!” read the message. “Universe Ocean’s Number One Master, Milky Way Horde Leader Luo Feng, has penetrated the heart of our Land of Darkness! He has already entered the heart of our Land of Darkness! I might have crossed over to the fifth stage. But I am still not his match. He is much stronger than any of us expected. All Sector Beasts, our moment of life-and-death crisis has truly arrived… When it comes to confronting this Milky Way Horde Leader, if we do not unite in the face of this enemy, we Sector Beasts will all perish at his hands.

“This is the greatest crisis we Sector Beasts face! All of us must face this crisis together! Abandon all fighting. Together, we must join forces to annihilate Milky Way Horde Leader! I have executed Sector Light Passageway, yet I am still unable to escape. I must self-destruct, but all my fellow Sector Beasts, bear this in mind… I, a fifth-stage Sector Beast, Beddy, have died at the hands of Luo Feng! And all of you have to kill him! Kill Milky Way Horde Leader! Kill Milky Way Horde Leader!”

Sector Beast Beddy’s voice resonated within the hearts of close to ten million Sector Beasts of the Land of Darkness. At that moment, regardless of how wild their ambitious minds were, every single Sector Beast fell silent.

Almost ten million Sector Beasts were densely crowded together, yet at that moment, there was an unprecedented silence, demonstrating that all of them were in unison.

Shortly after, they all came to realize that “Beddy,” whom they had all been able to detect earlier, had suddenly vanished.

Beddy had been annihilated!




Tens of millions of Sector Beasts in the entire Sector Beast nest raised their heads and roared as one. Amidst their roars, was endless rage and madness.

“Kill Milky Way Horde Leader!”

“Kill Milky Way Horde Leader!”

“Kill Milky Way Horde Leader!”

One by one, the Sector Beasts were transmitting their own voices. Every single Sector Beast could hear the countless voices of its fellow Sector Beasts. Tens of millions of them were all transmitting their voices in sync, in the same rhythm and tone, all sending the same message: “Kill Milky Way Horde Leader!”

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