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«Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2854 - Sky Radish God Lance

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Chapter 2854: Sky Radish God Lance

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen was shocked. This Sky Vine Radish looked the same as the one he had previously killed. It was as if he had come alive again. Even the shockwaves from this Sky Vine Radish were the same as those from the one he had seen before. The exception was that they were more powerful.

God looked at the giant Sky Vine Radish as he said, “This is just Sky Vine Radish’s god body. Without a god personality, the god body is just a shell.”

“Such impressive power.” Han Sen didn’t believe him, so he asked, “Is it really just a shell?”

“If it was not a shell, why would he still have not moved, especially since you have entered his temple?” God gazed at the statue that looked like Sky Vine Radish and said, “Break this god body and bring out Sky Vine Radish’s god personality. Then, you will learn how to use it.”

Han Sen looked at God as he asked, “I am not going to replace a statue in this temple, right?”

“If it was that easy to become a god, then being a god wouldn’t be something so mighty,” God said with a smile.

Han Sen didn’t say anything. He gathered up power and threw his palm at the god body’s shell. His hand was unable to harm the motionless god body. His power felt empty when it hit the god body. It was like the god body did not even exist.

God laughed. “That is a god. How is going to be hurt by ordinary power? Unless you level up to true god class, your power cannot hurt it or its shell. Try your scabbard. That should work.”

“Why? After I killed Sky Vine Radish, there was a god body of his here.” Han Sen pulled out the Return Empty Scabbard. Like a knife in his hand, he put the scabbard to work. But he did not hit Sky Vine Radish’s god body.

“God is immortal. No creature is supposed to be able to kill a god, but gods do have their downsides. For example, gods cannot deal damage directly onto a creature of the universe. That sample applies to ordinary folk that aren’t even capable of leveling up. Gods cannot kill these things themselves, but there are exceptions.” God stopped talking.

“What exceptions?” Han Sen’s heart was wildly jumping. This was a secret he had wished to unravel for a long time.

“If a god separates its own god personality from its god body and combines its god personality with a creature from the universe, it will generate a big universe god body. That big universe god body has a power that can ignore the limitations imposed on gods. It can kill creatures in the big universe, and the big universe loses its power of immortality too. If they are killed, or the god personality is lost, they can die.” God pointed at Sky Vine Radish and said, “Just like this numpty. He forced his way into the universe and used his big universe god body to fight creatures in the big universe. In the end, he was heavily wounded. He did not even have enough power to return to the temple. It enabled you to snare him so easily.”

Han Sen finally understood why some gods could be killed and why some gods could not be killed. That was the difference.

“So, are you saying that if a god does not force itself into the universe, it will not die no matter what happens?” Han Sen asked.

“According to the theory, that is correct,” God said with a nod.

Han Sen stared at God as he asked, “So, are you saying that they can actually die?”

God laughed and said, “Do you think I would tell you what my weakness is? You should hurry up and kill his god body. I do not want to remain in this boring place any longer.”

Han Sen stopped hesitating. He used the Return Empty Scabbard like a knife and slashed at the shell god body.


Han Sen’s hit landed atop Sky Vine Radish’s god body shell. It only left a very light mark, but god blood still came out from it.

Seeing that the shell god body did not react, Han Sen held the scabbard harder. He kept slashing and slashing. He did not know how many times he attacked it, but he eventually lopped the empty god body’s head off.

Han Sen looked at God, who shook his head and said, “You cannot kill god spirits like that. You must destroy his god base.”

“What is a god base?” Han Sen asked.

“The base stone of a god is the god base of one’s body. You need to destroy the god base. Do that, and the whole body will collapse.” Before Han Sen could ask a question, God said, “Every god’s god base is different. Sky Vine Radish’s god base should be in his left arm.”

Han Sen looked at Sky Vine Radish’s left arm. He saw that the left arm had a vine on it. Aside from that, there were no notable aspects that differentiated it from the right arm.

Han Sen had to give it a shot. He waved his scabbard at the left arm of the god body shell. He did not know how many times he slashed. When Han Sen eventually cut off the left arm with the vine, the entire god body collapsed. God blood, god bones, and god flesh burst into flames. It did so in a green, glowing light.

“Take out Sky Vine Radish’s god personality,” God said.

Han Sen took out Sky Vine Radish’s 6-foot-long green vine bone. He watched the green light in the sky heading straight for the bone.

When the green bone absorbed the green light, the light on the body burned brighter. Something was changing.

The old vine-looking bone suddenly turned into a green lance. The tip was curled like a snake. It displayed a god light that could not be described.

“Gained god personality armament: Sky Radish Bone Lance.”

This announcement trumpeted in his head. Han Sen looked at the Sky Radish Bone Lance. The Sky Radish Bone Lance played a message inside Han Sen’s brain.

“Sky Radish Bone Lance: Destroyed god class personality armament.”

The Sky Radish Bone Lance was just like a beast soul. Han Sen thought he could drop it in his Sea of Soul, but he did not do that in front of God.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, a green beam of light lit up the base of the temple. In that green beam of light, Han Sen saw an old vine that looked like green jade. It was forming something.

“Is that Sky Vine Radish’s god personality?” Han Sen recognized it. That old green vine was Sky Vine Radish’s bone. It was just like the green bone before it had become the Sky Radish Bone Lance.

God smiled and said, “I already told you. Gods are immortal here. You brought Sky Vine Radish his god personality and destroyed his god body here. That means you killed him here. Of course, he can be reborn again.”

God paused and added, “Don’t worry. Although Sky Vine Radish can be reborn again, you have still reaped the rewards. Otherwise, how could you turn a god personality into a god personality armament?”

Han Sen was prepared. He knew that everything God did had two sides to it. This was the other half. Han Sen was not surprised. He just wanted to remind himself that when he was with God in the future, he always had to be careful.

While the two of them spoke, the green bone had already formed. The green bone started to generate its flesh and organs. It was rebuilding Sky Vine Radish’s god body.

“Should I leave now?” Han Sen did not want to see Sky Vine Radish alive.

“This is so rare,” God coldly said. “Not many people can see a god spirit rebuild its god body. Let’s just watch it. With me here, Sky Vine Radish will not dare to harm one hair on your head.”

Han Sen did not say anything. He watched Sky Vine Radish’s god body rebuild.

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