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«Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2706 - Life and Death is a Matter of Fate

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Chapter 2706 Life and Death is a Matter of Fate

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Bao Lian wasn’t planning on killing Han Sen in front of the Very High, but he wanted to use this opportunity to teach him a lesson. There was nothing the Very High could say against that.

But Bao Lian was aware that Han Sen had the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze. Even Meng Lie had been frozen by Han Sen and left to dangle in the sky. The Extreme King had spent a great many resources resuscitating Meng Lie after that gross defeat. In addition, Bao Lian was just a primitive deified. He wouldn’t dare try to take on the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze if it was used against him.

“We have brought Han Sen to the god area for practice. I hope you can teach him a thing or two, sir,” Li Keer said.

“If you are both asking this of me, then I would be remiss not to help out. But if we use weapons, someone might get hurt. I suggest we don’t make use of treasures. What do you both think of that?” Bao Lian said with a smile.

“What you say makes sense, Mr. Bao.” Exquisite could see through what Bao Lian was thinking, but she still agreed with his suggestion.

If they didn’t agree, Bao Lian might refuse to fight against Han Sen. And if treasures were allowed, Han Sen probably wouldn’t gain as much battle experience. For Li Keer and Exquisite, that would defeat the point.

As far as whether Bao Lian would try to kill Han Sen, Exquisite wasn’t worried about it. Bao Lian was just a primitive deified. Even though he wouldn’t be using treasures, Han Sen still had God’s Wander. That in itself was very good. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to escape danger if the need for flight arose. With the two of them near, as well, it was unlikely Han Sen would be killed.

Han Sen had no opinion on the matter. He was more interested in finding out the difference between his current strength and that of a primitive deified.

Bao Lian, seeing Exquisite agree, smiled and said, “In that case, I can help you.”

Han Sen knew what Bao Lian was thinking, as well. But he didn’t address the matter. He walked up to Bao Lian and looked the man over. “What is your connection to Bao Qin?”

When Han Sen said the name Bao Qin, and it made Bao Lian’s face run cold. He said in an icy voice, “Bao Qin is a family member.”

“Ah, you guys are family? That is good. I never did get to wrap up matters with him, the last time we met. If you are from the same family, allow me to exact my vengeance through you. Sins of the family, and all,” Han Sen said.

“Of course, I feel the same. But what do you mean by vengeance?” Bao Lian asked, laughing darkly.

“To exact my vengeance, I think it is only right that we fight for our lives. You don’t have to worry about the rules. Use everything you have at your disposal. Life and death is a matter of fate, after all,” Han Sen said.

“Huh? You’re going to use the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze to fight me?” Bao Lian looked at Han Sen and spoke in a hard voice. He didn’t think Han Sen would be nice enough to let him kill him if things ended up that way.

Han Sen didn’t speak. He took off his Apollo Set and handed the garb over to Li Keer. He then passed the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze to her.

“Just like before, I will not use treasures. You, however, can use whatever you like,” Han Sen said to Bao Lian after he finished divesting himself of treasures.

Bao Lian looked at Han Sen with confusion. He had no idea what Han Sen was thinking, but whatever it was, it looked like the man was committing suicide. But Han Sen didn’t look like someone who wanted to die. He must have had a trick up his sleeve, Bao Lian figured.

“What? An Extreme King deified is scared of a bare-handed half-deified?” Han Sen looked at Bao Lian with a wolfish smile.

“I’m just afraid these two ladies might disagree.” Bao Lian grunted as he looked at Exquisite and Li Keer.

“If this is his decision, then we cannot interfere,” Exquisite said.

She and Li Keer could read Han Sen’s mind, so they didn’t need him to explain his intentions.

“In that case, please don’t take what is about to happen as a show of disrespect to the Very High.” Bao Lian’s eyes shone with a godly light. He peered at Han Sen as substance chains unfolded around him like petals. They wrapped him up.

Han Sen didn’t move, but he pushed the power of The Story of Genes as far as it would go. He looked at Bao Lian and said, “Do it. If you let me strike first, I’m afraid you will be unable to fight back.”

“If you want to die, then I’m happy to fulfill your wish.” Bao Lian was filled with fury when he heard Han Sen’s boasting. He looked murderous. But he didn’t lose his cool. He opened his fingers wide and looked at Han Sen.

A giant lotus flower substance chain appeared next to Han Sen. The petals fluttered open, as if they were ready to snatch and throttle Han Sen.

Han Sen teleported away. Like the wind, he slipped out of the attack.

Bao Lian’s power looked like blooming flowers. Wherever his attacks went, lotuses would appear. It made Han Sen appear to be dancing across a sea of flowers.

Han Sen was calm. He traveled around the sea of flowers, not being harmed by Bao Lian’s substance chains.

“Han Sen’s battle power has improved. The deified Bao Lian isn’t even making him break a sweat,” muttered Li Keer. She was shocked whenever she read Han Sen’s mind and saw how cool he was.

Exquisite nodded and said, “It looks like the fight against the Red Blood Demon helped him grow a lot. It is a shame we were unable to see the details of that fight. If we could, it would have helped us a lot.”

“It is fine. In the god area, we are bound to meet many more elites. There will be plenty more chances for us to learn,” Li Keer said.

“This isn’t the same. Fighting against the Red Blood Demon was a real deathmatch. In this god area, the other elites are going to go easy on Han Sen because of you and I. Han Sen won’t get much out of it. His life isn’t really on the line.” Exquisite paused for a bit, and then she went on to say, “This fight will probably help Han Sen a good amount, though. If you and I pay close attention, we are bound to get something out of it.”

Li Keer nodded, and then they both stopped talking. They were trying to focus on Han Sen’s feelings and learn how his mind worked during a fight like this.

Bao Lian’s heart was pounding. He realized that he had no clue how to stop Han Sen. His speed and power were greater than Han Sen’s, but his opponent still seemed to know everywhere he was going to attack. Han Sen could always dash to safety and render his attacks void.

Han Sen was more than disappointed with his enemy. He was up against a primitive deified, but Bao Lian was far weaker than the Red Blood Demon. Their power levels might be similar, but the Bao Lian’s will and combat experience were far inferior.

“The Red Blood Demon really did possess a true god mind. He was nothing like an average primitive deified.” Han Sen realized he was now fighting a proper primitive deified. Although he wasn’t stronger, it wouldn’t be easy for a primitive deified to keep Han Sen under their thumb. If all four of his geno arts were elevated to half-deified, he could probably take down a primitive deified with relative ease.

Bao Lian couldn’t suppress Han Sen. His face had reddened with rage and embarrassment. He was a deified of the Extreme King, and yet he couldn’t suppress Han Sen, who wasn’t even using any treasures. It would be embarrassing if people learned about this.

Bao Lian saw Exquisite and Li Keer staring at the fight with expressionless faces. He thought to himself, “If Han Sen has a death wish, then I will kill him even though he is with the Very High.”

With that thought, Bao Lian stopped hesitating. His forehead shone with a god light. A white lotus flower appeared on his brow, and it began to spin around and around.

“Finally, it’s here. I wonder what Bao Lian’s King body can accomplish.” Han Sen had expected this to happen, and so he watched Bao Lian closely.

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