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«Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 1975 - Xuanyuan Dragon

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Chapter 1975 Xuanyuan Dragon

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The creature’s scales were as black as ink. Its head had no horns, but the ears were fixed with black wings. Its belly had talons, like those of an eagle. It was coming his way, and black smoke billowed around it. It looked very creepy.

The Xuanyuan Dragon was too fast, and there were still the Ghost Claw Beasts to fend off. Even if the Ghost Claw Beasts hadn’t been there, Han Sen’s group still wouldn’t have been able to outrun the dragon.

In a second, the Xuanyuan Dragon was a mere twenty meters away from them. It opened its maw and fired a plume of black smoke in their direction. The smoke blackened the passage as it came toward them.

“The Xuanyuan Dragon’s breath is toxic. Do not breathe it in!” Thousand Feather Crane shouted, and then a cloud exploded from his body. The eye on his forehead opened up and shone. The shining light made him stronger.

“The sky and the clouds are invincible! The sword can kill the sky!” Thousand Feather Crane shouted. A white sword air surrounded his ancient sword, and he swung it forward.

The white sword air sliced open the black toxic smoke. The sword air continued on until it struck the dragon’s head. Then, it was gone.

“You guys leave now.” Thousand Feather Crane clutched his sword tight and ran for the dragon. His body was emitting clouds, and he flew forward like a fairy.

“Take Suyi.” Yun Sushang pushed Yun Suyi to First Day, then the eye on her forehead opened. A new sword air surrounded her ancient sword as well, and she went to fight beside Thousand Feather Crane.

They lifted their swords and attacked together, breaking the Xuanyuan Dragon’s breath. They stopped the advance of the Xuanyuan Dragon and fought it hard. The dragon could not do anything.

“So this is the power of the Sky! When their third eyes are opened, they are far stronger.” Han Sen watched in awe.

Thousand Feather Crane and Yun Sushang’s power could go up against a Marquise creature, and it seemed likely that they could actually kill one.

But the Xuanyuan Dragon was no ordinary Marquise. Its scales were incredibly strong, and its power was just as impressive. Thousand Feather Crane and Yun Sushang broke through the breath, but they could not break the scales.

The snow white sword air swung down across the black scales, but it could only leave behind a white scratch mark.

Han Sen let Spell fire a few bullets at the Xuanyuan Dragon, but when the bullets hit the target, they shattered into dust.

“So strong!” Han Sen shouted in his heart.

“Mister Han, please take Suyi and leave this place,” First Day said, as he proceeded to cast Truth Spell. The spells landed on the ground of the area, then surged forward to land on Yun Sushang and Thousand Feather Crane. It helped buff their power and speed.

Some of his spells hit the Xuanyuan Dragon, but those appeared to be futile.

Three elites were now in battle against the Xuanyuan Dragon, but that only seemed to make it angrier. A black light grew in the center of its black. The black light became dragon wings, and they gave it speed.

The Xuanyuan Dragon flapped its wings, and its ten-meter-long body performed a loop in the air.


Yun Sushang could not dodge it. The dragon bit down on her sword, and then, the sword broke.

At the same time, the tail of the dragon was swinging towards First Day. First Day’s body was glowing with white light. Truth Spell gave him a bubble shield, but the tail obliterated it with a single strike. It sent his body flying against the cavern walls like a meteor. He screamed as it body slammed into the wall and cracked it, then he coughed up blood.

“Oh no! It is a mutant xenogeneic. It has reinforced scales and a faster flying speed.” Thousand Feather Crane moved like a cloud. He picked up Yun Sushang, waved a sword air, and broke the black smoke the dragon was exhaling.

“Spell, protect her!” Han Sen told Spell, then pulled out Ghost Teeth Knife. The rabbit shoes appeared on his feet, and he gripped his knife with the Red Mink Gloves.

Han Sen moved like a shadow, moving right behind the Xuanyuan Dragon. Using Tusk, he swung at the back of the Xuanyuan Dragon’s neck.

His attack only produced a dong noise. Not even the Ghost Teeth Knife’s Teeth power could break through the Xuanyuan Dragon’s scales. It could only leave a scratch mark on the scales. And although his knife possessed Teeth power and emitted a dangerous purple smoke, it still seemed useless.

That hard?” Han Sen was shocked.

“Don’t fight it. Run! It is a mutant xenogeneic, and its body far exceeds its actual level.” Thousand Feather Crane slashed to draw the Xuanyuan Dragon’s attention while he shouted.

But the Xuanyuan Dragon was too fast. It flapped its wings and became a black horse directly in front of Thousand Feather Crane. Thousand Feather Crane’s sword air collided with the horse, and the sword air shattered. Still, he could not hurt it.

Seeing that the black horse was about to grab Thousand Feather Crane, he shouted. He held Yun Sushang tighter and took off in flight. He moved so fast that it looked like he teleported away from the attack.

But Thousand Feather Crane’s face turned pale. His hands trembled as he gave Yun Sushang to Yun Suyi. “Sushang and Suyi, you guys leave with First Day. Han Sen and I have got this.”

Roar! The Xuanyuan Dragon’s attack had missed. It turned around and went after First Day, who had just stood up from the rubble.

First Day gritted his teeth. His legs shone, like he was stepping on a lotus. And he cast a spell, which left a glowing symbol behind with every step he took. Every symbol caused him to accelerate.

But he still could not dodge the Xuanyuan Dragon’s attacks, and the talons were in front of him.

First Day held out his palm, and a True Light came out of it to counter the talon. The gold light and the black light collided against each other. First Day was sent flying, though, all the way back into the stone. The True Light was broken.

The dragon was cruel, and it went for First Day once again. Thousand Feather Crane’s Sky eye shone. He was bleeding, but he summoned a cloud air. The sword air became a white dragon, and it roared. It went for Xuanyuan Dragon.

A black dragon and a white dragon surged toward each other. Then the Xuanyuan Dragon flapped its wings to become a black horse and avoid the engagement. It was going for Yun Sushang and Yun Suyi.

“Careful, sister!” Thousand Feather Crane’s face went grey. This strike had cost all his power, and there was nothing he could do to save them.

Yun Sushang knew that they weren’t fast enough to dodge the attack. She summoned an ancient sword and her Sky eye shone. She slashed a sword air up at the dragon.

Han Sen was currently sprinting, and the rabbit shoes gave him the speed of a dragon. He went behind the dragon and slashed it on the side.


Two noises sounded at the same time. Yun Sushang heaved blood as she was sent careening away. Han Sen slashed the dragon’s stomach again. He left a mark, but he didn’t see flesh.

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