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«Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 1974 - Spell Becomes Strong

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Chapter 1974 Spell Becomes Strong 

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Han Sen was surprised. He was not surprised that Spell could kill the Ghost Claw Beast, but that her pistols could turn into a sniper rifle. He knew that Spell herself could transform, but he hadn’t known she could change her weapons.

“So, that means Spell can use any type of weapon? It might not have to be a weapon all the time, either,” Han Sen thought.

He had simply commanded Spell to slay the Ghost Claw Beast, and Spell had used her own judgment to select the sniper. It had greater power and bullet penetration.

She now had three different weapons. There were the pistols, for short-range quickfire. The power was mild, but she could take a lot of shots in little time.

The sniper had the longest range of attack, and its damage was quite devastating. It could penetrate through materials, but bullets took a long time to regenerate.

The rocket launcher did not have the range of the sniper rifle, but it dealt AOE damage across a wide area. This took even longer to regenerate a round, though.

The three of them had different functions and benefits. It was difficult to determine if one was outright better than the another. Depending on the situation, any of the weapons might prove more beneficial than the others. That was Spell’s greatest strength. She could adapt to almost any scenario.

Not long after Han Sen killed the Ghost Claw Beast, Yun Sushang and Thousand Feather Crane finished off the five Face Centipedes.

Han Sen went ahead and started digging into the stone. There was a monkey-looking jade monster inside, with its head blown wide open. It was the Ghost Claw Beast.

When Yun Suyi saw that Spell had targeted the creature’s forehead, the sight shocked her. She hadn’t expected Spell to possess that level of accuracy, allowing her to take aim at the felon’s head while it was still inside a wall.

They dug up the xenogeneic genes and kept going. The Ghost Claw Beast’s xenogeneic gene was a black skull. A piece of shell was the xenogeneic gene of the Face Centipedes.

“We have only just entered Xuanyuan Cave, and already we have received rewards like this. We are quite lucky. We could go back now if we wanted to.” Yun Sushang smiled.

Finding a xenogeneic during the next part of their trip wasn’t so easy. They walked for another two hours and found nothing.

“Han Sen, your geno armament is amazing. It looks like a person, and it can change weapons. What is her name?” Yun Suyi asked Han Sen.

“Spell,” Han Sen said.

“Good name.” Maybe it was because Han Sen had saved her twice, but she was being much nicer to him now. She seemed quite keen on chatting with him.

“Ssshhh,” Thousand Feather Crane hushed them. Everyone went quiet. Thousand Feather Crane put his ear next to the wall, which made the others catch their breath. If there was a Xuan Jade Spirit residing right there, Thousand Feather Crane was a dead man.

Fortunately, that did not happen. He had been confident that no creatures lurked within the wall, and he was correct. After a while, he raised his head again and said with a look of importance, “I heard a Xuanyuan Dragon.”

Hearing that name, everyone’s faces changed. Yun Sushang frowned. “How far? Is it coming for us?”

“I think it is headed our way.” Thousand Feather Crane looked serious.

“If it is us five versus a Xuanyuan Dragon, we won’t win. Let’s go back,” First Day said.

“Yeah.” Thousand Feather Crane and Yun Sushang agreed.

Han Sen did not know what this new threat was, but he was fine with the idea of leaving, if that was the general consensus.

When they started to retreat, First Day said, “Xuanyuan Dragons are the strongest xenogeneics to be found in Xuanyuan Cave. Those things are born Marquise. We cannot fight them.”

Han Sen nodded, then he glanced down. Spell fired her pistols at Han Sen’s feet.

A Ghost Claw had just come out of there, grabbing toward Han Sen’s feet. The bullets pierced through the enemy, prompting it to return to the rock.

But there were more and more of the things emerging all around them. They were all thrust into danger.

Yun Sushang wielded her sword quickly to protect Yun Suyi. Thousand Feather Crane and First Day used their powers to stop the claws that kept coming out.

But the creatures seemed to be countless. Han Sen and the others were Earls, but Yun Suyi was a mere Viscount. She wouldn’t be able to protect herself. Yun Sushang, Thousand Feather Crane, and First Day diligently did their best to protect her.

“This isn’t right! Why are there so many Ghost Claws, all of a sudden?” Yun Sushang said as she fought back the Ghost Claw Beasts.

The Ghost Claw Beasts must know that the Xuanyuan Dragon is coming. They want to stop us from leaving,” Thousand Feather Crane said.

First Day said, “Not bad. These guys are just here to hinder and annoy us. We cannot get close enough to the walls to attack them, though. Slashing their claws off won’t work, as they can quickly generate replacements.”

Pang! Spell used her sniper rifle to attack. The bullet penetrated the rock, and the hole sent blood squirting out everywhere.

“You guys protect Suyi. Draw them out, and I will have Spell kill them,” Han Sen said as he ran.

Spell had used her pistol to fire at many claws earlier, leaving spells attached to them. Now, that made them easier to detect. When they rose to the surface of the rock, Spell would shoot them before they could extend their claws fully.

The sniper rifle’s piercing power was wickedly strong, but it still took some time to generate each new bullet. One second passed between each shot, which made it difficult to keep up with the onslaught of creatures.

Even so, watching her work was pretty awesome.

Thousand Feather Crane protected Suyi as they ran. Spell fired a shot every second. With each squeeze of the trigger, a Ghost Claw Beast died.

“Xenogeneic Earl hunted. Jade Ghost Claw Beast: xenogeneic gene found. Obtained Jade Ghost Claw Beast beast soul.”

When Spell killed her eighth Ghost Claw Beast, Han Sen finally heard the announcement he’d been hoping for. He didn’t have time to check out the beast soul right now, though. And neither could he dig up the bodies residing in the stone. They were all busy trying to run outside.

Yun Sushang and Thousand Feather Crane looked behind them, and they saw Spell shooting the Ghost Claw Beasts.

She dropped each one with a single shot before their claws were even revealed. They had no clue how such a thing was possible.

But they did not have time to ponder that. Spell killed many Ghost Claw Beasts along the way, but there were still too many of them. The group was not escaping quickly.

“The Xuanyuan Dragon is here!” Thousand Feather Crane screamed, his face going pale.

As his scream echoed off the walls, a strange noise came from deeper in the cave. A black shadow stretched toward them, filling the air with the smell of blood.

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