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«Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 1836 - Connect Evolve

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Chapter 1836 Connect Evolve

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“Congratulations!” Han Sen was so happy. Gu Qingcheng had become a Noble on her first go, and that saved him a Magnet Fruit

“I will walk around and sign-up near your ship.” Gu Qingcheng then left the abandoned building. She was not scared of the foreign world she had just been brought into. In fact, she was quite curious.

“I hope they don’t start up trouble while they’re here.” Han Sen felt rather depressed. Gu Qingcheng was pretty stubborn, and there was nothing he could do to put a leash on it.

They had a good start, anyway, and nothing bad occurred. Han Sen was confident So, he went back to the sanctuary and brought Xie Qing King on through.

Xie Qing King was even faster. After going in, he generated his armor immediately.

A silver liquid oozed out of his body and wrapped him up completely. He generated a set of silver armor.

Just like Gu Qingcheng, Xie Qing King evolved for a second time without hassle or issue. When the geno armor melted and became something else, he was left with a silver book.

“What kind of geno armament is that?” Han Sen’s eyes opened wide as he looked at Xie Qing King and his silver book.

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s head outside for now.” Xie Qing King could not wait to get out of there.

“Remember to get yourself registered at the airship!” Han Sen called out to Xie Qing King’s back as he left.

“Okay!” Xie Qing King hollered, but he didn’t look back. All he did was raise an okay hand- signal.

“D*mn it! None of them are reliable. I need to find someone amongst them that is.” Han Sen went back to the sanctuary and brought out Little Angel; she was a true heir of his.

But Han Sen had worried that Little Angel might end up like Golden Growler, and get taken by some entity.

Little Angel followed Han Sen request and began her process of evolution. Han Sen was focusing more on his surroundings right now, and if there was any movement, he’d throw Little Angel right back into the sanctuary.

Little Angel had two shapes. One looked like a human lady, and the other would become a blonde-haired, white-winged angel.

As this was happening, Little Angel shone and became an angel. A holy light emerged from her body, providing her a holy light geno armor.

Before Han Sen could take a look at the armor, Little Angel was evolving for a second time.

The holy light armor melted into her.

“Xenogeneic.” Han Sen was nervous, seeing this. He was worried there might be an issue with her evolution.

When the holy light blended into her body, Little Angel’s body began to glow. Even her bones were giving off light Little Angel’s body was mutating. This situation was mirroring what Han Sen had seen with Golden Growler.

Quickly, Little Angel’s body generated a set of angel armor. Before Han Sen could react, the holy light generated a transparent greatsword.

Han Sen was frozen. Little Angel had indeed become a xenogeneic, but she still had a set of angel armor and an angelic sword.

Little Angel’s body now looked like that of a valkyrie. And as this occurred, Han Sen suddenly felt something inside his pocket move.

The deified feather flew out towards Little Angel.

The feather hovered before Little Angel, and then burst into white light The light drifted down and melted into the sword.

The transparent greatsword displayed changes after the deified feather combined with it.

The transparent greatsword started to change. It still looked like a greatsword, but its shape also became feather-like. It was like a white-winged feather sword. Its size was no different than it had been, however.

Han Sen was frozen, but he was very happy. The power she had put her at the zenith of what was achievable by a Baron. She was the cream of the Baron crop, and her sword had absorbed the deified feather. This meant Little Angel could become a deified being, for sure.

Han Sen had saved himself the trouble of trying to refine the feather himself. This was a rare thing.

Little Angel exited from the xenogeneic mode and returned to the form of a human lady. Seeing this, Han Sen sighed. And he felt incredibly relieved, knowing what had happened to Golden Growler was not going to happen to her. Little Angel did not get consumed by the killing urge, and she remained the same.

“Little Angel, wait here.” Han Sen wanted to take Little Angel back. Letting her out alone was most certainly unsafe.

Back in the sanctuary, he brought the silver fox through next On such a harsh planet, they’d most certainly need Little Silver’s healing powers.

Little Silver was the last to come through, but he was the one that had actually eaten the most geno fruits. So, he could generate his geno armor right away.

Little Silver stood motionless with a very elegant posture. The silver fur rippled and waved with a silver liquid. It blanketed his whole body and made him appear stiff like a statue.

The silver fox’s evolution stopped here, though. He did not evolve a second time.

Little Silver looked disappointed in himself, and he walked over to Han Sen for comfort. He rubbed Han Sen’s leg vigorously with his head.

Han Sen crouched, stroked his head, and said, “It’s okay. Being talented is nothing. With me here, no matter what becomes of you, you will be the best in my eyes.”

Han Sen then gave Little Silver the juice of a Magnet Fruit. Little Silver’s geno armor showed some form of movement His silver fur began to melt and move around his body.

“Is he turning into a xenogeneic, as well?” Han Sen felt rather nervous. The silver fox was not Little Angel, so he didn’t know if Little Silver would remain his former self.

The silver light blended into Little Silver’s eyes, turning them into a pool of silver. Lightning flashed and flickered through them.

Han Sen was shocked. He thought Little Silver’s evolution would occur around the tail, and he didn’t expect it to be his eyes.

The eyes grew brighter with a silver light The light dissipated after a while, but his pupils remained silver. When you looked closely, you could see the presence of a silver light within them.

Han Sen had only planned on bringing the four of them to Planet Eclipse, but Zero also said she wanted to go. So, he brought her along with him, too.

Zero had done a lot for Han Sen’s family, and she never complained or asked for anything, so Han Sen could not reject her request

Zero didn’t say much, and when she arrived in the geno universe, she went to generate a geno armor. But before she could start, something happened.

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