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«Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 1776 - Angel Feather Clothes

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Chapter 1776 Angel Feather Clothes

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Ever since the aircraft was cut down, the road had stayed quiet. No others made an appearance.

“Brother Kong, you are so powerful. Of course you might be fearless, but we are merely ordinary men. If the Feathers try to take us out, then I fear things might turn out poorly.” Han Sen spoke to Kong Fei as they walked.

Kong Fei squinted his eyes and looked at Han Sen. “Do you want me to take responsibility for you?”

“It is not about you being irresponsible. We are not girls, after all.” Han Sen smiled, and then went on to say, “We just want you to point out a trail we can follow.”

Kong Fei laughed and said, “I myself, I tread any trail my feet take me upon. I don’t follow any in particular. So, if you would like me to point out a specific road for you to embark upon, I fear that will be difficult.”

There was nothing more Han Sen could say, so he just chose to follow after Kong Fei.

He simply didn’t understand what purpose Kong Fei had in bringing them both along. It would be exceedingly easy for Kong Fei to kill the pair if they displeased him. With such a difference in their power levels, Han Sen was curious why Kong Fei wanted them to tag along.

Han Sen had even wondered if Kong Fei was one of the crystallizers. He very much looked like them.

Mosi was one thousand miles away from western Gran City. Kong Fei didn’t want to take the train there. In the beginning, they had at least been able to ride a supercharged tractor, but now it was all down to the use of their legs. The journey was excruciatingly slow.

Kong Fei was not in a rush, either. It was like he had gone out for a casual stroll, keen to relax.

Han Sen and Stay Up Late were worried about the Feathers that had seemed intent on attacking. The quieter things were, for the time being, the stronger the next assault would be. That was what they reasoned.

Even though Kong Fei was not afraid of anything that might occur, they would be.

The three of them walked for half a month, and nothing happened. It looked as if the Feathers had forgotten about the three of them.

Kong Fei was pointing towards the fields and explaining things as if he was a professional tour guide. He recited tales to them, such as the ones featuring the Lady Mountain and General Temple. The way he spoke such fables made them sound tangible and real.

Kong Fei was a man who could tell stories, and tell stories well. The legends he spoke about were stunning. Fascinating.

Even if Han Sen and Stay Up Late knew the end of a tale he had begun speaking about, they’d still listen eagerly, just to hear him tell it.

On the seventeenth day, as they neared a stone bridge that crossed a river, Kong Fei stepped onto the bridge and spoke to them. “By crossing this bridge, we will have reached Mosi Mountain. If you are not here to collect ore, then there is no need for you to follow. We can part ways here.”

Han Sen and Stay Up Late were in shock. They had walked together for seventeen days, as if it was a journey they had all embarked upon together. They hadn’t walked far, and Han Sen swore they had only walked four hundred miles. They should have still been far away from Mosi Mountain.

But when Han Sen and Stay Up Late looked forward to where the mountain should have been, they were shocked. On the other side of the stone bridge was a sign that said Mosi Mountain’s Old Treehead Village.

They were both surprised by this, as they both acknowledged the fact that they hadn’t walked that far. Somehow, they had walked a thousand miles without realizing they had, and they had now arrived. Kong Fei must have done something.

It was a scary thing for Han Sen to now notice that he had walked a thousand miles, but hadn’t realized he was doing so.

“Thanks for walking with me for the past seventeen days. It was a fateful encounter, and I would like to give these to you both. Consider it as a reward for accompanying me here.” Kong Fei pulled out two feathers from his clothing. He flicked them forward, and they landed neatly in Han Sen and Stay Up Late’s hands. One for each.

Han Sen noticed, after the catch, that the feather was incredibly soft. They were no bigger than his hands. They were proper feathers, that was for sure. They definitely weren’t xenogeneic material.

“Do you know what these feathers are?” Kong Fei blinked.

Han Sen wished to say he didn’t know, as many creatures had feathers. He couldn’t tell them apart But his face suddenly changed. He asked Kong Fei, “This cannot be the feather of a Feather.”

Kong Fei laughed and said, “The wings of a Feather have feathers. There are two feathers between the wings that are softest, and they are called Angel Feathers. They cherish them dearly. My clothes are crafted from Angel Feathers.

Han Sen almost coughed up a bucket of blood. The feather-clothing had at least a thousand such feathers. If what he had spoken was true, then how many Feathers had he killed to craft the garment?

Now that Kong Fei had given them two Angel Feathers, was he looking to add gasoline to their dead bodies?

The Feathers had no reason to want to kill Han Sen and Stay Up Late, but now that the pair were holding two Angel Feathers, the Feathers might very well want to.

Kong Fei knew what Han Sen was thinking, and so he said, “Don’t worry. If the Feathers see them, they won’t kill you.”

“Brother Kong, we are actually interested in digging ore. Would you like it if we accompany you further?” Han Sen did not believe the Feathers were that nice.

Kong Fei looked at Han Sen as if he were smiling. “You really want to come? It is not a difficult way to go now, but there is an unfriendly guard watching.”

“What guard?” Stay Up Late asked.

“Duke Brilliant.” Kong Fei looked up towards the mountain, speaking with little sounds of concern.

Han Sen and Stay Up Late looked at each other. After being chased by Feathers, and now having a possible contest with a Duke, it looked like big fights would always be part of the package when it came to following Kong Fei.

If they left now, Han Sen did not believe the Feathers would let them both be.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, so we will go wherever you go.” Han Sen thought staying with Kong Fei would be safer.

Kong Fei seemed to be smiling slightly, and he said, “Come with me, then, if that is your desire. You can leave whenever you wish to. I will not stop you.”

After that, they walked across the stone bridge and proceeded onwards to Mosi Mountain.

Han Sen and Stay Up Late quickly followed. They had come that far, so they felt compelled to see what might happen next.

Kong Fei didn’t look entirely legit. He had brought them to danger more than once, and he provided them with two deadly feathers. If Han Sen did not know that Kong Fei could kill them with ease, Han Sen would have thought Kong Fei hated them and wanted them dead.

After getting close to the mountain, they saw a Feather standing before the entrance.

It was too far for Han Sen to feel the being’s energy flow, but the elegant armor and crazy clothing made the fellow look special.

“I am flattered that Duke Brilliant has personally come to welcome us here.” Kong Fei looked at the Feather as he spoke, but he didn’t actually look flattered.

“Where did your feather clothes come from?” Duke Brilliant stared at Kong Fei’s apparel, looking as cold as ice.

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