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«Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 1532 - Traveling Through a Sea of Stars

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Chapter 1532: Traveling Through a Sea of Stars

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The two continued to fight, as glaciers all around them were destroyed.

“You guys should take a look at this!” Little Fairy suddenly shouted, as Han Sen was fixated on watching the fight.

Han Sen turned around and looked at Little Fairy, then followed her extended arm to see what she was pointing at. There were cracks in the ice, and blood was beginning to seep out of one of them. It started to pool and run towards them.

“Oh, no!” Han Sen’s face changed. It wasn’t actually blood; in fact, it wasn’t even liquid. It was a swarm of red bugs, each the size of a sesame seed. There was a countless number of them, all racing out of the ice cracks in a stream.

Anything those red bugs ran across was eaten, save for the icy ground itself. Their passing made the mountain of ice look even more dead, and there wasn’t much there to begin with.

“Stop fighting! Look at what’s coming!” Han Sen shouted at God’s Retribution and Six Paths.

When they heard Han Sen’s call, Six Paths did not listen. He merely continued his rampage of attacks. God’s Retribution was able to see the threat, though. His face changed, and he too shouted, “Oh, no! They are God’s Corpse Bugs! Run!”

God’s Retribution turned around, wishing to flee. But he was immediately blocked by the manic Six Paths.

“Are you crazy?! If we don’t run now, and the bugs reach us, we will all die!” God’s Retribution shouted his case at Six Paths.

“You and I have to settle this fight. Not even God himself can stop us from finishing this,” Six Paths said coldly, as his sword continued to swing wildly.

“Sh*t! Meeting this nutcase was so unlucky!” God’s Retribution shouted out loud. Then he turned to shout at Han Sen. “Find a way to get rid of this madman! If you don’t, we won’t be able to run away. These bugs claim they ate God’s dead body. I can’t confirm the validity of the tale, but whatever the case may be, they can assuredly eat us!”

“How can I stop him?” Han Sen turned around, ready to run. If God’s Corpse Bugs claimed they ate the remains of God, they must have been powerful to some degree. Han Sen didn’t want to risk finding out whether or not they could eat him.

“That’s why I asked you to think of a way. I want to live. I don’t want to die here, alongside this madman!” God’s Retribution shouted.

Han Sen noticed that the bugs weren’t traveling at a very alarming pace. They weren’t a direct threat—not yet. God’s Retribution and Six Paths were ahead, though. If the bugs attacked, they would go after those two first.

“Six Paths, if you want to fight him, at least make it so that he wants to fight with you. Right now, he obviously doesn’t. So, for the time being, perhaps you should let him go?” Han Sen said, hoping it would help the situation. Then, he hopped onto Starsea Beast to make his escape.

They crossed a distance of ten miles before looking back, and when Han Sen did, he saw Six Paths and God’s Retribution following from behind. They were actually running faster than Starsea Beast, and they shot right past him.

Han Sen turned his head and his face changed. The legion of God’s Corpse Bugs looked like a rush of blood, and they were coming extremely quickly. They weren’t slow like before.

Not long after, the bugs had closed the gap to a mere mile. They were racing for him like a raging river.

The bugs, as they skittered across the snow, were silent. They did not make a sound.

Han Sen was ready to get off Starsea Beast’s back, as it was slower than the bugs. He had to find another way to gain a lead on them.

But Starsea Beast’s body suddenly exploded with an array of stars. Stars formed across its skin and encompassed the atmosphere around it. Then, Starsea Beast’s speed increased. It was like traveling through hyperspace, as the world around them became nothing but a blur.

Starsea Beast’s body looked like a shadow, and amidst the rain of stars, it was headed right for the side of a glacier.

“Sh*t, Little Star! Is your head broken? Are you going to commit suicide?” Han Sen’s face changed, and in a blink, Starsea Beast ran right into the glacier.

Han Sen was shocked. Starsea Beast, with the stars all around, had blinked right through it.

Amidst the starlight, Starsea Beast did not slow down. They traveled through the entire glacier, managing to emerge safely on the other side. The bugs came quickly, but they had to skitter around the glacier to resume the chase. This slowed them down by a considerable amount.

Starsea Beast relentlessly went forward, ignoring the presence of any glaciers that might have been in his way. They were able to avoid the bugs and even gain a lead on Six Paths and God’s Retribution.

A strange look appeared on God’s Retribution’s face when he saw Starsea Beast. He shamelessly approached Han Sen and leaped upon the creature’s back.

“Haha! Give me a ride.” God’s Retribution laughed.

Six Paths quietly came to take a seat on Starsea Beast’s back, as well.

“Bro, your pet is pretty good. It can go through physical objects. This ability is pretty gnarly.” God’s Retribution gave a thumbs up, seeing Starsea Beast proceed through another glacier.

“It’s not a pet! It’s a creature from my collection.” He raised Starsea Beast like a human child, but he hadn’t been able to teach it a new language with any success.

It was smart and docile. It never really seemed to display much aggression.

Starsea Beast traveled for half a day, and when the bugs were gone from sight, Han Sen brought the ride to a stop.

“Little Star, good job!” Han Sen patted Starsea Beast’s head and complimented him.

He didn’t know Starsea Beast had those abilities until now. He thought it was awesome.

When Han Sen had tried to teach Starsea Beast language and other skills, Han Sen had always assumed it to be an underperforming creature. But this latest act was worthy of compliments, which made Starsea Beast happy. The creature knew it had done well.

Han Sen now realized that trying to teach it language and knowledge was too harsh for the creature.

God’s Retribution and Six Paths jumped off the back of Starsea Beast and took a look around. Although they were still someplace amidst the glacier mountains, the ice around them was now sprinkled with colored flowers from every spectrum of the rainbow.

“Oh, no! Why are we here?” God’s Retribution’s face changed after looking around.

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