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Chapter 928: Fiendish Blade Slaying a God!

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“YOU KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, M*TH*RF*CK*R!” Xia Fei and Oro hollered in unison.

Mirata felt dizzy right there and then! He was stunned!

Standing in front of him, Oro only had a Law Emperor cultivation, while Xia Fei was not even emanating any energy to speak of. He looked no different from a normal person, and just these two men alone would actually dare to scold a Law God? They were clearly lunatics who had no regard for their own lives!

Nonetheless, Xia Fei and Oro continued to quarrel endlessly, completely disregarding Mirata, almost as if neither man cared that a powerful foe had suddenly appeared before them!

Mirata was livid. Ever the prideful demon, his chagrin was instantly palpable, his teeth trembling from too much grinding.

Mirata felt that he had been humiliated, but what he did not realize was that this was just a tactic! Xia Fei’s tactic!

Xia Fei was never the sort to be careless, and he was always cautious toward his enemy, merciless and cunning!

Having been with Oro for such a long time and knowing each other very well, the two had a tacit understanding that surpassed most people.

When Mirata appeared, Xia Fei sensed how powerful this opponent was. Just the slightest glance from him and Oro knew that Xia Fei intended to put on a show with him, a god-slaying performance!

This was how this scene came to be: Mirata got treated like air by Xia Fei and Oro, ignored, all so this Law God would get frustrated and lose his reason!

Qualities like being composed and analytical were not something every warrior possessed, and very evidently, though Mirata had the cultivation of a Law God, he lacked the temperament expected of one. He did not have the brain for cunningness, nor was he as decisive as Xia Fei!


Mirata bellowed with a darkened expression, as his figure blurred and appeared beside Xia Fei and Oro, using his two hands to grab a hold of them.

Mirata did not immediately unleash a kill move because he had found both Xia Fei and Oro to be utterly detestable! Killing them would not be enough to quell this burning anger inside him, which was why he thought of catching them with his own hands and then torturing them!

Indubitably, even though Mirata was a Law God expert, attempting to grab Xia Fei and Oro with his bare hands was a severe underestimation of the two! He was overestimating his strength far too much!

After all, Oro was the Lionheart emperor and had once been a Superior Law God! Who knew how many times greater he was compared to Mirata in terms of either experience or combat skills!

When the old demon lord was a central player in the universe, Mirata was probably not even born yet!

Even if Oro had not recovered all his cultivation after being reborn, a skinny camel was still larger than a horse! He was surely a a hard-to-deal-with powerful character!

As for Xia Fei, he was the lone wolf of the Skywings! He did not have a Law God cultivation, but he definitely had the prowess of one!

Furthermore, Xia Fei had a whole troop of monsters like Furball, Peacock Blue, Nirvana, Sin Raksha, and Little Goldie on his side! Pulling any one of them out would be enough to send Mirata reeling!

Xia Fei might not lose in a one-versus-one duel per se, so what more when he was now collaborating with the old demon?


Law God Mirata hands approached abruptly, and the originally bickering Xia Fei and Oro promptly broke apart! It was as if they had already been prepared!


Oro and Xia Fei were in mid air in the next moment, and they unleashed a pincer assault from the left and right!

Furball let out a roar and came barrelling out from Xia Fei’s bosom, increasing its size rapidly as it glared ferociously!

Peacock Blue extended its six leaves out to its fullest, immensely hardy, with countless sharp little flowers all over!

The fiendish blade Nirvana flew up into the sky and glistened boldly, seemingly proudly looking down on all majestically!

In just that brief moment, Xia Fei and Oro unleashed a combined assault at Mirata from every direction. Many powerful divine weapons appeared and completely surrounded Mirata!

“Slay him!” Xia Fei shouted, as law force from the Law of Primal Chaos gathered in his two palms!

“Yes! Slay him!” Oro hissed viciously!


Like ten thousand arrows let loose, there was no way to resist the attack!

“Holy Beast! Fiendish Blade ! Immemorial Mystical Armament!” Mirata’s eyes suddenly widened as he expressed his shock deep down. Xia Fei’s sudden release of his entire arsenal caused Mirata to break out in a cold sweat.

It was only at that point when he realized that he had already fallen to Xia Fei’s deception!

Moreover, Xia Fei and Oro were not actually fighting with each other, and the countless divine weapons that Xia Fei had by his side were all powerful monsters in their own right! Put together, it was like he had a powerful army at his beck and call!


Mirata rapidly tried to dash upward, his two hands preparing a counterattack, but only at this point did he notice the two insidious blue blades of grass, which had unknowingly wrapped themselves tightly around his two legs!

Color drained from his face!

Mirata hurriedly gathered Law of Light force, ready to deal with Peacock Blue wrapped around his legs, when Furball came plummeting from above with enough pressure that could rival that of Mountain Tai! Energy was wrapped around his entire body, his two eyes completely blood red!

Mirata panicked and separated his two palms; one was targeting Furball, while the other was aimed at Peacock Blue!

However, this was when he suddenly realized that the demon lord had closed in on him! His two palms, which had Law of Darkness force amassed, were pointed right at the back of Mirata’s waist!

This was a Law God expert! Mirata had not admitted defeat at this point. His belly could be seen visibly bulging, like a toad filling up with air, as if he would shoot out a light beam at Oro!

However, this was far from enough, for the moment he was about to attack Oro, Xia Fei bore down on him from another direction while flourishing Nirvana!

Multiple attacks! Compounded attacks! All these had come at Mirata from every angle, making it practically impossible for him to evade!

The indignant sorrow Mirata was feeling at this point was so overwhelming he was on the verge of tears! He still had no idea what had happened and only found himself the target of an enmasse assault, which was directed by Xia Fei!

Enemies covered him from every direction and angle!

Each was more frightening and more savage than the last!

Mirata simply could not make sense of things! How did so many hard-to-deal-with enemies appear from out of nowhere? It must be noted that Little Goldie was still by the side, feeling very upset that it could not keep up with the speed at which Xia Fei had launched his counterattack!

How was this a lone wolf? Mirata had basically found himself thrown into a wolves’ den! He had crossed paths with a pack of bloodthirsty wild wolves!


All over, the compounded attacks all struck!

Peacock Blue suddenly exerted strength and tore off Mirata’s two legs!

Furball was like an angry Buddha sitting down on a lotus and instantly crushed his skull!

Oro’s sneak attack drove right through his heart and stopped his heartbeat!

Finally was Xia Fei with the kill!


Nirvana’s rebirth! The annihilation of all things!

The cross-blade came cleaving downward, and it severed the Law God into two!


Lifeforce, energy… Everything could not escape Nirvana’s devouring, and even Mirata’s spirit got absorbed by Nirvana!

This was an absolute death!

The physical, the energy, and even the soul—not one of them was let off!

Thinking of going to hell?

No enemy of Xia Fei could even dream about leaving for hell!


Thrusting his two palms out, Xia Fei erased the final traces of Mirata’s existence from the universe with his Law of Primal Chaos, the desiccated corpse turning into dust!



The Fiendish Blade’s God of Slaughter!

The Law God Mirata was slain!

“Wonderful! Truly too enjoyable!” The old demon lord was evidently very excited. His two eyes were glowing!

Even though Mirata had been extinguished to the point where nothing of him remained after being attacked in unison with Xia Fei, Oro still could not help but stomp his foot fitfully at the location where he had once stood.

“Yours truly is the emperor of the Lionhearts, a supreme emperor with no equal, owner of the Tree Lion Imperial Jade Ring! You think that a minnow from the Edusa Clan could be a threat to this venerable one? See how I killed you!” Oro was shouting madly, a ferocious look on his face.

After being trapped in the Eternal Ice Plains for countless years, he was finally able to be reborn but was now a human; there was no need to mention just how depressed Oro was feeling deep down.

In a sense, it was Mirata who had been unlucky. To have run into a furious Oro and the merciless Xia Fei, how could he survive?

Xia Fei did not say a word as he stood at the side, letting Oro vent for quite some time.

Letting out a long exhale, Oro felt much better thereafter.

It was all thanks to Mirata’s help, or else there would be no way for Oro to vent his bellyful of melancholia, which egged him to squabble with Xia Fei.

However, now it was fine. With Oro having vented his anger inside and also having worked with Xia Fei to vanquish a common foe, their relationship eased a lot compared to before.

Xia Fei knelt to pick up the spatial ring with Mirata’s things and chuckled. “Let’s leave this place first before we talk. There’s no telling if there’ll be more reinforcements behind this person we just killed.”


Having slain a Law God, neither Xia Fei stayed around for long. The two swiftly disappeared into Dark Space along with Little Goldie and Furball.

Edusa Clan

The Demonic Chrysalis’s Squad Leader Ilpah was still on standby, awaiting Mirata’s return with the Golden Demon Chrysalis, so that he could send it off to the secret rearing facility of their clan, subsequently signing a contract with Little Goldie, attuning it further so that the demon chrysalis would become exclusive to the Edusa Clan.

Since they were taking away something from the hands of the crazy Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade, Ilpah could not shake off his nervousness. In the Law Realm, whether they part to the God Race or Demon Race, nobody dared to offend the Skywings. This was why Ilpah had already prepared a plan in advance to send Little Goldie off into a place of secrecy, having it locked up for its entire life, never letting it out once.


All of a sudden, a scout of the clan came sprinting into the room Ilpah was in, nearly collapsing as he kneeled and sputtered with a look of fear, “THIS IS BAD! News from the Clan’s Thousand Spirit Hall! Sir Mirata’s life seed has withered!”

Ilpah instantly felt a pressure on his chest, as a bout of dizziness overcame him. He nearly vomited out blood when he heard the news!

“What?! Say that again!” Ilpah blurted out, his face as pale as a ghost.

The scout repeated what he had just said, and all Ilpah could feel was his scalp going numb as he broke into a cold sweat!

Law Gods were immortals, but now that Mirata’s life seed had withered, it could only mean just one thing: He had been exterminated by the enemy! Through some means that Ilpah had no knowledge of, the enemy had directly drained Mirata of his lifeforce!

This was definitely an appealing method! So far, Ilpah had never heard of anyone having the ability to exterminate a Law God expert like this! There was no way this could be achieved aside from destroying the life seed!

The demon squad, which had been awaiting orders in the room, was sent reeling after they heard the news! They panicked! Like ants on a hot pan, they were causing quite the commotion with their reaction!

“STOP MAKING A DIN!” Ilpah roared.

At the end of the day, he was still a general of the Edusa Clan, and Ilpah was a lot more composed than others at such times.

“We have a spy on the frontline, quick! Contact them as soon as possible! Ask them what’s going on!” Ilpah shouted.

Immediately, someone quickly tried to contact the three scouts. They were the ones who had tracked Little Goldie back then.

Several minutes later, a very disappointed voice could be heard.

“Sir Ilpah, we’re not getting any signal from the three! I reckon that they’ve been exterminated, too!”

Hearing this, Ilpah was stunned, and he collapsed on a chair with a clatter.

The old demon lord had been part of the Demon Race for a very long time, so he was very familiar with how the Edusa Clan operated. The first thing they did upon heading into Dark Space was locate the scouts they had hidden and kill them all off!

“Sir Ilpah, what do we do?!”

“What now?!”

Everyone kept throwing out questions, and Ilpah feebly said, “Quick. Head to the Palace of Demons. Inform the patriarch that we got tricked by the Skywings!”

How was Ilpah to know that it was not the Skywings who had set up a trap on Mirata, slaying this Law God? Rather, it had all been the act of Xia Fei alone!

In fact, right at this moment, Xia Fei was splitting the spoils gleefully with Oro!


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