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Chapter 929: Skywing Clan’s Mole

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Furball was endlessly shuttling through Dark Space with Xia Fei and Oro.

“Where are we now?” Oro asked.

Xia Fei replied, “I arranged to meet my clansmen at a location, see if there are any further instructions from the grand ancestor. I snatched some things from the God Race territory some time ago, and so I can’t return there right now.”

Oro chuckled. “Heh! I knew you’d be getting into trouble whichever place that was you went to… What did you end up stealing this time?”

Xia Fei casually answered, “Nothing much. Just happened to pocket Fig Corporation’s Pinnacle Research Station in passing.”


The expression on Oro’s face changed greatly as he howled, “What did you just say?! You’ve got Pinnacle in your hands?!”

Xia Fei nodded curiously. “What’s this? You know about Pinnacle, too?”

Oro was beside himself with excitement. “Know it? I more than know it!

“Don’t forget. I am of the Demon Race! We specialize in studying the weaknesses and strengths of the God Race! I even thought Pinnacle is just a myth; who would’ve thought that it actually did exist!”

A look of disbelief was plastered all over Oro’s face as he looked at Xia Fei like the latter was a monster. The Demon Race had not been fretting over the technology that Fig Corporation possessed for just a year or two; he had truly not imagined that Xia Fei could actually abscond with Pinnacle! Oro was finding this entire affair extremely inconceivable.

Oro shrugged and said, “What a huge move you made; no wonder your clan’s old monster isn’t letting you return; in the event those people learn that you’re the one who stole Pinnacle, there’s no doubt that you’ll end up causing the two peak races to sally forth in a joint crusade on the Skywings! After all, Pinnacle is practically a legend.”

Xia Fei smiled and did not say a word. He took out Law God Mirata’s spatial ring from his bosom and nonchalantly said, “You don’t have any problem leaving the Exiled Grounds with me, do you? After all, your life seed is here, and I heard that staying in it will let one recover their strength quickly.”

Oro nodded. “It’s fine. The life seed is only effective in the initial period after being reborn. Right now, I’ve already regained up to Great Law Emperor of my cultivation, so there won’t be any drastic effect even if I remain in the seed; it’s fine for me to go anywhere at this point.”

Suddenly, Xia Fei’s eyes sparkled, excited as his finger paused over the spatial ring.

“Whoa! That Edusa Law God’s loaded; to think he’d actually have two grade 8 Origin Crystals!”

With this said, Xia Fei turned his hand over and produced two black Origin Crystals.

The two shiny black crystals were emitting this peculiar luster, appearing perfect and flawless gems that contained a great abundance of energy. It was very eyecatching!

Oro excitedly gushed, “Though the Edusas aren’t considered a super top-tier clan, they do have quite a lot of influence, and it’s very normal for their Law Gods to possess high-grade items. Come on. Let’s split this evenly; we each get one.”

With that, Oro reached out and wanted to take one of the grade 8 crystals off Xia Fei. While grade 9 Origin Crystals existed in the Law Realm, most would hardly ever see one. After all, a peak energy master was required to create grade 9 Origin Crystals, and there were only two energy masters in the entire Law Realm who had attained a level 9 cultivation.

The old demon lord could not help but eye the precious grade 8 Origin Crystal covetously, keen to get one for himself.


Xia Fei’s hand very quickly stored away these two mysterious crystals, causing Oro to halt midway awkwardly.

“What do you mean by this? It’s only natural for warriors to loot the dead, so why am I not getting one?” asked Oro, somewhat annoyed.

Xia Fei chuckled. “You’re just a Great Law Emperor and won’t be able to use grade 8 Origin Crystals. Let me give you ten thousand grade 6 Origin Crystals, instead, since what you need more is quantity, not quality.”

In terms of proportion, a single grade 8 Origin Crystal was indeed equivalent to ten thousand grade 6 Origin Crystals, but the exchange rate was nowhere near that! After all, a grade 8 Origin Crystal was extremely precious! There would even be people out there fighting to exchange one for ten million grade 6 Origin Crystals if Xia Fei offered!

Oro thought about it and agreed with Xia Fei. Having just regained Great Law Emperor cultivation, it would not be worthwhile for him to use a grade 8 Origin Crystal right now, which was why he did not argue further.

Xia Fei was still rummaging through Mirata’s spatial ring; after a pause, he took out six swords from the ring all at once, every one of them looking to be of quality craftsmanship.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that guy to be a collector of Tamir short-blades. These six can all be considered top grade, valuing well over a million grade 6 Origin Crystals!” Oro laughed.

“Tamir short-blades? Are they very famous short-blades?” Xia Fei asked.

Oro replied, “They’re of course famous. The Tamir Region in the Demon Race has the best short-blade blacksmiths. Just look at how exquisitely decorated these weapons are, all the precious gems used to decorate them, the sharpness of their edges and the sturdiness of their back. Though they may not be considered divine weapons, they’re nevertheless rarely seen famed blades.”

Oro took one from the lot and cradled it in his bosom, saying, “I have just been reborn and happen to be lacking a weapon. I’ll take one of these Tamir short-blades, and you can have the rest. You’re sure to earn quite a sum from this collection.”

Xia Fei nodded and stored the five remaining Tamir short-blades into his spatial ring.

Since Mirata was a Law God expert, whatever he had on him was naturally not cheap, and as Xia Fei and Oro chatted about what had happened to the two of them while away from each other, they divided the spoils among them.

“Not bad! All the items here are at least worth ten million grade 6 Origin Crystals, and that’s without adding the two grade 8 Origin Crystals. It’s quite a small fortune we’ve got here!” Oro happily announced.

Xia Fei pouted but did not say anything. Ten million grade 6 Origin Crystals seemed very normal to Oro given his status as the Lionheart emperor, with a wealth of experience and knowledge, but the ten million was actually a huge windfall to Xia Fei!

“There’s no use lugging so many things around on us. I know a place where we can trade them all for crystals; shall we head over there now?” Oro asked.

Xia Fei nodded. “Okay, but I have to first meet Xia Guanghai; it seems like my grand ancestor has an assignment for me.”



Little Goldie carried Xia Fei and Oro to the arranged meeting point, and Xia Fei took out his spatial compass to connect to Xia Guanghai.

The compass used was, of course, unregistered; due to how urgent news had been, Xia Fei could only reduce the frequency of his appearance. It was said that the matter of Pinnacle being stolen had already spread, and there were many pairs of eyes focused on it, so as the perpetrator, he must be even more careful as he went about his business.

Very soon, Xia Guanghai appeared beside Xia Fei with a severe frown, appearing to be fairly tired.

Seeing the stranger Oro, Xia Guanghai asked suspiciously, “Who is he?”

Xia Fei smiled. “A lion from the Exiled Grounds, a friend of mine.”

“I see.” Xia Guanghai simply nodded, having assumed that ‘Lion’ was Oro’s nickname, absolutely unaware that this human before him was actually the famed demon lord of the Lionheart Clan!

Oro very knowingly distanced himself from Xia Fei, quietly sitting to one side. After all, this was internal affairs pertaining to the Skywings, and there was no place for him to interject.

“Any new instructions from the grand ancestor?” Xia Fei asked.

Xia Guanghai sighed. “There’s one assignment at hand, but the grand ancestor has allowed you to take a break for now. Devote your fullest attention toward improving yourself. Best if you can get past the Law Sage heavenly threshold and attain a level 4 Law of Speed cultivation! Increase your speed to two million meters per second so that you’ll be strong enough to defend yourself.”

Xia Fei answered, “I’m already a Law Sage, but I have yet to make a sprint for level 4 Law of Speed. Why did the grand ancestor ask for such a high speed? I wonder what sort of assignment he’ll give me next…”

Xia Guanghai widened his eyes in shock, saying, “Well done, Xia Fei! You’ve actually already attained a Law Sage cultivation! How frustrating; it took me three years of seclusion before I actually made my breakthrough all those years ago!”

After a moment of sorrow, Xia Guanghai continued speaking. “Well, the old man gave me an assignment that has me vexed.”

“What is it?” Xia Fei asked with a laugh. Xia Guanghai had always been crude and careless, and to be greatly worried about something like this, it must not be a simple task.

Sighing, Xia Guanghai lamented, “I guess that there’s no harm in telling you about this. I have no idea what’s gotten into the old man, without even considering the frequent mobilization of our clansmen, resulting in the further reduction of our available troops, he wanted me to send a mole into the Guardian faction no matter what!”

“Has he not considered just what sort of people are the Guardians? They’re a pack of old coots as stubborn as mules! How could we get our mole into their midst, considering just how prominent our clan is? They don’t care for weaker law warriors, while those who are strong have already made a name for themselves, so the Guardians don’t want any people like that! I don’t trust hiring someone outside the clan to do something like this, either.

“Well, the instructions from the old coot have me racking my brains till it’s about to explode. Just where can I find someone who fits the bill?” Xia Guanghai’s worried expression spoke volumes.

Xia Fei did not say a word. Xia Ke had already hinted to him that there was an unimaginably crazy plan in motion from behind the scenes, and this was why the grand ancestor had mobilized their people in such great numbers!

The Guardians, who were aware of the general location of the mysterious Cosmic Gate, had also sworn to guard it. Their organization was shrouded in mystery as well, so it must be really tough to try and get someone into their midst.

Xia Fei’s eyes suddenly shone as he said in a low voice, “Don’t panic just yet; I do have someone perfectly suitable for the job as a mole!”

“Who?” Xia Guanghai anxiously asked. He was now at his wits’ end, almost going crazy just trying to fulfill their clan’s grand ancestor’s assignment.

“You’ve looked everywhere in the sky, but he’s been right in front of you,” Xia Fei recited.

“Huh! How can you go? You’re our clan’s Godwing. Also, you’ve been tasked with the heavy responsibility of collecting the Immemorial Mystical Armaments. If the grand ancestor learns that I send you to the Guardians, he’ll surely have me killed where I stand!” Xia Guanghai shook his head vigorously as he rejected this plan outright.

Xia Fei pointed over to Oro and said, “You’re mistaken; I meant him!”

In terms of strength, Oro definitely had it! In terms of trust, Xia Fei had quite a high trust toward Oro. Besides, since Oro’s form had changed due to the Law of Primal Chaos, he could no longer return to the Lionhearts. There was no place for him in the God Race, either. Just as he was fretting over where to land his feet, he just happened to be perfect for the role as a mole, to be placed in the Guardians’ midst!

Besides, Oro was very much interested in the Cosmic Gate. In the past, as an emperor in the Demon Race’s Lionheart Clan, he could not join the Guardians even if he wanted to, but no one would recognize the newly transformed Oro, making this a great chance—the perfect opportunity for him to get close to the Cosmic Gate!

Xia Guanghai furrowed his brows. “Where did he come from? Can we trust him?”

“I dare to use my own life as a guarantee! Lion here is a brother whom I met while in the Exiled Grounds, and he’s got a decent and righteous personality. We are considered fated acquaintances. The Guardians will definitely not suspect a thing by having Lion join them,” Xia Fei said seriously.

“Why do you say that?” Xia Guanghai curiously wondered.

Xia Fei chuckled. “Lion is a human, but what he’s cultivating is the Demon Race’s Law of Darkness! What other proof is needed?”

Xia Guanghai was shocked. Humans were under the God Race, and if Oro was someone in the circle who had instead cultivated the Law of Darkness, he would very likely end up dying tens of millions of times for this transgression. Only the people outside of the two peak races could mix cultivating laws from both races because they would not be restrained by, either!


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