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Chapter 927: Skywing has gone insane!

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The Gemini.

Xia Fei connected to Xia Ke, who was guarding the clan. He had no idea just how many tasks the grand ancestor had arranged until the point that every Skywing was very busy. Originally, both peak Law Sages Xia Ke and Xia Lianning were stationed at Blizzard Fiendish Wing Villa, but now only Xia Ke was left there.

“How did the negotiation go?” Xia Ke asked.

Xia Fei lit a cigarette and answered, “The Rebels aren’t sincere enough; they’re afraid of us snatching away authority, so they’re not very keen on us joining them.”

Xia Ke frowned. “Are you certain?”

Xia Fei sincerely affirmed this. “Quite so. Given my observational abilities, I’m sure that out of the three leaders currently in charge of the Rebels, only Hu Bei is dependable. While Huang Lingtian and Tie Mujin have fairly high cultivation, their character is poor, so if we’re looking to support anyone, Hua Hei, Hua Bai, and Hu Bei are all decent targets of our support.”

Xia Ke was immediately startled, and he curiously asked, “I didn’t say a word about it, so how did you know that we’re only sending you to probe the faction for anyone worthy of our support?”

Xia Fei was unfazed. “There are some things that needn’t be said. The grand ancestor has obviously interacted with Huang Lingtian and the others before; I reckon that even you have met them.”

“True. Those three were movers and shakers in the Law Realm back in the day, so I’ve bumped into them a few times as well,” Xia Ke nodded, saying, “but I don’t think those are reasons enough, right?”

Xia Fei continued. “You met them, and the grand ancestor did, too; it’s only me who didn’t. In fact, I haven’t even heard of them before, so I won’t have any pre-conceived notions about them. That’s why the grand ancestor intentionally sent me, a stranger, to negotiate with them; it’s all to get a fresh evaluation about the three from me.

“As for cooperation? You must be joking; why would our clan join with those people? I’m afraid that even the grand ancestor wouldn’t look them straight in the eye.”

Xia Ke was first stunned before nodding his head vigorously. He gleefully marveled, “Indeed, I was still a little worried when our grand ancestor said that you’d be going, but now it seemed like his choice couldn’t have been more correct! You’re practically the devil, to have actually guessed what our grand ancestor had in mind! You’re definitely the best in our clan when it comes to observational and analytical skills!”

Xia Fei’s face promptly turned grimmer as he solemnly asked, “Not only could I tell what the grand ancestor wanted me to do, I even had a very bold conjecture; I’m unsure if I should voice it though.”

Xia Ke replied, “Speak your mind.”

Xia Fei cleared his throat and whispered in a low voice, “Why is it that I feel that our grand ancestor is currently strategizing, making preparations for a grand plan?”

Xia Ke leaned back almost instantaneously as his expression turned severe. “I’ve also been wondering about that myself. It’s almost as if the grand ancestor is making distinct and bold arrangements for our clan’s future and that a massacre is looming.”

“A massacre?!” Xia Fei was greatly shocked. From what he had understood thus far from his time with the clan, the Skywings had the habit of masking their true strength with the superficial.

People in the Law Realm have always thought the Skywing as a powerful and very crazy clan, but that’s only what they see on the surface. Who knows just how many more Skywing experts are hidden in unseen places?

Just take that war between the Skywings and the Moonwards as an example; the clan’s old groundskeeper, Xia Wuye, turned out to be Superior Law Overlord Guli! This reveal instantly overturned the Moonwards’ scheme, as the old caretaker turned the tide, causing everything to fall apart!

It must be known that Wuye was a wanted fugitive that the God Race had been hunting, yet he had actually been hiding in the Wind Garden, out in plain sight, all that while?! It was such a shocking revelation!

There was also the cultivation chamber, which drew the envy of the entire Law Realm, that they kept hidden in the inconspicuous Wind Garden, and also how the money-grubbing Xia Laoshi would nurture batch after batch of Law Emperors! The efficiency at which the entire Skywing Clan could cultivate talents was so high that it was outrageous!

There were plenty of such examples, and they allowed the Skywings to have a solution for every critical moment! The clan seemed to always have a potent trump card! These were all evidence of the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade’s unfathomable might!

Right now, Blizzard Fiendish Wing Villa was completely enveloped in the momentum of a torrential storm, and even the ever-cautious Xia Ke could feel that they were on the verge of a slaughterfest! Who knew just what the Skywings would flash this time around to take the world by storm?

Xia Ke maintained that severe tone. “With how things stand, there’s really nothing else we can do but believe in our grand ancestor’s abilities. I’ve been following the venerable elder for so many years, and I’m no stranger to the grand ancestor’s personality. If we’re not up against a foe of immense power, there’s no way he’d be so worried, making such hectic and frequent mobilization of the troops.

“Though I have no idea just who our enemies are, it is my belief that the fight will decide the fate of the Skywings!”

What Xia Ke said was very exaggerated, and Xia Fei could not help but ask, “Such powerful enemies! Are there perhaps any enemies in the circle that even our grand ancestor can’t deal with?”

Xia Ke pointed upward with his finger and did not say a word, yet this one action caused Xia Fei to break out in a cold sweat!

It turned out that the grand ancestor was not looking to clash against any clan in the circle but to resist those people who established the Law Realm, instead!

The legendary founders!

It was insane! The Skywing Clan had gone completely insane!

Xia Fei had not seen these founders who had a hand in establishing the Law Realm, but even using the back of his knee he already knew that they were definitely no one that could be easily dealt with!

This was the first time ever that even the daring Xia Fei could feel goosebumps on his skin! Cold sweat made its way down from his face!

The Skywing was already a small clan, with only fifty thousand of them in the Law Realm and five thousand in the God Race territory. Compared to those larger clans that could marshall millions or even tens of millions, their numbers were nothing short of insignificant.

It was completely incomprehensible for a single clan barely fifty-five-thousand-man strong to even have a firm footing in the Law Realm where plenty of heroes resided, yet now, their grand ancestor actually wanted to lead his clan into colliding with the founders!

This was not just your average crazy; it was practically deranged lunacy!

This was the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade, butchering gods and demons indiscriminately!

Xia Fei burst out into raucous laughter after that momentary shock passed. His pupils sparkled and looked extremely determined!

Xia Fei and Radix were very startled when they heard the news that the grand ancestor was possibly gearing up to take on the founders. If this was true, then it most definitely could only be labeled as a crazy decision!

In Dark Space, Xia Fei rendezvoused with Xia Dian and the rest of the Skywing team as well as Little Goldie.

The huge Little Goldie immediately came bolting over, staying by Xia Fei’s side obediently. This scene appeared rather peculiar to everyone present, as Little Goldie being such an obedient pet despite its gigantic size was quite a jarring sight, and people had a hard time comprehending this.

“Is everything going well?” Xia Fei asked. The entire Skywing Clan was very busy with the stream of assignments the grand ancestors had tasked each of them with, and everyone had no way of making sense of the venerable elder’s true goal, but they understood that something extremely important might happen soon.

Xia Dian nodded. “We’ve accomplished what we were tasked to do, but we’ll be heading off soon. There are still other arrangements to be done.”

Xia Fei did not ask further questions. He hopped on Little Goldie’s shoulder after sending Xia Dian off. He was headed for the Exiled Grounds to meet with the demon lord, Oro.

This news soon spread to the Edusa Clan. Law God Mirata had not been keeping an eye on Little Goldie for just a day or two. He could even see Little Goldie in his dreams and how it would increase the prestige of his clan.

“Just one person alone?! Are you sure?!” Mirata heard the scout’s report and asked abruptly.

The scout answered, “That’s right. It’s really just one person. He’s headed for the Exiled Grounds with the golden demon chrysalis and has just arrived at the outer regions.”

Mirata laughed loudly. He then said to Ilpah, the leader of the Demonic Mission, standing right beside him. “I already told you: There’s no such thing as an airtight wall in this universe! How’s it? Even the Skywing Clan makes mistakes sometimes! Right now, they only have just one person guarding the golden demonic chrysalis; it’s the perfect opportunity for us to strike!”

Ilpah gritted his teeth and did not say a word. He was feeling very displeased with that smug look on the reprobate Mirata’s face, but he did not dare say it out loud.

Turning around, Mirata asked again, “So what’s the cultivation of this Skywing warrior? Is it higher than mine?”

Ilpah almost broke out laughing after hearing this. It was evident that though Mirata was at the Law God tier, he lacked the qualities of a powerhouse that he ought to have; he was even lacking in courage, since this question was no better than asking if he could win against an opponent or otherwise.

The scout’s expression paled and had no choice but to report, “This lowly one couldn’t tell the warrior’s cultivation, but he looked very young, barely in his twenties.”

Mirata’s instantly flew into a rage, sending a swift kick at the scout that sent him sprawling on the ground as he barked furiously, “What a useless cretin! What use are you if you can’t even tell what cultivation the warrior’s at?!”

The scout clutched his chest as he explained, “It isn’t that my cultivation is lacking; it appeared that the person really doesn’t have cultivation to speak of, for they seem very weak.”

Mirata was startled, his right hand stroked the sparse goatee on his chin as he said, “I remember now. Though the Skywinghave plenty of Law Sages, their grand ancestor Xia Gucheng is the only one in their clan that has reached the Law God tier.”

Delighted, Mirata dismissed the scout and told him to continue monitoring Xia Fei, as he said, “Ilpah, bring your men back to base and wait. I’ll be capturing this powerful golden demon chrysalis myself!”

Ilpah nearly wanted to vomit after hearing this. The moment Mirata heard that the enemy was just one person alone, he became eager to become the hero. After all, capturing this golden demon chrysalis would bring honor to the entire Edusa Clan; others could dent the glory of such an act if Mirata led others in the attempt, and this was an outcome that the petty Mirata did not want to happen.

The Exiled Grounds.

Xia Fei and Oro had arranged to meet on a desolate planet. There was no way for them to communicate with each other, so Oro could only head over to check every day, continuing with his cultivation after seeing that Xia Fei had not yet arrived.


Xia Fei left the Dark Space with Little Goldie, and he happened to see a human figure lying under a withered Jujube tree. It was none other than the human incarnate Oro!

Smiling Xia Fei silently made his way over as he mused, “Sure enough, a human form suits you better.”

Oro immediately jumped when he heard this. He already knew that Xia Fei had arrived, but he deliberately remained stationary to await Xia Fei’s apology, but he could not stand it any longer.

“This is all your fault! Yours truly was originally a king among kings of the Lionhearts! I was dashing and suave, yet now, not a single strand of my golden hair remains! I’m as skinny as a monkey! This is all your fault!” Oro chided.

Xia Fei said, “You previously looked like you hardly evolved; how could you compare then and now?”

Hearing this, Oro’s anger only intensified, and he ended up quarrelling with Xia Fei.

Xia Fei was the sort that would not see reason if he ended up angering others to death, and every word he said was like a dagger, irritating Oro greatly. Meanwhile, Oro was someone who had lived for many thousands of years, and he immediately began berating Xia Fei when he saw that he could not be reasoned with.

The two began quarrelling endlessly the moment they met, and this caused Furball to yawn. His ears got tired just from listening to their verbal sparring.

This was when something unexpected occurred!

A single white glow flashed, and Law God Mirata appeared from out of nowhere, like a god descending from the heavens!

With a cold harrumph, Mirata giddily lifted his head and said, “Sure enough, his cultivation is insignificant. The two of you don’t have to quarrel any longer; just await your death by my hands!”

However, Oro and Xia Fei merely turned their heads over at the same time and hollered, “YOU KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, M*TH*RF*CK*R!”

After swearing, Xia Fei and Oro did not even give Mirata a second glance, resuming their bickering with each other, treating the distinguished Law God as if he was nothing but air.

An esteemed Law God actually threatened?! Mirata became livid, the veins on his forehead bulging!


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