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«Super Detective in the Fictional World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1376: What Sort of Turtle Is This?

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Chapter 1376: What Sort of Turtle Is This?

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As he sped up, Luke heard a voice on Selina’s end. “Wait, wait, this is a misunderstanding. Black Cat, I’m Mikey, a loyal fan of yours. Can I have your autograph?”

Selina paused. “My fan? How many criminals have I crippled?”

“Huh?” The owner of the voice was stunned. Oh, it seemed nobody had ever counted the numbers.

Selina continued, “You know, I caught a lot of them when they were trying to rape a woman. They cried and shouted that they were my fans, but in the end, I still broke their hands and feet… Wait, why did all of you catch this woman?”

Looking at the video, Luke was speechless.

Selina was ruthless toward would-be rapists, but the four guys in front of her didn’t look human at all.

To say that they kidnapped the woman for sex didn’t make sense at all.

“We… just want her to delete the photos she took of us,” the “fan” explained.

Selina was suspicious. “You’re surrounding her because you want her to delete photos? Why do I feel like you’re discussing how to eat her?”

Not far away, a young red-haired woman who had just woken up in a daze trembled when she heard that and almost peed herself. Eat? Eat me?

Before she could scream, however, a familiar figure appeared before her.

Her eyes widened, but she couldn’t make a sound.

That black suit and pair of green cat eyes were very eye-catching. New York reporters were all too familiar with this image — Batman’s partner, Black Cat, who was currently known as the number one female superhero.

While Black Cat had always acted as a sidekick to Batman, to many women, Black Cat was no worse than a man.

While she was staring blankly at the four “monsters” in front of her, a dark shadow appeared behind her.

The red-haired woman trembled and almost peed herself.

Batman! She was actually seeing Batman with her own eyes, along with Black Cat. This superhero duo was less than ten meters away from her.

She couldn’t help but reach into her pocket… but didn’t find anything.

Luke glanced at the woman and shook his head inwardly. Even without the woman saying anything, he could sense the air of a reporter about her.

She was zealous, biased, extremely curious, and very stubborn. Apart from her face and figure, she was no different from most middle-aged paparazzi.


The sound of metal hitting the ground woke up all the “people” present.

Everybody turned to look, only to see a pen fall to the ground as two eyes glowed as they looked at Luke. “Batman, is that you? Is that really Batman?”

Everybody: “…”

Luke didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Ignoring this, he said, “No matter what we talk about, this reporter has to leave first.”

The red-haired woman’s face changed. “Wait, I’m involved, right? I have the right to know.”

Luke chuckled. “Alright, lady, you know that I’m not NYPD, and I’m not someone who follows the rules.”

The red-haired woman said gloomily, “Can’t I just record a little?”

Pondering for a moment, Luke suddenly said, “You can take photos of us, but not reveal those four.”

The red-haired woman was reluctant. “It’s just news. It’s nothing, right?”

Luke stared at her with his blood-red lenses. “That’s because all you see are news headlines; you don’t know anything about the real world.”

Stunned for a moment, the red-haired woman’s eyes then glittered. “What happened to you? Were you pursued? Or betrayed? Did those dirty politicians do something to you…”

Amused, Luke grabbed her back. “Bastet, take them somewhere else and wait for me.”

The red-haired woman: “Wait, my things. Who’s Bastet? Is that Black Cat’s name? Hey, I can’t breathe…”

Selina snorted.

Although all paparazzi were like that, the red-haired woman was really dedicated and didn’t forget to dig up information even at this moment.

She turned around and looked at the four guys, then jerked her head. “Let’s go. Let’s talk somewhere else.”

A few minutes later, Luke followed Selina’s signal and found an open space in the sewers.

Seeing how Selina was observing the four “monsters” carefully and making them uncomfortable, Luke said helplessly, “Alright, Bastet, they’re just kids.”

Selina was surprised. “What?”

The four guys weren’t tall at about 1.6 meters, but their limbs were excessively burly, and they looked like small tanks. When they talked… She hadn’t really talked to them yet since she was too busy scanning them with her suit.

Luke had noticed via Mental Communication.

These four guys didn’t know how to hide their thoughts. He could almost “hear” their thoughts every time they spoke.

As he spoke, Luke walked over to them and looked down at the four little monsters in a row. “Let me officially introduce myself. I’m Batman. You can call me Bruce. How should I address you?”

“My name is Raphael.”

“I’m Mikey.”

“I’m Donnie.”

“My name is Leo.”

Luke nodded. “Are you turtles?”

As soon as he said that, the four guys in front of him suddenly assumed a group pose. “We are ninjas~ turtles~ yeah!”

Selina covered her face, unable to look at them.

The four monsters were using poses which kids loved the most. The superhero in front was on one knee. Behind him, another stood on one leg like a crane with his arms raised. The two on the sides stretched out their weapons. It was like… a peacock spreading its tail.

It reminded Selina of watching cartoons as a kid and raising her arms to yell, “Give me strength, XXX!”

Fine, I really believe they’re still kids! she mumbled inwardly.

Seeing Selina’s action and Luke’s silence, the four “turtles” awkwardly stopped.

Mikey didn’t forget to explain, “It’s a habit. It’s just a habit.”

Selina suddenly said, “Ninja~ turtles~”

The four guys subconsciously assumed the pose again. “Yeah~”

Luke was lost for words.

The turtles were lost for words.

Selina gave up.

The atmosphere was less tense now.

Luke coughed and broke the sudden silence as he approached them. “Are you sea turtles?”

Leo, who wielded two blades, shook his head. “We’re freshwater turtles.”

Luke looked at their shells; they weren’t as peaked as tortoise shells. “Can you tell me where you came from? And what are you doing in New York?”

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