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«Super Detective in the Fictional World (Web Novel) - Chapter 909: Life Is Too Unfair!

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Chapter 909: Life Is Too Unfair!

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The next day, Dustin summoned Luke to the big meeting room.

There were more than ten detectives in the room. Some information had already been pasted on the whiteboard, with some locations and names written on the board.

Luke and Selina looked at each other and sat down silently.

They were more familiar with the photos on the whiteboard than all the detectives present.

It was the crime scene of D’Amico’s nest.

Yesterday, Luke and Damon had confronted fifty or sixty criminals head-on, and one had even used a grenade. Naturally, the commotion hadn’t escaped the police’s notice.

D’Amico was dead, and so were the criminals in the building. The criminals who had gone to the warehouse weren’t able to return and clean up the area in time before the police took control of the scene.

NYPD had long put the drug lord Frank D’Amico’s name on a blacklist.

But Frank wasn’t that stupid. He had stuck to selling his illegal drugs and had done a lot of bad things in private, but he hadn’t wrecked law and order in New York on the surface, so he hadn’t been targeted.

After all, selling illegal drugs didn’t affect New York’s prosperity and stability.

In comparison, it was the FBI and the DEA who were more interested in the D’Amico gang.

But there had been too much activity in D’Amico’s nest last night. When the police went to check it out, they found a lot of bodies inside, including Frank D’Amico and his son.

The nest also contained a lot of weapons and a small amount of illegal drugs. Even more importantly, there were ledgers, which made the police feel like they had found treasure.

Luke didn’t take the ledgers with him when he was cleaning out the safe. He only scanned the important books and put them back in the safe to give his colleagues some benefits for cleaning up the scene.

From the ledgers, NYPD would be able to track down a lot of people who had dealings with D’Amico without too much effort.

There was some information on the whiteboard that clearly pointed to underground dealings with some gangs.

Dustin explained the details and assigned the tasks.

As expected, Dustin specifically requested that everybody keep an eye out after the fight at D’Amico’s nest last night, and to keep calm for now.

The objective for the next few days was to capture important leaders of these underground gangs.

Normally, NYPD wouldn’t make a big fuss, but since they now had evidence of their crimes, they would be idiots if they didn’t take the opportunity to claim credit.

The bigshots in NYPD and New York’s city council still needed to rack up some achievements. Otherwise, how could they dupe the public into voting for them?

After learning about the mission, Luke and Selina left the police department and got to work.

At the same time, two guests who weren’t clients arrived at the Nelson and Murdock law firm in Clinton early in the morning.

Looking at the man and woman in formal business suits, Foggy asked, “Is there something we can help you with?”

He could tell with one glance that the man was also a lawyer, but the woman didn’t look like one. She looked more like an administrative clerk.

Recalling the middle-aged woman who had roared yesterday about suing them, Foggy and Matt’s expressions changed slightly.

Wasn’t it just a small management fee? Was there really a need to call a lawyer? That bit of money wasn’t even enough to pay for a lawyer. Both of them couldn’t help but wonder.

The man took out a card, put it on the table, and pushed it toward Foggy. “I’m lawyer Allen Shaw. I’m here on behalf of the Foundation for the Poor and the Disabled. I’m here to discuss a long-term charity donation with your firm. This is Miss Ella Dray, a member of the foundation. She’ll be in touch with you in the future.”

Both Foggy and Matt were stunned. “Charity donation?”

A lawyer had to go through a lot of legal proceedings for a charity donation, but this lawyer had already done all of it?

At that moment, Allen took out a stack of documents and explained the situation to them.

But while he had a calm expression on his face, Allen was inwardly very jealous of these two.

He wasn’t jealous of the fact that these two could apply to the foundation for money to help the poor and disabled.

Allen wasn’t so bad as to cheat the poor out of their money. What he envied was the separate donation contract.

They didn’t talk for long.

This newly established charity foundation had received a total of 2.3 million in donations.

Foggy and Matt only had to help submit applications to the foundation on behalf of those who needed aid, and the rest of the work would be done by the foundation.

Amidst the documents which Allen took out, the only thing that really needed to be signed was a separate donation contract.

As long as Nelson and Murdock continued to provide legal assistance to the poor and needy, the foundation would donate $50,000 to the firm every month for a year.

That was the source of Allen’s envy.

A donation contract like this basically had conditions attached, such as the office needing to provide legal aid to a certain number of the poor and needy every year to prevent them from taking the money and not doing anything, or doing less.

But there was no such troublesome restriction in this donation contract. The only condition was that the law firm continued to operate.

As long as Foggy and Matt were willing, they could use this money as their monthly salary or to cover the firm’s operation costs.

If it were Allen, he would use this money to cover company expenses, and whatever profits he made from lawsuits would go into his pockets, which would also help his career along tremendously.

Looking at the scale of this Nelson and Murdock law firm, an annual donation of 600,000 would actually be able to last them for several years.

It was clear that this law firm would be able to continue operating for a few more years.

It was simply the dream of countless young people to start a business with someone else’s money.

These two young greenhorn lawyers had really run into such a good thing.

What was even more depressing was that Allen was the one to give them the money.

Recalling how he had been kicked out of his last law firm half a year ago and had to leave Los Angeles to come to New York, Allen could only sigh. Life was so unfair!

But no matter how many times he cursed in his heart, he could only smile and say goodbye to the two young lawyers.

After seeing off Allen and Ella, the three executive members hid in the office.

Karen looked at the two of them with a smile. “Okay, who did this? What a big surprise. Yesterday, you said you were going to look for a big client, but today, you found a charity foundation which even comes with no conditions attached.”

A big client who was willing to fork out a lot of money meant that it would be a very troublesome lawsuit, while there was nothing troublesome attached to this donation.

Hearing that, Foggy subconsciously looked at Matt, who shook his head. “It wasn’t me. I don’t know any bigshots like this.”

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