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«Super Detective in the Fictional World (Web Novel) - Chapter 908: Teammates Have to Be Grabbed From Dolls?

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Chapter 908: Teammates Have to Be Grabbed From Dolls?

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Mindy tilted her head and thought for a moment. “Are you talking about the Asians who use blind people to load and deliver goods?”

Damon nodded. “That’s them. I think they have at least 100,000 in cash. That’s enough for us for a year.”

Mindy nodded and didn’t say anything else.

100,000 was enough for a year?

Mindy mumbled to herself, “Then I’ll choose a more expensive school, the kind that won’t leave much money left after paying the school fees. At that time, as long as we don’t starve to death, we’ll still have to come out to fight crime!”

Everything was under control! A particular little girl was full of ambition and vowed to fight to the end against her father and V, these two heartless middle-aged men.

That was right, Mindy felt that V should be a handsome man in his thirties or forties.

He might be a little old, but she firmly believed without any doubt — that V was definitely handsome.

An ugly person definitely didn’t have that kind of aura. It was like a shut-in who couldn’t string sentences together when he saw a beautiful woman.

She trusted her instincts.

As Luke drove home, he threw the bag of money into his inventory.

The real reward tonight wasn’t the money, but the system.

System: Teammate Selina has destroyed illegal drugs. Mission accomplished.

Total experience: 6,000. Total credit: 6,000.

Selina is a 3-star teammate. Host automatically gets a 50% share of the contribution rate. Host has obtained 3,000 experience and 3,000 credit points.

System: Eliminate the headquarters of the D’Amico gang. Mission accomplished.

Total experience: 3,000. Total experience: 3,000.

Contribution rate: 70%. EXP +2,100. Credit +2,100.

Host’s experience: 97,600 / 100,000

Credit: 75,300

An upgrade was right in front of him. That was his reward.

Looking at Mindy McCreedy’s name on the teammates panel, Luke was delighted.

In helping someone else for fun, he actually obtained a teammate! That was something he hadn’t expected.

How hard was it to obtain a teammate? Just look at how many he had right now — there were only three of them.

Luke had helped Damon a lot tonight. The system notification also confirmed that he had received Damon’s gratitude and could learn all his abilities, but Damon hadn’t become a 1-star teammate.

Maybe kids were easier to fool? A certain detective couldn’t help but consider the idea.

He had to pick kids for teammates? That would take too long.

But if he was picking them from among high school kids, he had a few suitable candidates.

Stacy and the Cassidy sisters had just settled down at a training base in New Jersey a few days ago.

Although they might not become superheroes in the future, it was still a possibility.

He wouldn’t force the issue, but if he really got another teammate, it would definitely be worth it.

It seemed that he had to invest more in his potential teammates to increase their chances of passing the evaluation as teammates, and the younger they were, the better, Luke thought.

It had been too easy for Mindy to be judged a teammate this time. Luke couldn’t help but want to try and replicate this success.

While Luke was driving home cheerfully and formulating new investments for his potential teammates, Damon and Mindy had already started their last gang purge before their “holiday.”

The results of the operation were out of their expectations. Not only was it an intense battle, there was also a limited amount of cash in the nest.

Nevertheless, they returned home before midnight.

Looking at the clock in the living room, which showed that it was only 11:45, Damon nodded in satisfaction. At least he didn’t go back on his word.

Mindy nodded in satisfaction. They had only obtained 150,000 dollars in cash this time, which didn’t have too big an impact on her “expenditure plan.”

Both father and daughter had different thoughts as they started planning for their “holiday” and new lives in the future.

At the same time, somewhere in New York, Wesley, the middle-aged man in glasses, dialed another number. “Boss, something happened again.”

On the other end of the line: “What is it?”

Wesley said, “Two things. The first is that Frank D’Amico was just killed. According to his two seriously injured subordinates, two of the people who did it were his archenemies whom he asked us to help find. They’re called Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. But there was also the smiling masked man, who’s been targeting our business recently.”

After a brief silence, the person on the other end of the line said, “D’Amico won’t affect us much. We can just switch to another distributor. We’ll talk about that smiling masked man after we uncover his background.”

“Boss, the second thing is related to the first thing,” said Wesley.


“Recently, our people have started to go into hiding. Tonight, a large batch of goods was delivered to Mrs. Gao. During the transfer, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl appeared and killed our and Mrs. Gao’s men. They also set fire to all the goods.” Wesley smiled bitterly.

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Based on the time of the incident, the two of them attacked Mrs. Gao’s warehouse after they and the smiling masked man got rid of D’Amico. I just spoke to Mrs. Gao on the phone. She said that the goods weren’t delivered, so she won’t pay.”

The person on the other end of the line was breathing heavily. “How much did we lose?”

“About 20 million,” replied Wesley.

There was silence on the other end of the line for a moment before the voice picked up again. “Our plan remains the same. Hide. Tell Mrs. Gao that the losses will be ours, but she has to do her best to find the masked man as soon as possible, or nobody will be doing any business.”

Wesley: “Okay, boss. But don’t we need to do something?”

The other end of the line: “What do you think?”

“I’ve contacted the Hand, and they said that they’re deploying people, but they haven’t done anything yet. I suspect that they’re just patronizing us and want us to deal with the masked men,” said Wesley.

The person on the other end snorted. “Ignore them. There’s something wrong with the people from the Hand.”

Wesley nodded and continued, “That’s why I want to hire a bunch of hitmen to deal with the masked man. I need your permission.”

On the other end of the line: “Who is it?” Ordinary hitmen couldn’t deal with the masked man.

Wesley: “I’m going to look for the Fraternity. They’re not ordinary hitmen.”

Pondering for a moment, the person on the other end of the line agreed. “Okay. It’s best if we send someone to monitor the fight when they take action. I want to see how powerful this masked man is.”

Wesley: “Okay, boss.”

On the other side, Luke didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the system notification.

System: Teammate Mindy McCreedy cleaned up Mrs. Gao’s warehouse. Mission accomplished.

Total experience: 5,000. Total credit: 5,000.

Mindy’s contribution rate: 40%.

Mindy is a 1-star teammate. Host automatically gets a 10% share of the contribution rate. Host has obtained 200 experience and 200 credit points.

Host’s experience: 97,800 / 100,000

Credit: 75,500

What was going on with the father and daughter duo?! Weren’t they dispirited just earlier? Why were they running to clear a new instance now?

After thinking for a moment, he still didn’t contact Damon.

After all, they weren’t on the same team, and weren’t obliged to report to each other. If they wanted to do something, Luke couldn’t interfere.

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