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«Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant’s Pampered Demon Empress (Web Novel) - Chapter 225: Impressive Beauty

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Chapter 225: Impressive Beauty

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“Yes, Young Miss Lin,” replied the slightly frightened guard who then proceeded to quickly head back to his position.

Liu Rushuang stared furiously at Lin Yimei. “Do you want to die?”

Lin Yimei always held a grudge toward Liu Rushuang in her heart. “Why are you looking for my cousin?” She asked in a cold voice.

“Naturally, for business. No matter what it takes, I’m going to see Nangong Ba today,” said Liu Rushuang just as coldly.

Han Moze stepped out of the carriage and walked up to them. “Young Miss Lin, you can’t possibly not show respect to us? Us, husband and wife!”

Lin Yimei immediately jumped in shock when she saw Han Moze.

“Your Majesty,” whispered Lin Yimei politely, then ordered the guard to go pass on their message.

Thereafter, she hurriedly made her way down the street.

Why had the Emperor come too? She thought that the wench would come alone!

Liu Rushuang watched the silhouette of Lin Yimei’s back with disdain left on her face. She was a troublemaking woman!

Soon enough, the guard returned and politely reported, “The lord welcomes Young Miss Gem to enter, alone.”

“Ze, wait outside for me. I’ll be back soon,” said Liu Rushuang, as she turned her head and smiled.

“Be very careful,” prompted Han Moze, a little uneasily.

“Mhm, got it.” With that said, Liu Rushuang followed the guard inside.

After Liu Rushuang stepped in, she was left completely dumbfounded. It was truly beautiful inside!

There were various colored trees and flowers. The view was exquisite and every inch of the courtyard was constructed with red wood. The pathways were all made with top-quality jade. It was extremely luxurious! Every area of construction was considerably expensive, but that wasn’t surprising at all, knowing that Nangong Ba was the wealthiest man in Beiming.

The guard left Liu Rushuang to a small mountain, surrounded by fake mountains and green trees at the very top. They continued to walk a hundred more steps until they reached the peak. There, stood a pavilion with four columns made of pear wood, which looked rather tall and big.

Liu Rushuang saw Nangong Ba sitting in a chair that resembled a wheelchair, staring at the foot of the mountain.

As Liu Rushuang drew closer, she realized that there was a sizeable waterfall on the other side of the mountain. On either side of the mountain, there were many stones which made the entire landscape look stunning.

Liu Rushuang couldn’t resist but sigh in awe. Nangong Ba truly knew how to live it up.

“Gem! You’re here!” Nangong Ba said with a forced smile, as he turned around.

Liu Rushuang looked at the handsome Nangong Ba who looked seductive to the bone as usual, and yet was sitting in a wheelchair. Instinctively, she blurted, “Wh-what happened to you?”

Nangong Ba smiled nonchalantly. “All my nerves are damaged! It’s nothing big.”

Liu Rushuang slightly furrowed her brows as her heart ached all of a sudden. “I heard you have a red eagle. Where is it?” She said, getting straight to the point.

Nangong Ba averted his hazy eyes towards the waterfall. “It’s gone to play over there and should be back soon,” he said with a faint smile, then continued to say, “Why are you looking for the red eagle?”

Liu Rushuang took a step forward and also gazed over at the beautiful waterfall with a faint smile. “The red eagle might be a piece of my soul. It can help me remember things in the distant past.”

Nangong Ba’s eyes slightly widened and replied with a smile, “How extraordinary. Gem, could you tell me what happened in the distant past?”

Liu Rushuang softly shook her head and flatly replied, “I only vaguely saw the silhouette of you and Ze. I couldn’t see anyone else clearly.”

Nangong Ba’s entire body shuddered. She had seen him?

He smiled. He was now a cripple who could no longer move an inch, so he probably couldn’t stay by Gem’s side forever.

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