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«Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant’s Pampered Demon Empress (Web Novel) - Chapter 365: Lust on the Mind

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Chapter 365: Lust on the Mind

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Lord Zhu coughed a few times, then leaned forward and whispered into the man’s ear. “Bodyguard Chen, this is an order from the Emperor himself! Do you dare disobey?!”

Bodyguard Chen’s eyes immediately shot wide open. “W-what… did you say? The… Emperor’s orders?”

Lord Zhu’s eyes sneakily glanced over at Han Moze and realized that he seemed to glare back at him. His entire body couldn’t help but shudder in fear, then quietly spoke in a trembling voice. “Bodyguard Chen, do you see the man on the horse in the distance?”

Bodyguard Chen was left stunned and immediately averted his gaze. All he could see was Han Moze sitting majestically on a horse, dressed in completely black, and staring off into a distance. His entire body seemed to ooze a chilling and threatening aura.

Bodyguard Chen couldn’t help but gulp and looked back. “T-that’s… the… emperor?” He said with a trembling voice.

Lord Zhu silently rolled his eyes and spoke with a hint of annoyance. “You don’t even recognize the Emperor? I really don’t know how you became an official…”

Bodyguard Chen sneaked another glance at Han Moze, then smirked. “As if he isn’t any other person with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth? He looks more or less like me!” He said annoyed.

“SHhhhhh! How could you look down on the Emperor? That’s a huge offense worth beheading!” Lord Zhu muttered.

Then, he looked at Bodyguard Chen up and down, who had a rough, tanned face. “Hurry up and go! Quit acting up on me. I’m don’t want to hear it!” He ushered impatiently with a displeasantly cruel look in his mouse-like eyes.

Bodyguard Chen scoffed coldly at Lord Zhu, then compared Han Moze and Beauty in his heart. After a while, he said, “I’m not going! How can the criminals sent to Beauty ever return?”

Lord Zhu was left slightly stunned. He never imagined that Bodyguard Chen would actually dare disobey an order!

“Are you sure you won’t go? Are you not afraid of Your Majesty pinning the blame down on you?” He said with a sunken look and gritted teeth.

Bodyguard Chen pursed his lips in reply, then remained silent for a moment. “Not going!” He answered with certainty.

Lord Zhu tightly clenched both his fists, then pondered for a moment with furrowed brows. Actually, he was really unwilling to listen to Han Moze’s orders!

His eyes quivered and he unleashed a dim, sneaky glow. He was just a little fifth-rate official. Why bother worrying so much?

Just then, he immediately turned around, took a few steps towards Han Moze and kneeled. He wiped his tears, and helplessly reported back. “Your Majesty, please forgive me but I’m unable to fulfill your orders. I’m just a meager fifth-rate official who cannot order these big, tall men on horses to move! So, please order the first-rate officials in the ministry of justice to go save the people!”

Han Moze glared skeptically at Lord Zhu after he heard what he had to say, then the veins in his temples bulged. He glanced at Bodyguard Chen who disregarded him, in the distance, and was unable to restrain his growing anger.

He leaped off his horse and unleashed the awe-inspiring grandeur of a ruler from his entire body, then kicked Lord Zhu, who kneeled on the ground, in a flash.

Lord Zhu was struck even before he had time to react, and was sent sliding dozens of steps back, crashing hard into Bodyguard Chen.


Bodyguard Chen couldn’t withstand Lord Zhu’s sudden collision and fell forward uncontrollably. He landed hard onto the ground and couldn’t help but erupt. “Who? Which coward dared to barge me from behind? Watch as I slaughter you!”

Just then, he spun around with seething anger in his eyes.

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