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«Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant’s Pampered Demon Empress (Web Novel) - Chapter 312: Black Cat Demon Technique

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Chapter 312: Black Cat Demon Technique

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“Black Cat Queen, did you forget about your charm technique? All you have to do is control ten thousand humans to carry the water. Why should we have to do all the hard work?” Said Yellow Wolf King with a ferocious look on their face.

Black Cat raised her brows and spoke in a shrill voice. “Oh! How could I have forgotten about my charm technique? That’ll save us so much trouble. The two of you can just wait here for me to come back. I’ll lead my cats to command the humans to fetch the water.”

Black Cat spun around like a black flash of lightning and sprinted off.

Behind her, over a thousand cat demons immediately followed after.

The cat demons leapt southward and after half an hour, they reached the nearby city of Huangchuan City.

Just as Black Cat came to a stop, she overheard a conversation in the distance. The conversation was from citizens on horses who were riding into the city.

“Did you hear? A few days ago, Qingyuan City was seized by a load of giant poisonous spiders. Luckily, the emperor rushed to Qingyuan yesterday and extinguished all those poisonous spiders! Otherwise, Qingyuan’s citizens would have seriously suffered!”

“I’ve heard about this too. News about it has spread everywhere right now. It’d be hard not to know.”

“I hope those scary demons won’t appear again.”

“Yes, but Huangchuan City’s so remote. Demons probably won’t show their faces here.”

“Mmm, I think so too.”

Black Cat overhead the young men’s conversation and furrowed her brows. “The Blue Spider King’s really dead? A human actually managed to kill him?”

She waved her claw. “Ah forget it. Finding water is more important now. Whether Blue Spider King was really killed should be known soon.”

With a quick spin, the Black Cat transformed into an extraordinarily beautiful woman with thin, shapely brows. Her eyes were big, black, and round. She had a small nose and mouth, and a pair of black cat ears on her head. Her long, black hair swept behind her back and her thin, jagged bangs covered her forehead. What made people’s heart race and face blush the most was her extremely ethereal figure. Her breasts were several times larger than the average woman, her waist was thin, and she had long, fair legs. From top to bottom, she only wore a tight, black mini dress. Even her feet were exposed!

The cat demons behind her also spun around and transformed into beautiful women who looked seductive beyond compare.

Black Cat spun around. “We’ll go our separate ways. Each cat must gather at least ten buckets of water. We’ll meet here in half an hour. Got it?” She ordered.

“Yes, my queen!” All the cat demons accepted their orders and flew towards the city. In the blink of an eye, they were gone.

Black Cat flashed a seductive smile, then headed straight for the city gates not too far away.

It was almost nightfall, and so the sky wasn’t bright nor dark. There were streams of carts and horses coming in and out of Huangchuan City.

Black Cat appeared outside the city gates like a sexy, extraordinarily beautiful woman and instantly caught the eye of everyone around her.

“Brother Yang! Look, quick! That woman over there! She’s really beautiful!” said the ordinary-looking man who started drooling.

“Let’s quickly go have a look!” The man called Yang immediately rode his horse closer and looked at Black Cat with a thirsty look on his face.

Soon enough, Black Cat was surrounded by a sea of citizens with perverted looks on their faces.

Black Cat smiled and swayed as she walked slowly into the city.

All of a sudden, a fat man in beige clothing walked up to her with squinty, perverted eyes. “Hey beautiful, I’m a young master from a wealthy family. Would you like to come with me?”

Black Cat looked at the ugly human with furrowed brows and touched his chest with her small hand. In an instant, her nails stabbed into the man’s heart.

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