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Chapter 311: Desert Rain

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Chu Qingchuan’s eyes lit up. “So you’re saying that I should eat the queen parasite and think of a way to get Nangong Ba to eat the child parasite?”

“Exactly,” nodded Black Death.

A smile appeared on Chu Qingchuan’s face, but fell again after some thought. “If Nangong Ba finds out that I planted the parasite and wants to kill me, then what do I do?”

Black Death sighed and shook his head. This woman is really stupid.

CQD blinked and came to a sudden realization. “Nangong Ba would be under my control, so how could he possibly kill me?”

A hint of a satisfied smile appeared on the Black Death’s face. “That’s the principle. All we have to do is think of a way to get Nangong Ba to eat the parasite.”

“Mhm, I understand now. However, that Nangong Ba is a really cautious person. How can we make him eat the child parasite?” Chu Qingchuan stroked her chin with her slender hand in contemplation.

Black Death also furrowed his brows to think of a plan.

At sunset, Han Moze and Liu Rushuang led the army to stay at an inn.

Meanwhile, the Yellow Wolf King, Mountain Sheep King, and Black Cat Queen returned to their original meeting point in the Sahara desert.

Yellow Wolf King stuck his tongue out and heaved heavily. “Who knows where that Vine King’s buried?! How about we first go find the other demon kings?” He snarled viciously.

Black Cat fanned herself with her cat claws. “That’s what I was thinking. Let’s hurry up and leave this damned place,” she said in a shrill voice.

Mountain Sheep King furrowed his brows and stroked his long beard. “I agree. Then, let’s leave this place now and go find the closest one, the Bat King.”

Black Cat grinned and swayed her tail. “Meowwww… I can’t take it anymore! I’m going first.”

However, just when Black Cat turned to leave, a sudden, powerful gust of wind blew in.

Black Cat averted her gaze to the flying sand and gravel. “Don’t tell me that it’s going to rain?!”

Yellow Wolf King and Mountain Sheep King looked up to see that the sky was filled with dark clouds.

“Rain’s good! I can’t bear the heat right now,” the Mountain Sheep King said cheerfully.

Yellow Wolf King smiled too, clearly happy it was going to rain.

Soon enough, rain gradually did start falling from the skies and moisten the dry sand on the ground.

The demonic beasts in the desert stopped in their tracks, and raised their heads comfortably.

But then, in the blink of an eye, something very strange happened.

All they could see were loads of uneven vines growing from the ground with one tangled to another. Then, the three demons’ feet were caught in its grasp.

The Yellow Wolf King’s eyes shot wide open. “Who would have thought it? The Vine King was actually buried right here! I wasted half a day searching for nothing!” He said viciously.

Mountain Sheep King saw the vines on the ground and stroked his beard. “It looks like heaven is helping us demons,” he chuckled.

Black Cat constantly tried to avoid the vines from intertwining her leg. “So, how are we meant to free the Vine King out of there?” She asked with a scrunched-up look on her face.

Just then, the Vine King’s raspy voice was heard from beneath the ground.

“It’s Yellow Wolf King, Mountain Sheep King, and Black Cat Queen right? I don’t have much time. Long story short, you three will have to get at least ten thousand buckets of water as soon as possible. I…”

They practically couldn’t make out the rest of what the Vine King was going to say. The ground quickly dried up after the rain suddenly stopped, as well as the vines that grew out.

The three demon kings and queen watched in complete astonishment, as the vines quickly dried up and disappeared into the sand.

The Black Cat pulled a feline smile and raised her brows. “Our cat demon powers are weaker, so we can only be responsible for a thousand buckets. We’ll have to leave the nine thousand buckets leftover to you two demon kings to handle.”

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