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«Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant’s Pampered Demon Empress (Web Novel) - Chapter 144: The Imperial Banquet Begins

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Chapter 144: The Imperial Banquet Begins

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Liu Rushuang looked at Han Moze’s face which instantly looked incredibly gentle, and was left stunned.

Then, she felt the itchy and numb feeling in the back of the hand travel to her heart. For some reason, she felt her heart slightly pound.

Shouldn’t this tyrant be threatening her?

Either threaten her to kiss him first, or admit that she was wrong…

She blinked in confusion.

All of a sudden, Han Moze smiled. Then, he twirled her into his arms.

He pulled Liu Rushuang up incredibly naturally.

She jumped slightly in shock.

Her heart skipped a beat!

Tyrant, I’ll be blinded if you smile so affectionately at me!

He’s so hotttt!

Han Moze gazed warmly upon Liu Rushuang. “My wife, may your husband come closer to you?”

He was extremely flirtatious!

Liu Rushuang’s eyes shot wide open. So, this tyrant was flirting with her!

But all he did was change the look on his face.

She wanted to pull away, but he tightened his grip around her wrist.

There was no way she could break free!

“Let go of my hand! You must start!” She snarled at Han Moze with a hard stare.

The Fallen Phoenix Palace had an incredibly beautiful red rug with white floral embroidery on the floor.


Han Moze directly pinned Liu Rushuang down to the floor!

Then, he kissed the little mouth that had lingered on his mind!

Liu Rushuang jumped in shock. “You tyrant! Go away!”

“Uh huh…” Liu Rushuang furrowed her brows as she glared at Han Moze, pressed up against her. He was so heavy!

/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ She was being pushed around by that time it again!

“Your majesty, everyone has arrived!” Exclaimed Eunuch Chen from outside, just in the nick of time.

Liu Rushuang’s eyes lit up. She was saved!


But Han Moze pretended he didn’t hear, and pinched open her little mouth forcefully but affectionately.

“Mmmmm mmm…” Liu Rushuang protested and struggled against Han Moze’s brute force.

Han Moze viciously bit Liu Rushuang’s little tongue to stop her struggling for a moment.

Liu Rushuang felt the numbing pain on her tongue, then raised her pretty brows and fiercely glared at Han Moze.

She thought he turned gentle, and yet in the end, he was just as violent as before!

It was hard to change his true nature!

Once the long kiss ended, he got up in satisfaction.

Liu Rushuang got up and glared at him furiously, then stepped out of the room first!

To her surprise, she was engrossed by that tyrant’s kiss!

She must’ve been wildly abused to actually like being so violently kissed!


She couldn’t fall for that tyrant!

Han Moze smiled and caught up to her. All of a sudden, he felt really happy.

Shuang’Er sounded truly beautiful just now!

O(∩_∩)O Haha!

When they walked up to the thrones in the hall, the ministers and state officials from various countries were already seated.

Han Moze and Liu Rushuang radiated like they had absorbed all the light in the hall!

Everyone’s gazes were drawn towards them!


A match made in heaven!

“Greetings your majesty, her majesty. Long live the emperor. Long live the Empress.” Greeted the state officials as they walked up to the centre of the hall and kowtowed.

“You may all rise!” Said Han Moze with a deep and magnetic voice.

“Thank you, your majesty!”

“Thank you for coming to congratulate myself and her Majesty! With a specially prepared wonderful wine and delicious food, please help yourselves!” Said Han Moze with a deep and firm voice.

She looked down on them with an emotionless expression on her face.

How incredibly cold!

Han Moze shot a look at her and sent her affectionate vibes!

He loved seeing her resistant and scolding look!

Chu Qingchuan looked enviously up at Liu Rushuang on the throne, as she tightly gritted her teeth.

To her surprise, the Emperor of Beiming gazed at that wench with a smile in his eye!


The prince of Donghua Chu Yitian wore a navy robe with golden embroidery and looked Smart yet devilish. Without sounding subservient not over bearing, he got up and exclaimed, “This is the gift that Donghua has prepared for your majesty and her majesty of Beiming’s big wedding. We hope you can kindly except it!”

He came to the senses, and waved at the eunuchs to collect the gift. “You’re much too kind prince of Donghua!” He replied.

“Emperor of Beiming, there’s no harm in opening it now. That way, I will at least know if you are satisfied with our gift?” Said Chu Yitian with a faint smile.

There was a deeply dark glint in Han Moze’s eyes, as he gradually open the black wooden box.

All of a sudden, a bright light escaped from the box and illuminated half the hall.

Liu Rushuang’s eyes shot wide open. She guessed that it was a king of fruit which increased one’s inner breath.

They were extremely rare!

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