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«Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant’s Pampered Demon Empress (Web Novel) - Chapter 143: Who’s Fault Was It?

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Chapter 143: Who’s Fault Was It?

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Liu Rushuang wore an intricate, gold dress with a gold hairpin in her topknot.

Devilishly exquisite figure!

Skin as fair as snow!

Curled eyelashes that fluttered!

And yet she showed no emotion on her face; it was as cold as the ice from the snowy peaks, and made her seem difficult to approach!

Do you festive atmosphere all around was crystal clear!

When Han Moze stepped inside, he saw that she was drinking tea.

“Does it taste good?” Asked Han Moze who walked in and sat down in front of her with a bright smile.

Liu Rushuang put on her tea cup and shot at the same for grants at him. “I feel terrible right now. You must feel great!”

“No. I hope that we can be happy together and when you’re not with me you miss me,” said Han Moze with the sinister smile

“How could I possibly be happy with you?” She coldly grunted.

“Why unhappy?” Han Moze’s eyes slightly squinted but he held his evil smile.

This woman just loved to say things he didn’t like!

She really deserved to be taught a lesson!

“I just am! I would be ecstatic if you could give me a divorce letter. You don’t need to be mad at me or get violent with me, and everyone will be happy, right?” She said bluntly with a chilling voice.

All of a sudden, Han Moze looked vicious.

Raising his hand, he clutched onto her little, fair neck. “By being this rebellious, aren’t you afraid I’m going to choke you to death right here?” He said with a cold and resounding voice.

She didn’t dodge it, but just let him tighten his grip instead.

As she felt the pain on her neck intensify, she suddenly pulled a smile. “Have you ever seen me afraid of death? I am an assassin. I’ve gave no thought to life and death a long time ago. What small I don’t believe I’ll die by your hand. You won’t choke me to death.”

The tyrant choked her several more times, and finally let go!

“Why do you think I wouldn’t dare choke you to death?!” He said with the deep voice, as he continued to tighten his grip.

Liu Rushuang’s face looked sullen and her voice sound of cold. “Huk huk… you won’t so you won’t, because you really like me. I reckon someone like you wouldn’t use your emotions to trick people!”

Her neck was in serious pain!


Tyrant, I’m going to take you down with me!

Suddenly, she quickly raised her hand and violently strangled Han Moze.

*Cough cough* Han Moze felt an intense pain around his neck and couldn’t help but cough. “Let go!” He cried with a threatening look on his face.

“*Cough cough*… No!” Exclaimed Liu Rushuang through gritted teeth and gaze that told him she wasn’t backing down. She continued to tighten her grip.

*Swoosh* Han Moze swiftly removed his giant palms.

This woman almost broke his neck!

This woman really didn’t know who was boss!

She actually dared to treat him that way?

Liu Rushuang also let go of his neck, then reached her hand out to stroke her own. It was definitely red and swollen.

*Cough cough* The both of them coughed.

(╯﹏╰) So painful!

Han Moze wickedly side-eyed Liu Rushuang. “Women really are troublesome! They’re either annoyingly weak and gentle, or they’re like you - with thorns all over the body so that nobody can go near them.”

“You must have a problem judging people. Clearly, your violent ways and intense domineering nature angers me, so I treat you the same in return. Otherwise, why would I have thorns?” Liu Rushuang glared at Han Moze with disdain.

With one swoop, he grabbed her wrist

“What do you want? Do you want to pinch my hand off?” She glared at him without the slightest hint of fear.

Han Moze silently twitched his lips. He practiced patience many times in the past few days but in the end, she just grew more and more mischievous!

What a fail!

He had better try to capture her heart with gentleness!

Then, he raised her hand and planted a kiss on it.

“Nothing. I just want to kiss the woman with thorns all over her body and see what you’re made of?” He said with a gentle smile.

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