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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1971 - Fail to Tear Space

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Chapter 1971: Fail to Tear Space

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“I can’t go down to the cultivation realm but my immortal ascension wasn’t normal immortal ascension. And…” Ye Mo subconsciously looked at Su Jingwen and then reached out with his hands.

Su Jingwen moaned and then immersed in it again…

After some time, Su Jingwen panted before looking at Ye Mo and said “There was a martial sister called Bingyu who came looking for you. After hearing you were lost, she left Mo Yue Immortal Sect.”

Ye Mo heard this and didn’t feel too natural. After ascending to the immortal realm, he had seen too many beautiful female immortals but he had never been interested in them. The only one he had fascinations for was Zhen Bingyu and that was under a special circumstance.

After a long while, Ye Mo sighed “Zhen Bingyu’s dao heart is completely different to mine. You know what she calls this?”



“Sounds bad.”

“By the way Jingwen, I’ll start teaching you body refinement okay?”

“Why body refinement?”

“You’ll know afterwards…”

As Ye Mo came back and Ji Lei immortal emperor joined Mo Yue Immortal Sect, Mo Yue Immortal Sect became the center of attention in the low heaven domains. The sects and heaven lords were thinking about what gifts to give when they had their sect opening ceremony.

Unlike before, there was clearly and immortal emperor joining the sect. Even in the middle heaven domains, an emperor sect was at the top of the top.

Everyone in Mo Yue Immortal Sect moved while Ye Mo started setting upt he formations.

This time, Ye Mo had no limitations. He planted 36 extreme grade immortal ranges below Mo Yue Immortal Sect and three below Mo Yue Immortal City.

He changed the hundred thousand void defense kill formation. His current formation means were completely different than before. He used half a year to reorganize the formation and remake formation flags. Half a year later, the Mo Yue Immortal Sect sect protection formation closed again. Now, it was truly a level nine immortal formation.

The instant the formation closed, Mo Yue Immortal Sect’ force became grand. It was the grand force and look of an emperor sect.

Ji Lei immortal emperor stood at the top of a peak and looked at the closed formation and exclaimed. He felt his choice was completely correct. Sect leader Ye was a legend in the immortal realm. His age wasn’t big but his cultivation level, formation skills and pill concoction skills were all at the peak of the entire immortal realm. He was certain that no one else in the immortal realm could set up this formation.

This formation was set up to defend against the gang up of immortal emperors. With such formation, even if Mo Yue Immortal Sect had no immortal emperors, so what? This was the true force of an emperor sect.

Wen Ju Heaven Ruo Feng hill. This was the place Ye Mo ascended to. After Ye Mo had set up Mo Yue Immortal Sect formation, he came to here.

He was extremely worried about Luo Yue continent people unable to ascend. The only thing he could think of was the place he ascended. It was impossible to find a way into the cultivation realm from the immortal ascension palace. The only possibility was to find a weak space and tried to tear it.

Usually, the weak places were where cultivators ascended to. He ascended abnormally so that spot must be the weakest.

Ye Mo knew that even if he found where he ascended to, it wouldn’t be easy to tear open the space there.

Although there would be small space tears when two top immortal emperors fought but one couldn’t enter those. Those small cracks would disappear in an instant.

The space of immortal realms were extremely stable. Even immortal emperors wouldn’t be able to tear it casually.

Plus, even if you tore it open so what. The space you tore open was connected to a place you didn’t know at all.

The Ruo Feng hill was where he ascended to. If he tore open that place, there should be a broken world. The broken world had five pillars. He had the divine damnation there and ascended to the immortal realm.

If he just tore here, he would be able to go back to thtat tattered world. Ye Mo believed that he wasn’t able to spirit control the world at the time nor tear it open because he was truth realisation state.

With his immortal emperor power, he might be able to go back to the Heartless Sea through there.

Ruo Feng hill was still the same as before. There were half hard half weak soil everywhere.

Ye Mo found the place where he ascended and started setting up formation flags. Three days later, he completely locked this space fearing that he would create too much commotion tearing open the space causing other places in Wu Ju heaven to collapse.

After getting ready, Ye Mo used all his immortal essence and grabbed at the void. Ye Mo felt a subtle barrier but then he let go in disappointment.

With his current cultivation level, he could feel the barrier but he was far from being able to tear it open.

“Rumble…” The tear opened up and an extremely terrifying power came smashing onto Ye Mo’s chest from the dark void.

Crack. Ye Mo’s ribs were torn open and he spat many mouthfuls of blood in the air and twisted in the air.

Then, another extremely terrifying suction power came wanting to take Ye Mo into that space crevice.

Ye Mo was very shocked. He wanted to use this place to get into that broken world but now he knew he definitely can’t go in.

The space here was this terrifying. If he went in, he would never be able to come out. Tearing the place open was already hard enough, it would be even hard to come back out. It seemed his power was still too weak.

Ye Mo retreated like crazy but that void suction seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Ye Mo used all his immortal essence to force himself to stop.

“Rumble…” The space Ye Mo hacked open finally closed and the suction disappeared. Ye Mo fell from the sky and couldn’t move from the ground.

The powerful immortal essence backlash made Ye Mo spit more blood. He had never been this seriously injured when he fought with other people.

Ye Mo quickly ate a blue spirit essence pill. He was scared. If the void didn’t close itself he would be sucked in.

His wounds slowly closed. Ye Mo rejoiced that he didn’t use the Golden Bow of Immortal Extermination arrow to tear the space here. If the arrow was taken away by space how could he find it. It seemed he would have to wait for Kai Mi to come back to ask how Lu Zhengqun went into the cultivation realm.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to put away the formation flag, two figures landed next to him. It was a man and woman. The man was great unity immortal while the female immortal was abstruse immortal tertiary stage.

“Hmm, it’s you?” The female immortal said in surprise.

Ye Mo got up slowly. He didn’t expect to meet someone familiar here. This female immortal was the Ge Yan goddess he saw at the city gates of Bi Yi immortal city. This place wasn’t far from Bi Yi immortal city. She always went there so it was no wonder she was here.

“Martial sister Ge Yan you know this person?” The male immortal asked in confusion.

Ge Yan nodded “Yes, I saw him at the city gates of Bi Yi immortal city. I didn’t expect he is still here and this seriously injured.”

Ye Mo could tell from her words that he exposed the corner soul weed and people were searching for him but he fled. That’s why she was surprised to see him here.

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