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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1741 - Devour emperor dao crystal

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Chapter 1741: Devour emperor dao crystal

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The three great eternity immortals were shocked, a great extreme immortal dared to use flying magic artefact in here and flew this fast. Was he not afraid of the yin chi here. They looked as Ye Mo landed but no one spoke.

Ye Mo saluted with his fists “I’m Ye Mo, hello three immortal friends.”

The middle aged woman didn’t underestimate Ye Mo and also saluted with her first “So it’s immortal friend Ye, Ren Fu greet immortal friend. Why did you suddenly catch up to us?”

The middle aged woman could tell that Ye Mo had some business, Ye Mo’s eyes stayed on Li Jin the most as though he had some business with her.

Seeing this, Ye Mo nodded “I have a bug that was playing in the immortal graveyard range, when I came out of solitary cultivation, it was gone. I wonder if you guys have seen it.”

With this, Ren Fu immediately realised that the shadowless worm belonged to this great extreme immortal. He was so lucky to get a shadowless worm. They were have to evolve but if they did they would have huge power.

“So that shadowless worm is immortal friend Ye’s, good fortune immortal friend Ye. Half a month ago, we saw a wobbly bug and when we caught it we found it was a shadowless bug so we kept it. Since this shadowless worm is immortal friend Ye’s of course we’ll return it to you.” Ren Fu was unexpectedly so easy to talk to.

If they weren’t going to return shadowless, he was about to fight. but then Ye Mo realised, shadowless already recognized him as master, it was pointless to take it.

“Yes, shadowless is indeed mine, sorry for troubling you three, thank you.” Ye Mo said.

“Li Jin, since shadowless worm is immortal friend Ye’s, return it to him.” Ren Fu said to that great eternity immortal young girl.

The girl was very unhappy that her aunty admitted they had it and now that she had to give it back, she was more unhappy.

But the owner had already chased over, so she groaned “This shadowless had no owner in the immortal graveyard range, I’ve kept it for half a month, who knows it belongs to him? Aunty Fu, would he be tricking us?”

Ye Mo’s face sunk, he was annoyed. It was clear that even if he was scamming, they would know if they let shadowless out. If he was the master, shadowless would fly back immediately. This young girl clearly wanted to keep shadowless. Although it can only recognize one master but each time it evolved, its silk could be forged into top grade immortal robes.

Not only Ye Mo’s face sunk but Ren Fu was unhappy too, she reproached “Li Jin, what is ours others can’t take, what isn’t ours, we can’t force it. Take it out.”

The handsome great eternity immortal smiled “Li Jin, whether shadowless worm belongs to this immortal friend, you will know if you take it out. If it is his, I don’t want you to keep it too.”

“Okay then.” The girl took out a rune, shadowless was restricted by the rune. Immediately, shadowless saw Ye Mo and squeaked.

“You pig, you have the face to squak.” Ye Mo roared angrily. Shadowless didn’t dare to make a sound again.

Clearly, shadowless was owned by Ye Mo.

Seeing this, the young girl knew that if she tried to keep shadowless it would be unreasonable so she could only put away the rune.

Immediately, shadowless flew onto Ye Mo.

The three just realised that if shadowless wasn’t wobbly because of eating so much, they really wouldn’t be able to catch it.

“Thank you three immortal friends for treating shadowless well.” Ye Mo was grateful that they didn’t fight and resolved the matter.

Ren Fu clearly realised that Ye Mo wasn’t ordinary and smiled “You’re too polite immortal friend Ye. I see you can stil release flying magic artefact and go rapidly here, not being affected by yin chi, I believe your Yang Lin pill must be very high grade?”

“Yang Lin pill?” Ye Mo looked at Ren Fu in confusion but soon realised that the reason they could come here unaffected was due to this pill.

Ye Mo immediately answered “I didn’t use Yang Lin pill nor do I know what it is.”

Hearing this, Ren Fu’s eyes lit up “Then what pill did immortal friend Ye use? Or what way do you have to not be affected by yin chi?”

“Umm…” Ye Mo was lost for words, how could he say that it was due to his immortal spirit body, Three Birth Chant and spirit sense domain.

“My bad.” Ren Fu was clearly well mannered.

The male cultivator frowned and said nothing clearly feeling Ye Mo wasn’t good enough. They gave back shadowless without asking for anything and yet Ye Mo didn’t want to tell that his way of avoiding yin chi.

The young girl sneered “Aunty Fu, I told you, not everyone is as generous as you.”

“Li Jin, don’t say that.” Ren Fu reproached the girl and then smiled to Ye Mo “In that case, we won’t disturb immortal friend Ye.”

She wanted to bring Ye Mo along with them but since Ye Mo didn’t even want to spill this secret, there was no need.

Seeing the three leave, Ye Mo had no choice.

He glanced at the fearful shadowless and knew this guy fell into other people’s hands because he ate too much. He was very unhappy but he didn’t have time to waste with shadowless. He was planning to break through to great eternity immortal and then find the extreme grade material according to Kai Feng immortal king’s map.

Because he didn’t have immortal crystals, he needed to find a place with dense immortal spirit chi and set up spirit gathering immortal formation.

Ye Mo threw shadowless into the golden page world and just wanted to leave but then he noticed shadowless immediately charge at that restricted emperor dao crystal.

“You want to eat it?” Ye Mo asked and shadowless immediately gave an intense desire for it.

Ye Mo was confused, a few years ago, shadowless didn’t even dare to eat it but now he wanted to?

Shadowless sent Ye Mo more information and Ye Mo realised, shadowless devoured too many yin chi and souls in these few years, eating the emperor dao crystal now was perfect.

Ye Mo didn’t mind, if he had the deal with Hao Heaven grand emperor, he would give it to Cang Jie but now, shadowless can devour it.

Ye Mo removed the restriction and shadowless immediately ate the fist sized crystal.

This time, shadowless’ body immediately expanded like a ball. This made Ye Mo worried, it was as though this ball would explode at any time.

But shadowless flew down to the bitter bamboo wobbly and fell into sleep again.

Ye Mo wondered what this guy would be like when he woke up. Just when he wanted to find a place for divine damnation, he heard a terrified scream of pain and an intense space wave.

Those three were in trouble, Ye Mo could immediately tell that scream was from the young girl.

Ye Mo flew over immediately. Ren Fu gave him a good impression, he didn’t mind helping them.

Tens of seconds later, Ye Mo saw with his spirit sense that Ren Fu and the handsome man were attacking a dark faced old man. They all had the lower hand. Ren Fu didn’t seem quiet and peaceful like before, her hair was messy and she attacked with her magic artefact like crazy.

Li Jin had lost an arm, the clothes on her body had been torn and two sturdy balls on her chest were revealed. She was completely restricted and laid on the ground in shock.

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