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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1627 - Rejecting the Invitation

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Chapter 1627: Rejecting the Invitation

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The pity is, even the Flying Snow Pill can only stop her spirit roots from worsening. It can’t completely repair her spirit roots unless you find the Clear Mind Lotus. Plus, if you want to find Void Flying Snow, you have to go to the Realm Domain Void. In there, even immortal kings might die if they’re unlucky…”

The Holy Nun the looked at Ye Mo, she didn’t know how determined Ye Mo was to save Zhen Bingyu so she waited for his response. If Ye Mo wanted to go, she could only tell him that with his power, even if he saw the flying snow he wouldn’t be able to get it.

She shouldn’t have told Ye Mo about the Void Flying Snow, but Ye Mo was a level four immortal pill great master and seeing his pills, it didn’t seem impossible for him to reach a level five immortal pill great master. If one day he missed the opportunity of getting Void Flying Snow, it would be unfair for him.

“Brother Ye, even great eternity immortals find it very difficulty to capture Void Flying Snow. The Holy Nun just wants you to know there is such a thing. With your power, it’s impossible to find Void Flying Snow,” Peng Gandang said.

“I know, thank you Holy Nun qian bei and brother Peng.” Ye Mo got up and thanked them again.

There was a sliver of despair in Zhen Bingyu’s eyes. She didn’t expect her spirit roots to be continuously dissolving. If it wasn’t suppressed, her spirit roots would eventually turn to nothing. Even if nothing happened to her sect, her master wouldn’t be able to help her.

“Thank you Holy Nun qian bei, wan bei knows that not only are my spirit roots dissolving but even my meridians have shattered completely. It’s useless even if I get the Void Flying Snow.” Zhen Bingyu thanked.

She had made up her mind that she wouldn’t allow Ye Mo to go risk his life in the Heaven Domain Void again. She was bound to her, it was meaningless for Ye Mo to risk going to the Heaven Domain Void. Plus, she felt she owed Ye Mo enough already. If she owed him more, she wouldn’t be able to die peacefully.

“No, your meridians will automatically heal if your spirit root is recovered. For us immortals, this is no serious injury.”

Then the Holy Nun said to Ye Mo, “Today I came over also wanting to ask a few questions from master Ye. When I was concocting level four immortal pills, there were many times when I was about to succeed but I couldn’t control the immortal flavor of the pill and thus I couldn’t pull the pill. Every time I feel it should be fine to pull the pill, but after I pull it the pill will automatically crack.”

Ye Mo knew her problem. He had encountered it as well but only once and he quickly corrected it with his Three Birth Chant.

Her current problem was due to the fact that she couldn’t control her spirit sense and pill spell when she pulled pills. Since she was at this step, it meant that she was about to enter level four immortal pill great master. She just needed a little bit of guidance.

Ye Mo took out a jade slip and then imprinted why she failed as well as some things to take note of in and then gave the jade slip to Holy Nun. “Holy Nun qian bei, after you read this jade slip you should be able to concoct level four immortal pills.”


Seeing the Holy Nun take the jade slip, Peng Gandang asked in disbelief, “Brother Ye, isn’t that a bit of an overstatement? Looking at your jade slip will allow her to reach level four immortal pill great master?”

Even the great unity immortal looked at Ye Mo in confusion. He could tell Ye Mo wasn’t someone who liked to bluff, but what he said was illogical. If one was to reach level four immortal pill great master so easily, then there would be too many level four immortal pill great masters.

The Holy Nun was quite skeptical, but with her mannerisms she didn’t show any expression and just accepted the jade slip calmly before scanning her spirit sense in.

Moments later, her face was excited, half joyful and half frowning.

Seeing this, everyone immediately knew that the jade slip Ye Mo gave her was very useful. She had immersed her mind into it and no one went to disturb her.

Five minutes later, Holy Nun suddenly put down the jade slip and closed her eyes to think. Then, she immediately took out a pill cauldron and was about to concoct pills on the spot.

Peng Gandang and Han Changzhen glanced at each other, seeing the confusion in each other’s eyes. Was it really as Ye Mo said, his jade slip could allow Holy Nun to reach level four immortal pill great master immediately?

She was beginning to refine herbs as she threw the immortal spirit herbs into the cauldron one by one.

Half an hour later, Holy Nun suddenly started using pill pulling spells.

Ye Mo nodded, the Holy Nun had completely grasped the places that the pill pulling spell needed to change if the pills couldn’t be pulled.

After the pill pulling spell, she swept up six pills and put them into a jade bottle.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense already scanned the six low grade Qian Fan Pills and he immediately congratulated, “Congratulations on reaching level four immortal pill great master, Holy Nun qian bei.”

She really succeeded? Peng Gandang and Han Changzhen looked at the jade bottle dazedly in disbelief. Was it really this easy to become a level four immortal pill great master under Ye Mo’s tutelage?

Holy Nun was calm mannered but she couldn’t resist the joy in her heart right now. She didn’t expect the problem that has troubled her for many years was easily pointed out by Ye Mo and given such a precise resolution. She heard Ye Mo’s words and bowed to Ye Mo. “Master Ye, your pill concoction skills are far superior to mine, please take me in as your disciple.”

Seeing this, Peng Gandang and Han Changzhen were struck again.

Ye Mo quickly got up and said, “Holy Nun…”

“My name is Cai Yi, please call me by my name master. If you call me ‘qian bei’ I won’t be able to take it.” Holy Nun truly respected Ye Mo now. She was certain that Ye Mo wasn’t a level four immortal pill great master. She didn’t know what level Ye Mo’s pill concoction skills were, but she was certain that not even an immortal pill grand master would be able to know her problem after just listening to a few words from her and let her reach level four immortal pill great master on the spot.

Ye Mo let Cai Yi sit down and said, “In that case I’ll call you ‘martial sister Cai Yi’. I won’t take in disciples. I’m still learning myself. No need to mention about being my disciple, but of course you can come and discuss the pill dao with me frequently.”

Ye Mo was pretty much teaching her in another sense and Cai Yi could tell this, of course. She felt pity but she got up and thanked him.

Seeing that Peng Gandang was about to say something, Ye Mo quickly stopped him and said, “Brother Peng, thanks for bringing martial sister Cai Yi today to help.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I came to invite you to the top deck pill master social. If you show your skills there, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to earn immortal crystals…” Peng gandang quickly said.

“Brother Peng lives at the top deck?” Ye Mo was truly shock.

Peng gandang smiled with embarrassment. “Yes, I was too worried about Changzhen brother’s injuries so I didn’t have time to tell you. Don’t worry, you will have so many immortal crystals you wouldn’t even be able to use them. Even if you don’t go to the social you can still earn large sums of immortal crystals…”

Then Peng Gandang subconsciously looked at Han Changzhen.

“Brother Ye I came to thank you for saving my life. Don’t worry about a residence, you can come with us to the top deck now. We can get your identity and room sorted.” Han Changzhen saluted with his fists and had a sliver of desperation in his eyes.

But Ye Mo felt this person wasn’t as worthy of a friend as Cai Yi and Peng Gandang. Clearly, he made his decision to invite him to the top deck on the spot after seeing him let Cai Yi reach immortal pill great master so easily.

He could tell that this Han Changzhen wasn’t simple, even Peng Gandang seemed to look at him for decisions.

“Thank you brother Han and brother Peng, I feel the middle deck is great so I won’t go to the top deck. Plus I don’t like to stay with too many people,” Ye Mo said politely.

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