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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1626 - Flying Snow in the Void

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Chapter 1626: Flying Snow in the Void

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Thank you Holy Nun qian bei, wan bei will bring martial sister down now.” Ye Mo quickly went up and brought Zhen Bingyu down. He knew what he lacked, his cultivation method was good but his knowledge wasn’t that great.

Zhen Bingyu was also excited that a medical dao immortal was willing to check her up. She was also beginning to get desperate after not finding a way to cure her injuries for so long.

“Bingyu greets holy nun qian bei,” Zhen Bingyu greeted.

The holy nun smiled and went up to help Zhen Bingyu walk and led her to a soft seat.

“You failed nirvana…” as soon as she held Zhen Bingyu’s hands she called out in shock.

She couldn’t not be shocked. Preserving the body after nirvana failure was extremely rare. She knew that usually, only essence spirit would remain after nirvana failure and the essence spirit would slowly dissipate.

Yet this woman failed but not only did her essence spirit not dissipate, her body was fine too.

Just from what she said, Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu knew how capable this holy nun was. Her hands only just touched Zhen Bingyu.

“Yes, holy nun qian bei…” Zhen Bingyu quickly answered in excitement.

Hearing this, holy nun fell into silence for a long while before saying, “Theoretically one can rebuild the body after nirvana failure, but it’s actually extremely hard. For your situation, you can use the Nine Color Lotus in the cultivation realm, but even after you use it, your power will be all gone and your spirit roots will become ordinary. Without a few hundred thousand years, don’t even think about reaching great immortal. Plus, your situation is your spirit roots dissolving, not even the Nine color Lotus might be able to recover it.”

“Another way is to find the Chaos Blue Reed to rebuild the body or find the Clear Mind Lotus to repair the spirit roots…” The holy nun sighed before continuing, “But both of these aren’t things ordinary people can get. Not even immortal emperors will be able to get such immortal spirit herbs easily.”

Zhen Bingyu’s heart sunk, she didn’t expect her situation to be this bad. How could she find another Chaos Blue Reed?

“Vut it’s very amazing you can keep your body and essence spirit. Ordinary immortals wouldn’t be able to keep their body and essence spirit but not only did you preserve your body fine, your essence spirit is very stable too.”

Then she looked at Ye Mo on the side. “Unless there is an extreme grade body refinement cultivation method and one used an extreme grade immortal spirit herb such as the Chaos Blue Reed, one wouldn’t be able to be in your condition. But how can one fail nirvana with the Chaos Blue Reed? I’m very shook. I can’t even imagine why the essence spirit isn’t dissolving.”

Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu glanced at each other. Only now did they realise they thought of nirvana too lightly. They thought the greatest danger of failure was losing one’s body, but now it seemed that even the essence spirit would slowly start to cripple.

Seeing Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu not speak, the holy nun knew these two probably wouldn’t say why she could keep her body and essence spirit.

She didn’t ask and said, “This martial sister’s body and essence spirit are fine, but her spirit roots are beginning to dissolve and it’s getting worse. If you don’t stop this, in time even the Clear Mind Lotus won’t be able to repair it.”

“Please teach us holy nun qian bei.” Ye Mo quickly bowed.

Holy nun nodded and said, “My method will only work if you’re a level four immortal pill great master. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do it. Even though it’s still dangerous, it’s better than no hope at all. We’re flying in the void between realm domains. The ship will stop every half a year, and at this time many immortals would go collect asteroids, you can apply to go too.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo breathed easy. From her tone, the higher the pill master level the easier things would be. He was a level six immortal pill great master now.

“There’s an immortal spirit item in the void called Void Flying Snow. It’s extremely rare and is a level seven immortal spirit herb. It’s extremely hard to find and catch.” The Holy Nun was sighing to herself. She could tell this immortal pill great master really wanted to help treat his dao partner, but how could the Void Flying Snow be so easily found?

“Holy nun, you’re asking brother Ye to collect Void Flying Snow?” Peng Gandang couldn’t resist asking.

The Holy Nun nodded. “It’s very hard to collect it indeed, but if her spirit root is to be preserved, there’s nothing else that can help her.”

Ye Mo quickly said, “Holy Nun qian bei, wan bei is very grateful. Even if I can’t find it, I will know the way to treat martial sister.”

Holy nun quite approved of Ye Mo, he was an immortal pill great master and had such a beautiful martial sister. However, he didn’t take her virginity and never gave up on her. This was very rare. On this ship, there were too many instances of dao partners abandoning each other. Even if Zhen Bingyu wasn’t heavily injured, some selfish person would’ve already taken her virginity and then sold her off. She had seen too many of these things on the ship.

If she knew that the two weren’t even dao partners, perhaps she would be even more shocked.

“The Void Flying Snow is shaped like a snow flower. It appears in the void and is as fast as a top grade flying immortal artifact flying at full speed. Some higher quality ones fly even faster.” The holy nun sighed and continued, “It’s because of this that it’s so highly valued, more valuable than level seven and even level eight immortal spirit herbs.

Ye Mo thought of the Corner Soul Weed, it was like this when he was capturing it.

The Corner Soul Weed was extremely fast and couldn’t simply be caught, but after trying for a long time and using his spirit sense cultivation method, he even caught it.

He wondered if the way he caught Corner Soul Weed would be useful against that Void Flying Snow.

“Please teach me the method to catch Void Flying Snow, wan bei will be extremely grateful,” Ye Mo said respectfully again.

Holy nun signaled Ye Mo not to bow and said, “The main use of Void Flying Snow is to purify spirit roots. If you consume pills made from it on a regular basis, it can even purify immortals’ spirit roots. There are two types of pills I know that can be made from Void Flying Snow. One is called Void Spirit Pill, another is Flying Snow Pill. Both of these pills can stabilize spirit roots and purify them.”

Then, she passed a jade slip to Ye Mo. “There’s the concoction method of these two pills on it. You’re a level four immortal pill great master, so you should be able to understand.”

Ye Mo quickly looked at the jade slip. There were indeed two pill recipes, one was for the Void Spirit Pill, a level five immortal pill. Flying Snow Pills were level six immortal pills which had all the effects of the Void Spirit Pills. The Void Spirit Pill was clearly for level five immortal pill great masters. Ye Mo was a level six immortal pill great master. Of course he was going to concoct the Flying Snow Pill.

The jade slip also mentioned that the Flying Snow Pill could reduce heart demons.

This was a huge enticement for cultivators.

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