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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1448 - Nice move on being a coward

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Chapter 1448: Nice move on being a coward

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were too many evil spirits and demonic spirits here in the demon lands, they probably couldn’t survive on the surface so Ye Mo couldn’t be bothered killing them if they didn’t get close.

Half a day later, Ye Mo came to a sand stairway like the entrance to the South Peace State demon prison forbidden grounds. Ye Mo knew that going up here was probably West Extreme State sand river.

Ye Mo didn’t keep collecting Huang Strand rocks, he had too many precious things. He felt it wasn’t worth it to waste time collecting them.

When he sped up from the sand stairways he found another seal at the exit. But Ye Mo could tell it was only to stop evil spirits coming out.

As soon as he walked out of the seal, he heard a sharp scream.

There were 5 cultivators before him, three men and two women. One of the female cultivator screamed.

“you, you came out from the demon lands…” one man stared at Ye Mo in shock. If it wasn’t that Ye Mo had a shadow, he would’ve thought Ye Mo was some demonic spirit.

But if he wasn’t an evil spirit, how could he walk out of the demon lands alive? It’s said no cultivator could survive going inside.

Ye Mo was confused, there were people here at the entrance. He remembered before that no one is West Extreme State dared to come here before. plus, the strongest cultivator here was only body condensation state.

Just then, Ye Mo suddenly thought of an important thing. If the evil spirits in South Peace State forbidden grounds were to feed the sand spirit beasts, then what about the ones here?

But Ye Mo remembered that the place he came was filled with black stones. There were no place for sand spirit beasts to survive.

Was it the Abyssal river? Ye Mo was shook. If there was something like the sand spirit beast in the Abyssal river, wouldn’t it also be a ticking time bomb?

The five cultivators couldn’t see Ye Mo’s power and seeing that Ye Mo frowned, no one dared to talk nor leave.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and found that there was an immortal crystal a few km away beneath the sand.

Ye Mo took a step and brought that immortal crystal to his hand.

“immortal crystal…” the five cultivators looked at Ye Mo in shock. There was greed in their eyes, if they could see Ye Mo’s power or if it wasn’t that Ye Mo came from the demon lands, they would’ve gone up to rob him.

He casually found an immortal crystal? Ye Mo was extremely shook, was the sand river this wealthy now? immortal crystals were everywhere.

He studied it and found it missing a corner. Ye Mo didn’t put it away and looked at the five cultivator “what are you guys doing here? Are you trying to find immortal crystals?”

“yes, qian bei.” The female cultivator quickly reacted and bowed.

Ye Mo asked in confusion “how do you guys know there are immortal crystals here? Last time I came from West Extreme State, there weren’t immortal crystals in sand river?”

Hearing this, their hearts skipped. Ye Mo’s words meant that he didn’t come from West Extreme State and came from somewhere else. Who else other than truth realisation state cultivator could do that?

Plus, they just saw Ye Mo come out from the demon lands. They immediately gave up their desire for immortal crystal. The female cultivator quickly said “qian bei might’ve just come to sand river. A month ago, a huge explosion sounded at the entrance to the demon lands. That explosion covered nearly 1000 km and even the void was torn open. Ever since then, many people found immortal crystal shards.”

“yes because of this many West Extreme State cultivators came to the sand river to search for them. There’s even a teleportation formation direct to west cultivator city outside the sand river.

Hearing this, Ye Mo immediately knew what happened. A seal flag here probably self destructed.

This seal flag probably resonated to the seal flag in South Peace State.

In Ye Mo’s spirit sense two more cultivators flew over, they were both disaster transformation state. before the two even got close they saw the immortal crystal in Ye Mo’s hands and one called out in joy “immortal crystals…”

Then, he sped up over at Ye Mo and grabbed “such good things should be used by me. you haven’t even grown your hair out, it would be a waste for you to use immortal crystals…”

Ye Mo looked at him plainly and couldn’t even be bothered using domain. He just grabbed with cultivation essence giant hand.

“truth realisation state…” that disaster transformation state middle stage said in shock and was crushed by cultivation essence giant hand.

There was a little heaven flame in his cultivation essence giant hand and so this disaster transformation state cultivator was completely disintegrated.

The other disaster transformation state stopped and looked at Ye Mo in shock before speaking in a stutter “truth realisation state qian bei…”

The other five cultivators were scared to even speak. Luckily they didn’t do anything stupid before.

“piss off…” Ye Mo yelled. He didn’t want to kill people so easily.

Hearing this, the disaster transformation state saluted with his fists and wanted to quickly retreat.

“what’s going on?” before he could leave, another two dashing lights came.

The disaster transformation state saw this person and his face lit up “Chang Tian domain lord, I came here with manager Shi to find immortal crystal shards. We found one and was robbed by him. Then he killed manager Shi.”

The disaster transformation state cultivator thought that their endless forest’s domain lord was here and this cultivator wouldn’t be able to escape. He gets to make up the story.

Hearing this, Ye Mo sighed. He was planning to let this guy live but he was straight up lying in his face. He was asking to die.

The two cultivators here were both truth realisation state peak stage and he knew one of them. The big man was the domain lord of the endless forest, Li Changtian. But Ye Mo didn’t care, even if Suo Anshan was here he would still kill thise disaster transformation state.

“brother Ye, why did you rob a wan bei’s things and kill our endless forest’s cultivator?” Li Changtian knew Ye Mo’s power and asked peacefully.

The truth realisation state peak stage with Li Changtian looked at him in confusion and them Ye Mo. He really didn’t understand, with Li Changtian’s temper, he would’ve attacked already when someone killed his men.

Ye Mo smiled “not only did I kill that person, I’m going to kill the person next to you…”

Ye Mo’s cultivation essence giant hand grabbed out and quickly grabbed the disaster transformation state cultivator. During this process, Li Changtian could only watch, he found he didn’t even have the opportunity to rescue him.

“domain lord, save…” The disaster transformation state was shook. He didn’t expect this young man to be this cocky in front of a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator.

“Ye…” Li Changtian just said one word and the disaster transformation state was crushed into bloody mist. Ye Mo couldn’t even be bothered using heaven flame.

Li Changtian’s face changed and stared at Ye Mo “brother Ye, what’s the meaning of this?”

“hahaha, the domineering and prideful endless forest domain lord Li Changtian really opened my eyes today. Nice move on being a coward…” A crisp girl’s voice sounded as she came before these people.

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