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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1390 - I’m going to keep you

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Chapter 1390: I’m going to keep you

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Mo took Huang Qi’s storage ring and then flicked Zi Xu as he looked calmly at Lan QIrui.

Lan Qirui’s face changed. Although he knew that he was no match for Ye Mo but Ye Mo’s words were too abusive. He was a truth realisation state level nine cultivator and he wasn’t even allowed to go.

Miao Huizhen finally woke up from her shock. The age she was at was far older than Lan Qirui and Ye Mo. She wasn’t an ancient cultivator but she had been through countless times. She had never seen a young and dominant cultivator like Ye Mo. A truth realisation state level nine wasn’t even allow to go in front of him.

Even if some cultivator dared to say this, he would be extremely powerful, how many could be young like Ye Mo? At the same time she also didn’t understand, she fought with Ye Mo. He was only cauldron filling state level two before so how did he reach truth realisation state in such a short time that she can’t even see his power level.

“pill king Ye, do you want to forcefully keep me here?” Lan Qirui said and exploded his power.

Ye Mo sneered, his force was powerful but his domain was weak. In other words, he was a tiger made of paper. Ye Mo was certain that if Yin Xu and Lan Qirui fought, Lan Qirui would be killed soon if he doesn’t run.

“you’re right, I’m going to keep you, what are you going to do?” Ye Mo didn’t like trouble but for those who messed with him, he wouldn’t mind having some trouble.

“you…” Lan Qirui’s face was red, he said those words and released his power to let Ye Mo know he was a truth realisation state level nine cultivator and let Ye Mo have some concerns. Then, he would give something to compensate him and so he can leave.

But Ye Mo wasn’t affected by his chi at all and still didn’t show any respect.

Lan Qirui waved his hand and a golden light circulated around his body before landing in his hands.

Ye Mo saw it was a pair of phoenix rings. They were entwined and an extreme grade cultivation artefact.

Ring shadows flew around Lan Qirui and even without attacking, the spinning rhythm and the cultivation essence waves made even Miao Huizhen dizzy.

Seeing this, she felt very lucky that she was even able to escape for that long from Lan Qirui.

The ring hadn’t attacked but it already made buzzing sounds and that force made people feel that if you were encompassed inside you would be obliterated.

Lan Qirui didn’t attack and just looked coldly at Ye Mo meaning that if you want to fight I’m not scared of you.

Ye Mo smiled, he had even fought Suo Anshan and Shi Taa. This ordinary truth realisation state level nine really dind’t concern him at all.

Ye Mo hacked out with Zi Xu, Illusion Cloud Hua Mountain strike. Only this move could made Ye Mo feel free. Ever since going into the void, Ye Mo hadn’t been able to fight freely.

Lan Qirui saw this and released the rings with full power.

The golden rings immediately expanded into two nearly 300 meter long golden rings. At the same time, the countless smaller golden rings formed a golden ring pillar wanting to attack Ye Mo from inside the golden circle.

There was an extreme scorching sensation and the two 300 meter long rings had a powerful suction force.

Ye Mo sneered and released his power again, with the surge of his cultivation essence, the space around him was about to freeze.

Lan Qirui felt his dual ring start to slow down and the two main rings shrink. His face changed greatly.

There had been all too many truth realisation state cultivators on Luo Yue continent since the ancient times but which of them could perfect his domain? But now he believed it, Ye Mo truly perfected his domain. His dual rings had been suppressed and if he cant break free of Ye Mo’s domain quickly, they would be completely subjugated.

If his magic artefact was subjugated then he would be in danger.

Lan Qirui started burning his essence blood without hesitation. When the dual rings loosened he breathed easy and was about to retreat.


Before he retreated, Zi Xu hacked onto the dual rings. The unfinished ring pillar instantly crippled splashing golden light everywhere.

The purple ray wasn’t done yet, it also sliced across Lan Qirui’s chest.

Splurge, Lan Qirui’s cultivation artefact armor was hacked open bring a stream of blood flying out in the air.

At the same time, Lan Qirui’s cultivation essence back lashed on him and he spat blood flying out a few hundred meters. Mid way, he ate a pill and quickly yelled “pill king Ye, I admit defeat please forgive me for my past offense.”

Ye Mo didn’t keep hunting Lan Qirui. He knew that Lan Qirui wasn’t heavily injured. If he used his full power, he could kill Lan Qirui but it would be troublesome.

The main thing was that the dual rings were strange and Ye Mo felt Lan Qirui didn’t use its full power, not even half. He didn’t know if it was that Lan Qirui couldn’t control it or he hid his power.

Regardless, if Lan Qirui was willing to pay compensation then he wouldn’t mind letting him go. His main goal now wasn’t to fight this island lord but get back to Mo Yue City.

Seeing Ye Mo stopping, Lan Qirui breathed easy. He didn’t think of running away from Ye Mo, if he could then Ye Mo wouldn’t be so casual.

He was cursing in his heart, Ye Mo you top level truth realisation state cultivator, why would you be so bored to pretend to be a low level cultivator. Even if he wanted Ye Mo to concoct pills for him, he would connect with him and show his genuine attitude.

Miao HUizhen looked at Ye Mo in shock rejoicing that she didn’t try to run away. she didn’t expect Ye Mo to be this powerful. She knew how powerful Lan Qirui was and if it wasn’t that she had a few ancient escape techniques, she would’ve died many times already.

Yet a truth realisation state level nine like this was injured in moments to Ye Mo and he admitted defeat. Cultivators had pride and admitting defeat wasn’t easy.

Lan Qirui hesitated for a long while before taking out a jade box to Ye Mo “pill king Ye, you’re a level nine pill king, I happen to have a level nine spirit herb marrow essence mushroom, now it’s yours pill king Ye.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo’s face sunk. It was rather precious in the Heartless Sea, any spirit herb that was level nine was precious but Ye Mo had a whole pile of them in the golden page world.

Seeing this Lan Qirui immediately knew things wasn’t good. Suddenly, Ye Mo’s power rose drastically. Lan Qirui was shook, this power was much more dominant than before. did Ye Mo not even use his full power?

Thinking about this, Lan Qirui didn’t dare to hesitate at all and took out a faint blue jade box “I have something here that pill king Ye might be interested in.”

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